Boniface Apostle & Missionary to Germany 730 AD Speaks

boni_1I like to include again some other testimony and words from an ancient Early Church missionary of the first Millennium, in a day that mission work was virtually equal with being a Christian. May those days come again, and I believe they are. May we learn from and be inspired by their holy examples. Wholehearted holy! Ha! (gotcha!)

Boniface (675-754?), “the Apostle to Germany,” was born Winfrid of a prosperous Anglo-Saxon family of the lower nobility in Exeter, England. He was a precocious child and was placed at an early age in a monastery where he received a good education in the Scriptures and the church fathers as well as the classics. He was ordained at around the age of thirty and was then placed in charge of an abbey school. Continue reading “Boniface Apostle & Missionary to Germany 730 AD Speaks”