Spirit World Converging with Physical World, but the simplicity of Christ reigns!

THIS IS A MUST WATCH! Not so much for the straight-laced – though correct- Christian teaching, but for the examples he trots out of many Magicians using demons to do “magic.” The demon-deceived power-hungry dupes of Satan ALSO believe that “All things are possible!”, except that we believe that ALL THINGS are possible with GOD! However, we think that God’s ALL THINGS perfectly outshine Satan’s “all things”, just as Moses’ miracles outshone the limited capabilities of the magicians of Pharaoh.

HERE LOOK AT THIS DECEPTIVE PICTURE, which comes from some ‘Christian’ youtube which has some true ideas but then the pictures are getting totally CARRIED AWAY promoting false ideas. The “Aliens” are DEMONS! Get that through your thick skull. And if there are hybrids they do not get mummified in brown Egyptian clothing! This picture is a lie telling you that aliens are real! And they are NOT! Discern, discern, discern! Be not led by amateurs! Even though they say — or rather parrot! — some true things. Even the Devil has a lot of truth to share, still you wouldn’t want to quote him or post his youtubes! FGSGU!


WE CAN NOT BE LED BY UNPROFESSIONAL CHRISTIANS with PRIDE-FULL minds & hearts who do NOT HAVE the needed DISCERNMENT to DISTINGUISH between the TRUE and THE FALSE. WE are supposed to lead THEM, not the other way around, to be led by their spurious interpretations & fallacious ideas!
And if you can not tell the difference, drop it, stay away from it, unless you run the danger of leading His children astray in your fervour and unbridled enthusiasm. We wouldn’t want to be guilty of that!
STICK to the simplicity that is in Christ!

If you want an example of someone who is more balanced, take an example from GONZ of ‘Face Like the Sun’. He does not jump to conclusions or use spurious misleading art, but even then… STILL the simplicity of Christ REIGNS!

GONZ of Face Like The SUn.

Still I think that feeding sheep is still more profitable with milk, even though I use popular stuff on my blogs to fish for men, it doesn’t mean that that is what will make them grow. They need milk to find grace, faith, and LOVE! MOST OF ALL!

MEAT or STEAK will suffocate a baby, and will not make him productive.


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