If Scripture is Inerrant then How Can Christians Believe Genesis Doesn’t Mean What It Says?

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Christians saying Scripture is inerrant but that Genesis says the earth is billions of years old, invariably are those not seriously investigating the evidence for young earth, and certainly not bothering to try to refute material such as at the ‘Genesis Veracity’ foundation website. 

Of course salvation is not dependent on a belief in young earth, but what truly born again person would not want to see the many great reasons to believe Genesis as it reads, inerrantly, so that the rest of the Bible flows smoothly (which it certainly does not with the old earth scheme)?

One might think that the orthodox rabbis would be ardent proponents of young earth creationism, but that they shortened the timeline of human history by over two hundred years between the time of Daniel and Jesus’ incarnation in their official book of history, the Seder Olam Rabbah, would force them to say for instance that the Exodus was circa 1200 b.c., Noah’s Flood circa 2100 b.c., and then their date for the creation, 3775 b. c.

Pat Robertson Says Young Earth Creationism of Ken Ham is Embarrassment, so 700 Club Should Elaborate!

In response to Ken Ham’s debate with Bill Nye, the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson said, “Let’s not embarrass ourselves” (referring to Ham and young earth creationism), so Pat should dedicate a telecast to explaining how Genesis really was supposed to be!

Pat can tell us where is the Garden of Eden, what was Behemoth in the river Jordan, and where the Table of Nations is supposedly wrong. If he would say it’s not wrong, then he’d have to answer why did just a local flood kill everybody in the world except eight people on the huge Ark?

Pat needs to answer why all the animals needed to be saved if the Flood did not cover the earth.

Was Jesus lying when he spoke of real Noah’s Flood, Pat?

What caused the Ice Age, Pat?  Do you know why clouds formed, and much more during the Ice Age?

Mr. Robertson is a pawn for the Bible-phobes on this. We don’t know if he knows it, but his obvious lack of intellectual rigor on this subject leads one to believe that he just doesn’t want to bother defending the foundational book of the Bible, Genesis, as it plainly reads, sad to see from that leader.

Are Old Earth Creationists Really Convinced or Just Afraid to Be Called ‘Uneducated Ignorant Rubes’?

Considering that old earth creationists are just as afraid to debate young earth creationists as are the Darwinists, their arguments equally futile against the literal biblical model, so could it be the case the old earth creationists are of that persuasion merely for fear of being called rubes by their brethren in the Uniformitarian camp?

Old earth creationists look like total wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing when matched up against young earth creationists in debate, the faithful within earshot wondering about the OEC’s “whose side are they on anyway?”

If the scientific community largely began to see and admit the logic of the Catastrophism seen in the geologic column, therefore, that Noah’s Flood could’ve been as the Bible says, would old earth creationists such as Hugh Ross agree?


Biblical Tower of Babel is Another Stumbling Block for Old Earth Creationists’ Logic on Book of Genesis

Hugh Ross says the Garden of Eden is now on the bottom of the Persian Gulf, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, which Ross says was Noah’s Flood, all the people of the earth at that time (except the eight on the Ark) killed by that flooding, he says.

Since that’s clearly absurd logic, particularly considering the submerged ruins found in many parts of the world proving that people were all over the world when the Ice Age ended, the Tower of Babel therefore is also rendered ridiculous with Ross’ scheme, the people were already scattered!

If the Bible is Word of Elohim then Why Would He Fool Children and Adults about Book Genesis?

Almost no one denies that the Old and New Testaments fit together very nicely, ‘though four hundred years of history between them, and there was Jesus, the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us, talking about Noah’s Flood with no hint that the account in Genesis is foolishness.

So Jesus was a nut too like young earth creationists?  Why would Jesus want to fool the little children and adults as well? Who can say that the ancients didn’t understand 10 x 10 x 10 . . . . etc. to understand how big would have been a billion years? The Hindus understood big numbers very well, so why couldn’t other ancients have too?

Writer Preacher Joel Osteen Could Branch Out into Genesis Announcing Atlantis Mystery Solved Biblically

Imagine the very popular preacher Joel Osteen branching out into the book of Genesis, where he rarely goes, yet announcing that the Atlantis mystery has been solved Biblically!

Can you imagine the headlines?  Even the mainstream press couldn’t resist, but to laugh or to listen?

See the solution at the foundation website, then somebody show Joel!

Christians are Ignorant Who Say Young Earth Creationists Make Them Look Like Idiots

The Christians who say they are ashamed of young earth creationists, that believers in the literal Genesis rendering make Christians look like idiots, fare as badly in debates and so participate as infrequently as Darwinists, and in fact, many old earth Creationists will be on-board with the earth history arguments of atheist Bill Nye debating a Christian!

Creation Ministries Show Veracity of Flood Geology and Ark Biology but Fail to Work Back Genesis 10

Ministries such as Answers in Genesis do a great job of showing the geology from Noah’s Flood and the biology of the creatures on Noah’s Ark (except they don’t use the term syngameons), but they have made almost no effort to reconstruct the geographies of the tribes listed in the Table of Nations, no effort to work back to the flood.

Genesis can be proven by working back the Table of Nations to the eight on the Ark using archaeological and ancient literary evidence, explaining Atlantis, ancient climate change for the demise of ancient civilizations, with the names in the Table of Nations often associated archaeologically with those civilizations, sometimes labeled gods.


