Christianity & Sex


–Are Sex and Spirituality Compatible in Christianity?

by Paul Williams

With special thanks to Ivan Himmelhoch for his help in researching this topic. A historical and contemporary overview of diverse opinions expressed by various theologians and writers concerning Christian sexual conduct and attitudes.

(Bible references, unless otherwise indicated, are from the King James Version.)

Table of Contents:

Preface 2
God and Sex 3
The Bible Is Not Bashful 3
The X-Rated Bible 4
Is Sex of God or of the Devil? 4
The Great Cover-Up Begins 5
Monastic Mindset: Sex Equals Sin! 6
Hermits and Heresies 7
Marriage, Misogamy and Saint Augustine 8
Desexualizing and Censoring the Bible 9
The Repression of Eros 10
Celibates Seize Control of Christendom 12
Tightening the Chastity Belt 12
Non-Marital Sex 13
Smoldering Sexual Suppression 15
Getting Christian Sexuality Back on Track 16
Martin Luther–the Reformer! 16
Are We Now Entering the Dawning of a Christian Sexual
Reformation? 17 Continue reading “Christianity & Sex”