My First Instant Healing for Someone Else from Jesus. Hallelujah

I was out today as usual witnessing and tracting at some school, and I ran into many interesting people. Two people received the Lord and one of them was a German man who came to faith in Jesus. I just showed him two passages, John 1:12-13 and John 3:3-10 about being born again. It grew his faith instantly. he was so ready. Nice guy too. A new brother!

Then I ran into a Local man and his son, and I told him that God loved him after I had given him a tract, but he said that he didn’t think so.
I asked him why. He said, because the last 20 years he’s had nothing but problems. I asked him what his problems were, he said that for example his back had been hurting in his spine for 20 years.

I asked him if I could “bless” his back. (euphemism for praying for it)

He said sure!

Now I have been reading a book on healing where it says that you should starve your UNbelief when you pray and concentrate on your belief, your faith. And so I did.

Now I have prayed for others and had some kind of small victories in healing with them but nothing really clear or instant.

But I proceeded to put my fingers into his lower spine and spoke to it, “Spine, get in line with the Word of God. Vertebrae! Do your job and get aligned and work properly! Then I spoke to pain. “Pain I command you to get out! Get out! NOW!!

Now before I prayed for him, I had asked him to show me how far he could bow down with his hands. And he hardly could reach his knees.

So after I had ordered his body to heal in Jesus’ name, I asked him to again reach down with his hands. And lo and behold, he could reach all the way to his feet.

I asked him, How do you feel now. He said, the pain is totally gone!! He was elated! And so was I.

I asked him to bend backwards again, and he could do it without problems. He was smiling, and so was I. I was so glad that the Lord had acted on my faith and that the Holy Spirit had healed the man’s back. It was wonderful.

It was great. After that the rest of the afternoon witnessing was like I was walking on air. I am so glad that God met him and met me and worked in his back, and that we could help that Man to have abrighter outlook on life and strengthen his faith that God inDEED loved him, because Jesus came down and touched him.

Praise the Lord. I am so thankful. Healing is a great way of witnessing, for they can actually FEEL God in action!

I hope this experience will inspire you to “bless” others’ bodies too, in Jesus Name.

God bless you.

Peace and Love





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