Why Would Pastors churches Not Show Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye Debate to Learn Discuss Controversy?

Most people can realize that if the book of Genesis, the foundational book of the Bible, is bogus history, then the rest of the Bible falls apart too! After all, if death had been ongoing in nature for millions of years when Adam appeared, then there was no Fall in the Garden, no point of initial corruption, so there is no sin from which we need be forgiven.

Such questions cross people’s minds all the time, even those in church pews. Sad to say, the pastors are usually not helping out on this, choosing rather not to elaborate on how and why Genesis is true, letting their wondering flocks flounder in confusion.

Surely all pastors have thought through that, that IF Genesis supposedly is unscientific, wrong historically, etc., then folks can plug in any version of ancient history they want, including Darwinism, leaving the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 (the record of the tribes which repopulated the earth) ostensibly bogus, the biggest lie ever told.

If the Bible Really is the Holy Word of Elohim then How Could the Book of Genesis Be so Wrong?

Have you read through the Old Testament seeing all those names, the lineages of all the branches of the human biological family of the world? If all those names, deriving ultimately from Noah’s family, are therefore just nonsense, as the skeptics and old earth creationists must concede, then how could it be called the ‘Word of Elohim’ instead of lies?

Names Elohim and Adonai are Plural Words for Creator Establishing Triune Being of Trinity

The Creator said “let us make man in our image,” so who was “us?”

Elohim is one of the names of the Creator in the Bible, Elohim a plural word, hinting that the Creator is Father, Son, and Spirit, the three persons of the Trinity, seen in the New Testament.

Adonai is plural too, the word meaning owner of all, believers in Him custodians of all that He has made including their bodies and minds, born again believers bond servants to the owner, Adonai.

Christian Politicians Could Teach Science and History in Defending Biblical Young Earth Creationism

Most politicians who are christian and maintain that Genesis is true look like deer in the headlights when confronted about their belief by the press, who laugh at them for believing the story of Adam and Eve, Noah’s Flood, etc., saying that such a belief disqualifies anyone from running for political office.

But if those christian politicians would go on the offense, perhaps asking the press, “The biblical model indicates the real cause of the Ice Age making perfect hydrological sense! But have you bothered to investigate?”

Or they can say “syngameon is a classification term which you’ll be hearing more about, the modern scientific term for the biblical kinds of animals, so do a little research then write about that!”

Great Journalistic Project to Interview Famous Pastors About Their Opinions & Reasoning @ the Book of Genesis

Hot idea!  Some journalist should endeavor to interview famous pastors about their opinion and reasoning on Genesis, asking them how old they think the earth is and why they say that.

Many of the famous pastors would be tempted to pass on such an opportunity to expound on Genesis, a great opportunity to teach under normal circumstances, but this regards young earth creationism, a touchy subject for many, sometimes really ignorant.

The story could be from the beginning, the process of lining up the interviews, who declined and why, and who accepted and then what they would have to say! That is certainly a great idea for a written piece!

The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us so Genesis Foundational Book Must Be Defended

Pastors fervently declare the salvation of Jesus, but with many–if not most– in the pews wondering if the Bible’s foundational book Genesis is even true much at all, the passionate preaching about the New Testament will not satisfy those doubters of Genesis logical questions why they should believe the rest of the Bible, if not Genesis?

Serious advocates for the Word, the Bible, must give at least some of the many great evidences (such as at our foundation website) that Genesis is demonstrably true, creating much doubt in the skeptic’s mind that Darwinism/Uniformitarianism is true, more opening mind and heart to the preaching of the Good News.

Church Pastors Mum Reaction Supporting Ken Ham in Debate vs. Bill Nye Creation Science Guy Will Flop

Search “Ken Ham Bill Nye debate,” and you’ll see no church nor pastor expressing opinions about the upcoming encounter on Feb. 4. Predictably so, for most pastors are afraid to express opinions about origins, afraid to refer to the book of Genesis, the real history which is the Word.

Any pastor who tells you the debate doesn’t matter, or says young Earth creationism has been disproven by science, is on the wrong team, for they are shilling for the Uniformitarians seeking to undermine the foundational book of the Bible! So be sure to ask your pastor where he stands!

Many Self Professing Christians Shocked by Evidence Book of Genesis True so Church Leaders Balk

Many self-professing Christians are shocked even to disappointment that so much compelling evidence points to the fact that the book of Genesis is real history, rendering much of what they learned in college baloney for their hard earned degrees, the degrees of pastors too!

Yet faced with this evidence that Genesis is real history (such as at our foundation website), even the pastors sit on their hands about it, seeming to not want people to believe that all of the Bible is true! Now is that what a real Christian should be doing, presenting Genesis as not real?

Proverbial Hound of Heaven the Word is Too Genesis History Witnessing Scientifically and Historically

The “hound of heaven” is the Holy Spirit of Elohim who pursues those who will be saved, by the Word, the foundational portion of which is the book of Genesis, a witness of truth to all who will seek.

Skeptics always say that Genesis is nonsense, so why believe the rest of the Bible? Now show them the irrefutable historical facts confirmed by science explained at the foundation website, Holy Spirit will do the rest.

¹ Genesis Veracity Foundation

For more information for historical proof of the veracity of Genesis DO check our ancient history sister blog www.ancientpatriarchs.wordpress.com


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