JESUS FIRST! –耶穌居首位!


One time someone ask Jesus, “What is the greatest commandment men need to keep?” And Jesus answered, “You should love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul & all your mind.-This is the greatest commandment.” (Mat 22-37, 38)

So what steps can we take to love Jesus, not only put JESUS FIRST in our lives, but also to KEEP Him in that place? One way is in our daily service for Him. ASK the Lord in prayer about everything you do before you do it, and make sure that’s what HE wants you to do! You will find that this principle holds true even in your everyday work. When faced with pressing deadlines, the temptation is often to crowd the Lord out of our lives and concentrate solely on our work. We’ve all done it at times, but putting the Lord LAST simply is NOT the solution!

God has blessed and prospered many a great Christian businessman because they put JESUS FIRST in their everyday decisions! The famous industrialist and multi-millionaire, Robert G. LeTourneau, tells a story of when he was first starting out in business, operating one small factory: “One night I had to make a design for a new machine so that a crew of men on contract could build it the next morning. However, that same night I had been invited to go witnessing with some young Christian friends. The Lord and I had quite a struggle while I was trying to decide what to do! Continue reading “JESUS FIRST! –耶穌居首位!”