God! Bless Monica Lewinsky! Grant her compassion & empathy from others, and give her peace & love!

Wow! This must have hurt tremendously. Thank God she survived this mortification. This is what the internet has enabled, including those people among us who would like to and DO destroy our privacy that God had initially given Mankind to a great extent, so that we might survive our shameful moments we all have. Compassion! It means to suffer with! Empathy! It means to feel INTO a person what he or she feels or felt.

I am so glad for her that she has come THROUGH this ordeal. It can be called a miracle, I am sure. I suspect she must have prayed. I hope she did. And may all those Suckerburgers and Googlites like Schmidt, who would like to destroy our God-given privacy, come to a quick and painless repentance, or else I’m afraid they will suffer a different one.MUST WATCH


It is known that Suckerburg has a piece of sticky tape over his notebook screen camera, as does the FBI director, and that he raised the wall around his mansion. Yet he and Mr. Schmidt (and others) think that we should all come out of our private lives and sacrifice our privacy on their altars of hate, mortification, enslavement and globalisation through humiliation. I still know that we will ALL reap what we have sown. Oh dear Jesus, God of compassion and empathy, have MERCY on ALL of our REBELLIOUS and shameful souls. Amen! And give dear Monica respite.


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