Gregory the Great’s Wise Letter of Exhortation to Augustine of Canterbury

Gregory I, called the great, was born in Rome of a wealthy family,, members of the nobility, probably around 540. His father was a Roman senator, but he died when Gregory was small. After this his mother entered cloistral life, and gregory was reared in that deep religious atmosphere, which had a profound influence upon him. He received an excellent education in Roman classical and religious studies. However, he didn’t know Greek, and that world of learning seemed closed to him. Emperoro Justin II made him prefect of the city, but he renounced it for monastic life.

Inheriting his father’s wealth, he built six cloisters in Sicily and tunred his own home into a monastery (St. Andrews) which he entered himself in 575. Because of his unusual gifts he was persuaded by Benedict to leave the monastery and return to public service of the church. He later served as a religious diplomat to Constantinople. Gregory soon became recognised for his strong leadership ability, and in 590 he became bishop of Rome.

Gregory was an outstanding administrator. He strengthened the bishopric of Rome and laid the foundtion for its influence through the Middle Ages. Although he did not care for philosophy and the arts, he led in liturgical reform and introduced the style  of singing which is known as Gregorian chant. Continue reading “Gregory the Great’s Wise Letter of Exhortation to Augustine of Canterbury”

Boniface Apostle & Missionary to Germany 730 AD Speaks

boni_1I like to include again some other testimony and words from an ancient Early Church missionary of the first Millennium, in a day that mission work was virtually equal with being a Christian. May those days come again, and I believe they are. May we learn from and be inspired by their holy examples. Wholehearted holy! Ha! (gotcha!)

Boniface (675-754?), “the Apostle to Germany,” was born Winfrid of a prosperous Anglo-Saxon family of the lower nobility in Exeter, England. He was a precocious child and was placed at an early age in a monastery where he received a good education in the Scriptures and the church fathers as well as the classics. He was ordained at around the age of thirty and was then placed in charge of an abbey school. Continue reading “Boniface Apostle & Missionary to Germany 730 AD Speaks”

The “Sleeping” God

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Many people have a problem with God in that He seems aloof, or doesn’t seem to care, in general that He is a mystery, a hidden God who doesn’t show Himself. That’s one reason why many people refuse to believe in Him! Of course IF He would show himself, you wouldn’t have to believe anymore, as you then would know by sight! Is God asleep?

One day when evening had come, Jesus, dead tired of a day of healing people and ministering to them, said to his disciples, “Let us cross over to the other side of the sea.”

At least four of his disciples were experienced fishermen and sailors, and had their own boats. Continue reading “The “Sleeping” God”

History of one of the bravest Englishmen who loved China: Hudson Taylor

February 10, 2013
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A great Englishman that gave up everything to reach our Chinese people. Hudson Taylor pioneered missions to the interior of mainland China. From his arrival in Shanghai through the death of his beloved wife, you’ll experience an honest look at a growing Christian whose quotes are still heard today, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” ; Movie Running Time 85 minutes, A Ken Anderson Films Presentation.

The Jesus Papyrus Proves Gospel Written by Eye Witnesses – WATCH!

A very interesting apologetic video that proves that the Gospels were written by eye witnesses around 65 AD or earlier by people who could have been eye witnesses of the events around Jesus life, death and resurrection. How archaeology and papyrology prove the authenticity of the Gospel and Jesus existence. MUST WATCH!

Tim Keller speaks to the biggest Google audience ever about what? …God!

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The Presbyterian Speaker Tim Keller speaks about God to Google employees. The announcer admits that there had never been as many people attending a Google Speech before as this day when Keller speaks to them about God, Creation and Atheism.

It shows that even the most critical, skeptic and unbelieving people and generation… STILL have a vacuum deep in their heart to KNOW GOD! I hope you acknowledge your hunger for God!

The Visions of Joe Brandt in 1937: California sinking into the sea

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California to Vanish (Plus Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Arizona & Japan)

Reprinted from: Living Water, Vol 1X, Number 2, April-May-June Issue 1969

The man who wrote this was a personal friend of the publisher at the time. The article is given as he wrote it in 1937, in boyish handwriting. He had fallen from a horse at age 17 and for days he had a concussion. During this period of time a continuing dream came night after night. It was as though he was viewing a tremendous earthquake and inundation in California and other parts of the world. Joe Brandt had also written in a drowsy state through his days while recuperating in the hospital about positions of various faults, strata of rock, earth movements,-so much material that a geologist of many years would scarcely attempt such a work. The boy knew nothing of geology or the possibility of a coming earthquake. There are five-points to note which lift this dream/vision out of the realm of ordinary night-time dreaming, and the huge sheaf of geology data out of ordinary day-time writings, as follows: Continue reading “The Visions of Joe Brandt in 1937: California sinking into the sea”


From Tertullian’s Apology for the Christians. Chatpter XXXVII.


Tertullian was a native of Carthage, the son of a proconsulor centurion. he was educated in rome, apparently in law, which he practiced for a while, it appears, before he became a Christian in 185. he married soon after this. In 190 he became a presbyter. he was the first of the great Latin fathers and had a profound influence upon church leaders of his own and following generations. Cyrian did not let a day pass without reading a selection from his writings.

tertullian4Tertullian developed the ecclesiastical Latin later used by Jerome and the other Latin fathers. Ironically he left the Roman wing of the church and became a Montanist. (see below) He was a prolific writier, leaving a total of thirty-eight works, five books against Marcion alone. Tertullian’s lines in chapter XXXVII of his Apology constitute a classic of missionary apologetic: “We are but of yesterday, and we have filled every place among you — cities, islands, fortresses, towns, market places, the very camp, tribes, companies, palace, senate, forum, — we have left nothing to you but the temples of your gods. Continue reading “A CONTINUATION OF THE UNLIMITED LOVE OF CHRISTIANS”

Elephants Attack in Orissa After One Year of Persecution

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By Fr. Sunil De Silva, Archdiocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka

In July 2008 a severe persecution of Christians broke out in the Indian state of Orissa. A 22-year-old nun was burnt to death when angry mobs burnt down an orphanage in Khuntpali village in Barhgarh district, another nun was gang-raped in Kandhamal, mobs attacked churches, torched vehicles, houses of Christians were destroyed, and Fr. Thomas Chellen, director of the pastoral center that was destroyed with a bomb, had a narrow escape after a Hindu mob nearly set him on fire. The end result saw more than 500 Christians murdered, and thousands of others injured and homeless after their houses were reduced to ashes. Continue reading “Elephants Attack in Orissa After One Year of Persecution”