The development of God’s magic plan..

By Lu Paradise – June 5, 2010 – 15 views

My wife said, “Do you think that there always was a Heaven?”
I said, “I imagine that at least ‘where God lives’ has always been around, as He always existed! But in 30 AD Jesus told His disciples that he was going “to prepare a place” for us!

Actually at that time there already was one kind of ‘Heaven’ for us humans called “Paradise”, and contrary to the Heavenly place Jesus was going to set up then –obviously in outer space– this “Paradise” was earthly, right here in the planet!

heaven1-300x225It was already in existence then and it was a place for dis-embodied human spirits to stay in and enjoy. We won’t talk about spiritual Hades and spirit prisons which were also in existence since the early days, as this is about Heavenly regions.

Of course there are also outer spiritual ‘regions’ where God, “the Father of spirits”,  dwells, which are most likely supra-dimensional. That must be where all spirits are created and originate from, which God then sends into newly conceived bodies, or “foetuses” as Globalists prefer that we call them before they try to “legally” abort them! (implying they have no souls!)

[Dear atheist and agnostic readers: If you concluded there aren’t any spirits, ghosts, angels, God, hades, heaven, or extra-dimensional heavenly regions, and are thus without hope and faith in love, then I’m sorry you limited your understanding of natural life as one who tries to understand a tree while denying the existence of the invisible root system. It’s understandable you are depressed at times, when there would be no rhyme or reason. Existence would be reduced to a mere futile, random, coincidental enigma of a driven-by-pure-lust-to-survive DNA-derived-automatons populated, tiny, insignificant ball in a humongous endless space! Such would boggle my mind too and depress and drive me to suicide.]

Because spirits and spiritual dimensions do exist (we’ve experienced them), we can draw some logical conclusions from these conditions, that:

  • God created and is ever managing a huge “time & matter” project of temporal, biologically housed (“natural”) human spirits.
  • God started off small with just two of them (Adam & Eve) but knew it would eventually boom and produce many billions over time.
  • God is into developing something more than just huge populations.
  • He created a multi-level “Heaven-Earth-Hades-Hell” environment for a reason.
  • He ordained physical earthly objects & natural processes to teach His creatures spiritual principles.
  • He installed a simple ‘punishment and reward‘ system to entice them to aim for excellence.
  • God is into excellence, aiming for the improvement of His creatures.
  • His project is obviously an educational, spiritual development plan for them.
  • His creatures are somewhat similar to Him, like xerox copies “made in His own image.”
  • He obviously created them to eventually join Him “in glory.”
  • God’s mind and capacities are billions of times greater than the plan He designed. Probably limitless!

Back to Paradise
According to Scripture, Paradise was in existence long before Jesus lived here, and He and the faithful thief on the cross next to Him, were on their way there after they expired on their crosses.

Paradise was under the earth, somewhere inside the planet, as Jesus’ ghost was under the earth’s shell during the three days his body was dead, before His resurrection.

In another Biblical instance, around 1000 BC, King Saul’s witch was told to conjure up the spirit of the deceased prophet Samuel who then came up from Paradise. “And the king said unto her, Be not afraid: for what did you see? And the woman said unto Saul, I saw gods ascending out of the earth.”

After Jesus’ resurrection, the Old Testament Saints were also resurrected when “the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept [were dead] arose, and came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.” (Matthew 27: 52)

Obviously these Saints, in their resurrected bodies, could not exist anymore in their former spiritual “under the rocks” habitat Paradise in their new bodies! So they had to inherit some new bi-dimensional station where both saved ghosts and resurrection-bodies could co-exist.

This habitat was probably the bare “place” Jesus talked about “going to prepare for us”, and He must have begun interior-decorating it right after His last bodily visit with His disciples and His advent ten days before the day of Pentecost.

Ever since, when the by God recorded (saved) ghosts of His latter days’ saints disembody or die, they go ‘up‘ to Heaven contrary to ‘down‘ to Paradise in pre-Christian days.

truman-show-4This puts an interesting spin on God, that He is a master Developer, not so much of real estate, but predominantly of people! Personnel! He is the summum of a personal development expert. He could give us a very interesting human resources lecture or spiritual development presentation with “heavenly PowerPoint slides!” Ha!

So God is pretty cool! He is totally the opposite of the present day big shots, the collectivist, globalist murderers who increasingly run the surface and control the skies of our present day planet Earth, with their “law enforcement” goons and Mossad assassins.

But… God has a great sense of humor, as He predicted that “He will laugh at their calamities” when they will soon reap what they and their feckless followers have sowed by murdering billions of His beloved creatures in their wars, famines and epidemics.

I am not a vengeful person, I usually love people and only ever killed some spiders, lizards, a mouse and a few snakes, but I want to be there that day to at least watch if I can’t participate in facilitating their demise!

So… God is into education! You mean the collection of facts and figures? Algebra, physics, historical events and their descriptions? That kind? No way. He is into much higher stuff, like developing hope, patience, faith, love, and long-suffering in his creatures, through evil. What the hell for?

I think that most of us humans (myself on occasion) resent the notion that all the vanity and suffering we are subjected to, is supposed to work us good in the long run (Romans 8:28), at least to the ones who were exercised by it. None of us likes suffering! Period! Just look how babies cry when just born, and how they resent their vegetables in the high chair, loudly protesting and arching their little spines during the “terrible twos!”

