An Article & Comment Exchange! “Has Most Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled?”


Below is an article I found on, which is a new kind of Facebook substitute, and a comment exchange I had with the writer, that may be interesting for others who are influenced by this – IMHO- wrong view. I am neither a believer in Left Behind Zionist Evangelical interpretations of Bible prophecy, but I don’t believe that most things are alrady happened and in the past! You can join Diaspora too and find me there under ‘ParadisePost’.
Here follows the article by Robin:

Has Most Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled?

I know #end-times stuff has been really popular for decades. It sells a lot of books and makes a lot of money for “experts” in #bible#prophecy. Even when their #predictions and prognostications prove to be utterly false over and over again, guys like Hal Lindsey and a host of others still are believed and still sell books and seminars and videos. I think it hurts #gospel#evangelism a great deal when these guys claim that their predictions come straight from the bible! When they don’t come true, people are like, “Well, I guess Hal Lindsey just proved the bible to be false!” Are these people more likely to be receptive to the gospel after some “prophecy expert” seemingly just “proved” the bible to be false? I don’t think so.

All I ever heard growing up from little kidhood until college was the popular #rature#LeftBehind scenario. I never knew there had ever been any different view of #eschatology (the study of end-times prophecy). As it turns out, the popular evangelical secret-Rapture Left-Behind #Tribulation#SecondComing eschatology that sells so many books and scares the heck out of so many kids is actually little more than 200 years old!No one believed or taught any such thing in Christianity before that! It is the invention of well-meaning #Christian#theologians who were desperately looking for a way to “wake a sleepy #Church out of her doldrums.” But the damage it has done is incredible.

There are three #orthodox schools of eschatology that go back at least a thousand years or more that have been lost to this recent science fiction scenario that unwittingly “proves the bible to be false” whenever some “bible prophecy expert” makes absurd predictions supposedly on the authority of the inerrant and infallible #scriptures! Remember Hal Lindsey’s prediction that the Rapture must happen by 1988 because modern Israel’s founding was 1948, so it had to be within a single generation (40 years) because Matt. 24:34 supposedly says so. Oops, it’s way past 1988 and we’re all still here. See there? Once again the bible proves to be false, right? Wrong. It’s Hal Lindsey who is false, not the bible. Under ancient Israel’s law, a false prophet, once discovered, was put to the sword! But in our day false prophets just sell more books and produce more TV shows.

Needless to say, as a student of and believer in the bible, my eschatology has radically changed.

ParadisePost Blog

666 Mark of the Beast to buy and sell hasn’t happened yet! Gog has not risen yet from Magog! Nor did his invasion of Israel take place with Persia, Libya, Ethiopia, sons of Gomer, and Togarmah. The Great Tribulation hasn’t happened yet when the Church (Woman) flees into the Wilderness where they will feed her there for 1260 days, 42 months, (3 1/2 years) because they refused the Mark of the Beast! Nor the coming of Jesus from the sky has happened, nor His gathering of all believers dead and alive by the angels in the air to Him. Nor the Wrath of God, the great global earthquake, the battle of Armageddon, nor the Millennial reign of Christ. I could go on, but time is of the essence. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you too! I wonder if you actually read the article I linked. Orthodox Preterists (sometimes called “partial” preterists) believe that most but not all prophecy has been fulfilled. We have yet to see Christ’s return, the resurrection and judgement seat of Christ, of course. But almost all of us are non-millennial, in that don’t believe that Scripture teaches a literal 1,000 year period on the earth in which a political/physical reign of Christ on a literal throne in Jerusalem, but the term is used to describe just a very long time. “The Millennium,” to most of us, began at the first advent of Christ and concludes at His second advent. Please take the time to thoughtfully read the link and then comment point by point on what you find disagreeable.

ParadisePost Blog

Dear Robin,
Thanks for your comment. I HAVE read stuff like that before, and I obviously take the prophecies very literal where they are obviously supposed to be literal. “I have called my son out of Egypt”, “thou Bethlehem Ephratah” etc. as opposed to the “Eagle and Vineyard” prophecy types.

