Ham’s Ark Unveiled in Kentucky HUGE but a bit too short as no Egyptian Cubit

The Ark replica is HUGE, but still too short, as Ken Ham didn’t use the Egyptian “royal cubit”, and therefore it is somewhat shorter than the real one! Nevertheless it is a mighty witness of God’s provision and prevision for the future appr. 4500 years ago.

Al Jazeerah trots out Billy Nye the “Science Man” to say the Flood is “not reasonable”, but that was to be expected.

Nay sayers are welcome, says Ken Ham (What a name! Ha!)


Of course Google caused every Ark video to be followed by some inane critique against Creationism. But we are used to that, aren’t we.

And of course the “free” (masonic) thinkers and atheists are out in full force to complain that Ark Encounters is “pushing the Bible down people’s throats”, whereas the mainstream media that are the main information megaphones in the entire world will not touch such topics with a ten foot pole. But everything is OK in the information war that is being fought over our souls.  They can’t even allow our 10 % of free information, we have to be bombarded with Darwinist narrative and its paralytic paradigm.

If you like to know more about the real historicity of the Flood as recorded in 700 ethnic records from all over the world, and as written in the 1-2 KM deep strata below our feet studded with fossilised animals, humans, and OOPARTS (ou fo place artifacts!) from before the Flood visit our sister blog, “Ancient Patriarchs!” where you can get the full scope of it.



Here see another post shot against Biblical truth by ABC of course, the Anti Biblical Conmen, also trotting out Bull Nye the “Science Guy!” What a travesty of truth. Why don’t you Americans turn off your televisions. It hurts your children.

Well if you have the time, to watch the official opening video of Ark Encounter go ahead. The opening was complete with Jewish Levites blowing shofars! I guess Ham is a Zionist. Ha! But Noah was not a jew, neither was Abraham, so that is a little bit far fetched. Anyhow, lots of American christians are Zionists, so it may be good for business. God bless them anyhow. I hope, because America is not as blessed these days as they are supposed to be for blessing political “Israel.” But that they blame on the “Liberals” of course.

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