A Merry Christmas To Aleppo Marred by Sadness of Bereavement of Loved Ones


God bless Lizzy Phelan, a true journalist. It made me weep to see these orphans and bereaved families. The lack of food and money and utilities is nothing compared to the loss of treasured family members. My God what deceived American Zionist heretical Christians have to answer for, because this destruction and genocide is a direct result of the stranglehold that the political entity names ‘Israel’ has over America, Americans, American regimes, and sad to say American Christians. America is now an Israeli colony.

The horrible Oded Ynon plan (to militarily break and carve up the Middle East!) was fully incorporated in the policies of both Pentagon and the US State Department. BUT – and this is the evil! – this was and still is supported and undergirded by the false Scofield Bible doctrine that the Zionist theft of Palestine was ordained by God for the virulently Antichristian Ashkenazi Khazars who falsely claim to carry more Abrahamic DNA than the Palestinians! And therefore they would be “allowed” by “G*d” to kill, massacre, maim, bereave, rob, and genocide not just Palestinians, but surrounding countries like Christians in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, etc.? What a terrible travesty of truth!

This was & still is pure Zionist genocide, perpetrated by un-scriptural heretical Americans and US supported terrorists! And your support for this rogue state is the very cause of all this horrible suffering afflicted by US, Saudi, Qatari, Wahabi, Al Qaeda & ISIS, artificial creations of American and Israeli Intelligence!

WHEN WILL YOU ZIONIST AMERICAN HERETICS EVER WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH! Perhaps only under the coming judgments of God! May God break your revolting, unrepentant deceived hearts! The political entity of so-called “Israel” is NOT God’s Chosen People!

As Jesus said it HIMSELF in John 1:11-13

He came unto His own, but His own received Him NOT! (and most of them still do not!) BUT as many as received Him, to THEM He gave the right/power/authority/privilege/ to become the children of god, even to them that believe on His Name! Who were born .. of GOD!

During the last 2000 years, ONLY those who RECEIVE & BELIEVE Jesus Christ, — whether they be Jew or Gentile — He gave the right to be the chosen people of God, His born again children of God, the REAL Israel of God, the chosen princes and princesses of the King of Kings. There are no other qualifications, PERIOD! No supposed “Jewish” DNA, skullcap, or culture will ever give anyone the right to become god’s children. ONLY receiving Jesus will ever do it, and thank God a small minority of Israelis HAVE received Him today, but the vast majority of them are still the same as they were when they resisted and condemned Jesus to death 200 years ago.

So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thank God for the birth of the REAL Jewish Messiah, Yeshua Ha Messiach, as foretold in Isaiah 53, Psalm 22 , and oodles of other Old Testament Scriptures. Anyone who does not believe in this loving Messiah who came to give free salvation, is damned already, for he has not believed on the only One that can save anyone in this world and history! Are you? Saved? And delivered from false doctrines be it cruel Marxism, slimy Satanic Secular Humanism, frustrated Freudianism, Zany Zionism, Loony leftism, Reactionary Rightism, Nefarious Nationalism, Perturbed Patriotism to a false Fatherland, whereas we the Christian Children of God of All Nations, have only ONE Fatherland, and that is the Heavenly Kingdom of Jesus Christ which he will deliver up to the Father shortly at His awesome coming SOON!

Are you saved and ready to meet the Lord of hosts?



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