Self-righteous pride & lack of empathy is the GREATEST problem in the world!

SELF-RIGHTEOUS Pharisees, self-righteous Mullahs, self-righteous ISIS Sharia Law Murderers, self-righteous Palestinian killers, and here self-righteous American ComCast workers, and many many others. It says that people like that are in danger of the judgment or of Hell fire!

And this is supposed to be a Christian country? And a sample of Christ to the world? No! It is a post Christian country on the road to HELL! They have no empathy for their fellow men, let alone for the people in Palestina, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and the rest of the world! Bye bye Miss American Pie!

VIdeo Poster says: Directional driller/ Equipment operator with a Flagging certificate for over 10 years here! I have been installing fiber optic and power lines for the past decade on roads just like this. Let me say first off that Combat broke multiple OSHA and DOT regulations here. When working withing any easement that is under 10 feet from the road or working from the road a minimum of 2 signs facing each lane of traffic must be placed a minimum of 500 feet from the site of work. To be a proper Lance closure they needed a roadwork ahead sign at 700 feet followed by a men working sign at 500 feet then a series of 5 cones minimum at the back of the truck forming a wedge from the right of the work lane to the left corner of the truck.

This was incredible. I have never seen such in professional actions and attitudes in my life. As someone who has worked in this field my entire adult life I’m angry and embarrassed that these men call them selves proffesionals.

We are not all like this and I would fire these men on the spot if this was my jobsite.