Tweet Heard Round The Universe; Earth in Special Place; Top Scientists Freak Out


Scientific American recently announced: Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth is Special After All. Many other outlets carried this story, including RT, whose author tweeted:

The mainstream media is finally recognizing what the documentary THE PRINCIPLE has been saying since its release in 2014. When THE PRINCIPLE tried saying it in 2014, many top scientists freaked out, including some of the scientists who were featured in the documentary! Lawrence Krauss, followed by Kate Mulgrew (the documentary’s narrator) both came out against the film in April 2014 before the film was even complete, followed by some of the other participants. As the previous linked story shows the mass media outlets came down hard on THE PRINCIPLE for questioning the Copernican Principle.

Now that THE PRINCIPLE is going viral, the scientific establishment and mass media know they can no longer hide the truth, so are joining THE PRINCIPLE (without mentionming it) in startng to spread the news: THE EARTH IS IN A SPECIAL PLACE! And the truth of this goes well beyond this exoplanet census; though this just adds a new dimension to the mounting evidence that mainstream science would prefer not to share, but has lost control of thanks to THE PRINCIPLE and the frank admissions by the scientists captured on camera. Continue reading “Tweet Heard Round The Universe; Earth in Special Place; Top Scientists Freak Out”

Homeschooling in the Final Days-Guest Post – EndtimeMama

This is a guest post from Elaine, a radical sister in Christ after my own heart who is a mother, homeschooler, author and blogger over at I asked her to write on home education in the final days as she is an experienced homeschooler of six, and she has given us some amazing and practical advice for preparing our children for the Kingdom and the final days from the home classroom. 

Men in white outfits stood menacingly outside a playground full of happy children. At first, no one noticed. They stepped closer. No one cared. They stepped again. Nothing. It was only when they were already upon the direct border that people started to panic.

This was a prophetic dream of a listener that Rick Wiles shared on (Source: Northen Light)

We know that Satan has an agenda against our children. Especially in our school systems. We can see it outlined in the Common Core curriculum and the teaching of evolution. Our teachers feel it as they are constantly stripped of their ability to control the children in their own classroom for fear of offended parents, essentially making them weaponless warriors. Parents are overworked and too tired to spend an extra three hours on the homework required each night of elementary students.

Thus homeschooling in the final days becomes a viable resource to parents wanting to fight the constant pull on their children’s souls.

While homeschooling gives us fabulous opportunity, we should not teach without recognizing that even our homeschooled children may grow to face predicaments we never had to experience.

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