UK college uses counter-terrorism policy to ban Christian club

ChristiansWormtongueDisinfoSteve Weatherbe — Life Site News June 13, 2016

Truth-Hate A Christian campus organization in the UK has been ordered off an unnamed junior college in what Prime Minister David Cameron says was an abuse of the new government “Prevent” policy against terrorism.

But several Christian organizations counter that the incident stemmed from built-in problems in the government’s “vague and sweeping” Counter-Extremism Strategy. The Strategy was launched last fall in response to British-born Muslim young men and women joining ISIS insurgents fighting in Syria.

Andrea Williams, the chief executive of two groups devoted to religious freedom, Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre, warned in a prepared statement that the ejection of the Christian Union club was “only the beginning. … The freedom for Christians to teach from the whole Bible will come under threat as certain beliefs will be deemed to be ‘extreme.’”