And then there are the prophecies that are symbolic but with a literal application & meaning, like Rev. 12:6 “The woman fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared of God that THEY should feed her there for 1260 days” (3 1/2 years or 42 months or a time, times and half a time,= 3 1/2 times or years. VERRRRY speciifc)

The Woman is the Church, the body of believers, during the final Great Tribulation who will NOT take the 666 Mark or Number of the Beast and therefore can not go to the supermarket or pay the rent, and will have to flee the city into non-civilised places that THEY (the locals?) should FEED her there for 1260 days, 3 1/2 lunar years, and “He (antichrist) was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies… for 42 months.” All those are literal, and haven’t happened yet.


IF the 3 1/2 years haven’t happened yet, which is HALF of the Last 7 years, the 70th week, then that week hasn’t happened yet, and then the signing or confirming of the Covenant of Daniel 9:27 hasn’t happened yet, and then Michael hasn’t stood up yet for the children of thy people (Daniel12) either, nor the rest of that chapter!

So obviously I see some things symbolic like “And to the Woman (church) were given two wings of an eagle that she might fly into the wilderness” I do not think we are going to be transported like Frodo and Sam on REAL eagles from Mt. Mordor, but it obviously has a real application in the Great Escape narrative after 666 implementation worldwide, that the Bride of Christ may perhaps FLY out of the cities or the West in planes? Unless they will be translated as Philip was from Gaza and was found in the Land of Azotus. John obviously didn’t know about planes, so eagles wings would be an apt description.


Sure some things like “when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then you know that the desolation there of is nigh, for these are the days of vengeance” etc. already HAD a first fulfillment in 70 AD with the Roman sack of Jerusalem, but has ALSO a final fulfillment, soon, when it will be surrounded again and taken over by the invasion of Gog, Persia, Libya, Ethiopia, Gomer’s sons (Europe) and Togarmah (Turkey, Georgia,Armenia) when Gog is obviously unwilling to invade but is pulled there by hooks in his jaw to do God’s job to punish those in the occupied Land of Palestine, who say they are Israel but are not!



And then its most final fulfillment it will be surrounded again, at the end of the few months of the Wrath of God, during a literal Battle of Armageddon when we all come back with the Lord in the lead to defeat the very forces of the Antichrist and his worldwide forces before they get to Jerusalem, when we will take over the Earth and run it the way it should have been run before, with the reinstalling of pure Christian civilisation, a literal earthly kingdom of the King of Kings where those who have been faithful over a few things will become rulers over ten cities, the Lord said.


Was he joking? Or was he speaking in deep parables that none of His followers would understand? I don’t think so! And therefore I have a different literal opinion in some and symbolic in others, and I am trying to present you with a different narrative than you so far held onto. Tell me, Sir, how would you interpret these fore-mentioned items? As mere stuffing of the Bible? Or as super deep analogies that no children of God would ever understand? I wonder.



But nice talking to you, brother. You obviously believe in Jesus and possess Eternal Life, and that is a gift! Not a reward for only the 100% correct doctrinal Christians! ha! Thank God! looking forward to meet you Up There in the see-through Crystal Golden City 1500 miles high, wide, and long, where we will all have a mansion, while we also will have a farm or ranch on Earth where we will stay on our ruling duties for a 1000 years, going back and forth in our resurrected bodies that can fly, ‘shape-shift’, disappear and become invisible, and can eat, drink, and just like here have loving SEX as well with all our pretty sisters for eternity! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Ha! Now we have really thrown the cat between the pigeons. Or the hammer between the old bottles?

I also hope and pray for you that you are laying up treasures in Heaven (saved souls) by spreading the Gospel on a daily basis to the lost, as we happily do here in Taiwan! Because THAT is what REALLY matters for us Christians, after all!

“Where your treasure is… THERE will your heart be also!”

Much Love and Happy New year!

Paradise Post Blog Editor



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