Church Opened Holy Sepulchre Tomb & found debris, as the Garden Tomb is the Real one!

National Geographic, the Church, and Israel support the wrong tomb! Why? Because the REAL Tomb, the Garden Tomb, is in Palestinian territory, and they can’t make money on it. Ha!

The REAL tomb was confirmed by the find of the REAL Crucifixion spot just around the corner of the Garden tomb, by Ron Wyatt. See video below!

Jerusalem is a focal point for three major religions, and hence is a melting pot for ideas and traditions. For example, within the Old City is a church purporting to house the sepulchre of Jesus. But if we carefully examine what the Bible says regarding the tomb of Joseph of Aramathea, the tomb that matches all the clues given in the Gospels is just north of the old city. It is known as the Garden Tomb. When investigated carefully, it is exactly what we’d expect if the Bible is true and accurate.


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