Kent Hovind A Bruised Reed Will He Not break, Nor Quench a Smoking Flax. Very Touching!

Beautiful touching video of Kent Hovind touched by the everlasting love of Jesus who was prophesied as, “A bruised reed will he not break, and a smoking flax will he not quench.” He is being relentless attacked by who? By American “Christians”! Professing believers who condemn him for being divorced from his wife who actually LEFT HIM!

Not only that, but these judgmental religionists blame him for re-marrying! Whereas Paul said that when the unbelieving party departs then a brother or sister is not bound any longer.” In other words he is free to marry again. People can be so Pharisaical, so judgmental, so condemning, as if they haven’t read what Jesus said, or what He was like! Do they even know Jesus? MUST WATCH!

Mostly these commenters under his Bible study YT videos are North Americans. My dear Lord, how self righteous can these American believers be? Are they really believers? are they really born again? It makes you wonder.

Do they really know the Lord? Or are they still unregenerated creatures who THINK they are “born again”, who THINK they are followers of the God of Love, of the Lord of Grace, but in fact have never submitted to His gift, to His amazing grace, partaken of His forgiveness. How can they have, when they dole out such a condemning attitude?

It reminds me of that parable Jesus told about the Man who was severely in debt with his master, but who when he cried for mercy, was forgiven for his huge debt. Then he turned around and found his debtor who owned him just a little of what he owed his master, and began to throttle him and threaten him that if he wouldn’t pay up, he would be thrown into prison.

Then his masters servants told htheir master what his former debtor had done, and the master send his servants and arrested him and threw him in prison until he had paid his entire debt.
Jesus said, so will my father do to them that do not from their heart forgive!

Now kent has not even done anything wrong! he was left by his wife and his children robbed his Adventure land and his dot com, and Kent is not bound in such a case. He didn’t want a divorce. And STILL all these hypocrites attack him as if there is no judgment seat of Christ. Do they fear the Lord?

And besides, even if he was guilty of deserting his wife and divorcing, still then; Do you know all the circumstances and conditions of this relationship? Perhaps that divorce is something God is going to use to break his heart and strengthen his usefulness, in the way like King David sins helped him to become a Man of God. But who are you, to even meddle in someone’s private affairs?

Haven’t you read what Jesus said, “How can you say let me remove the mote that is in your eye, while there is a beam in your own eye! first remove the beam from your own eye, and then (perhaps) you can see clearly to remve the moat that is your brother’s eye!” JUDGE NOT!

Judging seems to be many Christians favourite passtime, not judging themselves, but others, of things that they don’t even understand, or the causes, or all the whys and the wherefores, and of which they are even guilty themselves, or even worse things.

I must admit I do understand these kind of Christians to a certain extend, as we have all tried to judge others at one time or another, and I guess it is a maturing phase in the life of many Christians to ultimately learn that lesson not to judge others. It is not our job! It is GOD’s job to judge.

Like toddlers are with each other. You tell a toddler the law, or the rule, or the guideline, and he will begin to lay down the law on other toddlers around him and rat on them when “they break the law”. That seems what especially many American Christians are like. Judgmental moralists and tattlers. The fruit of American Evangelical Churchanity! Lord! Save us from the Pharisees!

Give the meek man a break! Poor Kent. He has done nothing wrong in this case. And even if you happen to think you know that he did, even then, it is never your job, or duty, to apply the law to him or lay it on him. Pray for him!

Well God bless Kent! He is surely maturing after 9 years in jail without a cause, because the American establishment hates his effect and influence, and finally found a stick to beat him, and illegally so, because after all that, structuring is finally not a sound accusation against him. He was innocent. Now that is sainthood, to come out like that shining, meek, humble, not carrying obvious grudges, and positive, still going strong, and preaching the Gospel to many more than even before. Going from strength to strength! Coming out stronger!

He doesn’t even really worry about these attacks. He is a strong fighter for the faith who can take it, and he is certainly not crying over these attacks, but is moved with the feelings of the infirmities of broken people that he understands so much better now than ever before. He weeps not for himself, but is touched by the Love of Jesus for himself and for others. Are you?

God bless Kent Hovind. Pray for him and for his ministry. We love you Kent!

Here, you, stick this cartoon in your pipe and smoke it!

SinningSaints-1 SinningSaints-2 SinningSaints-3



2 thoughts on “Kent Hovind A Bruised Reed Will He Not break, Nor Quench a Smoking Flax. Very Touching!

  1. Reblogged this on livingbyathread and commented:
    This may be the first time I have re-blogged a post. I do have a strict interpretation of marriage, especially personally. But there were a host of extenuating circumstances here. The man has suffered much, as I suspect in a similar way to the apostle Paul. I hope God continues to bless the ongoing ministry of Kent Hovind. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to the video contained in the post. It is so good and very emotional.


    1. Thank Jesus for his compassionate extenuations he is willing to extent on all of us.After all, he said to the Pharisees, “You need to learn what this meaneth, I will have MERCY and NOT sacrifice!” And He said, I am meek and lowly in heart. He is slow to anger. Isaiah 54:10 “For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee.”
      Love and peace to you

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