How to learn to speak in tongues simple lesson by Pete Cabrera

Many will say you can’t teach anyone this, Watch me! I love people and only want to bring people closer to God. This video is my hearts cry for the believer. You have the greatest teacher of all time, and so do I. Why not listen to Holy Ghost and teach others? I give my life to listening to Holy Ghost if you don’t think this is from God I’m ok with that honestly I’m not sad or hurt. Look at the fruit and and ask yourself this why am I not walking in this? Because its not real to you YET! This is a lifestyle… Jesus is a person not an event, walk in the person and watch what happens. School of Identity and Lifestyle info for the school go to Back to Basics workbook go to

1517 – 2017! 500 years After Luther’s Reformation is the Beginning of the Last reformation!

Did you realise that we are almost celebrating the 1517 AD nailing of the 95 theses on the Wittenberg church door by Martin Luther? This is the best celebration of that wonderful event: The Last reformation has begun! And it is not just Thorben, but Thomas Fischer, Pete Cabrera Jr, Tom White, Curry Blake, and many many other children of God who are going forth to lay hands on the suffering, the sick, the paralised, the blind, deaf, and the halt. It is growing like a mighty army and wave of the ocean around the world. Are you part of the Last Reformation too? You are, if you are preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick just as Jesus did 2000 years ago! He is COMING SOON!

Kingdom Of God In Turkey – AMAZING

An 8 year old is baptized with the Holy Spirit and begins speaking in tongues. More are healed and delivered in this amazing video from Turkey. Jesus is the same today!
Miracles in hospitals – Cancer healed, lame walk etc. Miracles happen. Cancer healed, the lame walk and God creates life where it’s impossible.

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The Joy of Heavenly Healing on the Streets with Thomas Fischer

Didn’t you always wanted to see a miracle happening in front of your eyes? Well here is your chance. See Thomas Fischer heal one person after another in the Name of Jesus. Enjoy the Joy of healing. And if you are a Child of God already, plase lay your hands on suffering people when you get an oppostrunity, and don’t worry about the results. isn’t that crazy?”Ha!