Iraqi Christians ‘Feel Nobody Cares For Us’, Says Baghdad Bishop – We at Paradise Post DO & pray for you!

Christians persecuted by Islamic State in the Middle East believe the world has forgotten them, but remain convinced that God is near, an Iraqi bishop has said.

Speaking to East County Magazine, Bishop Mar Shlemon Warduni, who has been working in San Diego but before that served in Baghdad, said: “our people are suffering too much”.

“Nobody loves them, nobody takes care of them,” he added. “The children, the young people, they have no future. They finish studying and they have no job. Always, we cry, all over the world, for those children.”

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled the Middle East since the rise of ISIS, though some have remained behind. Both groups “sometimes… feel that nobody cares for us,” the bishop said.

“Sometimes when we are in difficulties, we feel desperation, [but] we are all sons and daughters of hope… Our Lord tells us…’I am with you until the end of the war’.”

We are very sorry for Iraqi Christians and have prayed for them and for Assyrian and Syrian Christians often. We also have battled information war for them for over 15 years, exposing their vile attackers, even before 9-11 with the false Gulf Wars and the Kuwaiti lies about them. We hope that more people will pray for the Middle Eastern Christians, for they surely do need our prayers!

Actually we have also prayed for Syria as a whole, as a nation, for their victory over the Wahabi Takfiris of USrael, and for their conversion and salvation in Christ of their people. We love you Middle Easterners!
Will you?



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