We grown-ups also loudly protest and arch our spiritual spines, when coming face-to-face with losing loved ones through war, divorce or death, when losing homes through foreclosure, losing jobs, pensions, and money through economic malfeasance, and well…losing anything really, like losing our I-pod! We resist, complain and scream bloody murder, and resent men and angels when faced with such set backs… just like junior in the high chair.

Aren’t we funny? No! We don’t think so. Those who believe, sometimes feel manipulated by the gods or GOD. And those who don’t, feel manipulated by the government, the fascists, the liberals or the conservatives, or the globalists, as they can’t really blame a God they don’t believe in. Oh, but they do! In utter resentment to the One they don’t believe in, they post on atheist forums and You-tube and fulminate against the One they reject, and “His fan club” they utterly resent. So yeah! None of us likes suffering!

It is funny. Such blame games really take off during times of great disasters, when there is a Tsunami or some giant earthquake. Then suddenly God is in the dog house, where He gets His dressing down. “Where were you God?”

While millions of people die daily of the great “disaster” called Death, we don’t really take it out on Him then, when it’s not so in our face! But woe unto God, when too many of us die collectively in too short a time, especially if it happens to Westerners. Poor God. He is in trouble then! Even though most of these disasters are actually caused or even precipitated by His earthly enemies, the globalist collectivist Satanic elite.

But we generally don’t appreciate dying very much! Believers and unbelievers alike. We really cling to life. Like they say about Churchians, “Considering the way they built churches you would conclude they’re planning to live here forever!”  Ha! No we don’t like dying. And when too many die at the same time, we cry “foul” and stick up our little red cards to God! “You are overdoing it God!”

It shows that few of us have dying grace yet! But most of us neither have much grace for living, judging by when we fall into “road rage”, or when this-or-that a****le does this-or-that to us, or if this-or-that forum member says the wrong thing to us. I know, I’ve had to delete quite a few such comments. Ha!

Writers like me, are called apologetics. It sounds like apologising! Like we apologise for God’s existence, like, “Hey! Sorry guys, but He does exist, but actually He’s not so bad after all. He’s got His reasons, you know, and He really does mean well, and all for our benefit!”

Yes be encouraged! There is a Heaven after all! And it is, as they say, “only a heartbeat away!” In general people die as they lived. When they lived like the Devil, they’ll die as one. If they lived like a merciful, sweet guy or gal, they’ll die like one. Devils go to Hades, as they never liked God, while the merciful sinners go into Heaven, as many Near-Death-Experience-rs testified, and as Jesus stated, “Verily I say unto you, that the publicans (tax collectors) and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you!”

But of course there is now “new scientific research” et al, that indicates that NDE-s are actually caused by dopamine in the brain, or a surge of some other part of the cortex. Yeah sure, that stuff caused them to float up to the ceiling and see what was on top of the cupboard in the operation theater, or it caused them to see what instruments the surgeon was using during the operation, or see the shoe that was outside the room on the roof. Yeah sure.

Wow! God sure loves a mystery doesn’t He? He has bound up and enveloped everything, actually most of our existence, in a cloud of secrecy. So much so that we still don’t know “where do we come from, where do we go, cotton eyed Joe!”

In spite of all our progress and our wonderfully educated scientists and philosophers, we still die at the hand of ruthless, immoral, murderous bankers and their horrendous wars, and that in greater numbers than ever in history! Most of the spiritually un-initiated are totally without a clue, other than what truths the New York Times, Daily Kos or Huffington Post decide to serve us up with, which is not much at all. Actually miniscule!

truman-show-1Well, for those of you who have borne with us thus far, there is hope! But as they say, “We didn’t have much say in the choice of our vessel (boat), but we can sure change some things by the management of our sails and rudder!” Even if there is a contrary wind, there is a way of “tacking” or sailing against the wind direction, and so we are really without excuse.

You could change this world for the better, even if only in your own life! We can be an example of love and mercy, and we could start a pressure group to change the things we’d like to see changed. Whereas, if we decide to just let cable TV and the mass media ruin our life, and we just let Animal Planet, History channel and CNN rule our mediocre minds, then of course there is not much hope for any of us.

We will eat the wrong kinds of food and get cancer, and we’ll read the wrong kinds of books that will make us lose hope and faith and compel us to take the wrong roads. You watch Hollywood too much, you’ll be living someone else’s nightmare or dream-works. You read the wrong kind of blogs, your heart will be torn between false controlled opposition and the few occasional truth tellers.

Yes it is not easy, living in the 21st century. Jesus warned us that “small is the gate that goes into the Kingdom of God and narrow the way that leads to eternal life, and there are few that will find it,” and he said “WIDE is the gate and BROAD the way that leads to destruction, and there are many that go down that path.”

Actually to most of them, Jesus seems a bit narrow minded. He knew that His way was narrow and that few would find it. And He seemed pretty “self centered”, when He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, and no man comes to the Father except through me!” That’s very marginal. He marginalised Himself and His message. And that is why you will only find it on little blogs like these. As Simon and Garfunkel used to sing, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls….and in the sound of … silence….



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