The Israel Deception

Author and Blogger Ken Schortgen, founder of joins me to discuss the Rothschild’s plan for Israel and his book on the subject, ‘The Israel Deception’. MUST WATCH! Especially for most church Christians who “love Israel”!

6 thoughts on “The Israel Deception

  1. “The Israel Deception” as noted by Ken Schortgen in the video above has taken the masses by storm just over the past several decades in an onslaught of Bible prophecy books proclaiming the modern day nation of Israel and it’s inhabitants are the chosen people. This deception was birthed by both Christian and Jewish Zionist in the mid-1800’s primarily by highjacking one scripture from it’s rightful prophetic owner, Messiah the Prince, and giving it to a people who continually refuse to accept our Saviors sacrificial death so they can hopefully build another temple and resume the slaughter offering the blood of animals for their sins. Nothing could be more blasphemous to God, who sent the armies of Rome to destroy their last temple in 70 AD. If the Jews, with the help of their Christian comrades, manage to build another temple it would not be a supposed antichrist they should fear but God himself. I doubt very much that God would ever allow them to go that far as it’s simply nowhere to be found in the prophetic scriptures of the Bible. As Ken makes it very clear in the above video, “We Christians ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD.”

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    1. Ah! You did some research on our site & found we are not that “deceived” after all.

      RE: Christian Zionism you are preaching to the choir.
      RE: “Israel” and the “Temple”, you are preaching to the choir.
      RE: “dispensationalism” you are preaching to the choir. We are not dispensationalists.
      Do more research here and you may find out we are into new wine.
      RE: OLD WINE? We do NOT refer to first centuries’ CHURCH FATHERS for proper interpretation of ENDTIME prophecy. We prefer new wine here.
      RE: Long argumentation comments and hair splitting, we just came home from street witnessing and have very little time and patience (you may remember 2001?) to have long drawn out discussions over spurious and undue interpretations of still debatable verses, like Dan. 9:27. We also prefer NOT to be blown about (or away!) by every wind of doctrine, and therefore stick to what we believe to be simplest and closest to the truth. And so we hope you’ll understand we won’t post all comments like that, either.
      Wishing you fruitful witnessing and ministry yourself, we remain,
      Love & Peace

      PS: RE Israel and Gog please refer to our article Gog doesn’t want to invade Israel, but GOD puts hooks in his jaws to DRAG Gog down there….to cleanse His Name!


  2. It was my mistake to even comment on your website which I stumbled across a week or so ago. I realize that now. My apologies. No further comment. Godspeed. We all have our calling.


    1. Ah Luke. No worries bro. But I have a nice idea for you, that if you feel so strongly about your views, why don’t you open your own wordpress blog and see if you can reach the world with your point of view? (As long as you don’t preach “Flat Earth!” OK? 🙂 )
      I may not approve of your theory, but others may! Even one of my good friends in Japan & some astronomer Down Under, embraces this fancy theory as well, but we prefer not to spar about it & still love each other, and I will defend his right to freely speak about it. Even though it is close to “heresy” in my view and very sad to saddle people up with it, as they will be fully unprepared for what is coming upon them! Especially and soon for you guys there in the USA! Yet, I try not to be “many teachers, for greater is the condemnation”. But I try to have a pure message and not every wind of doctrine of private interpretation. Sorry that I was somewhat piqued and pointed. I get impatient like that when I feel labeled. Love you though and sincerely wish you many blessings with your blog? Try it you might like it. Also wishing you lots of fruit in your personal ministry in these last days!
      Love & Peace


  3. Thanks, but I’m not interested in a blog, I prefer a personal touch via email the past 9 years, aside from personal witnessing.

    But you took a line right out of my own playbook saying, “Even though it is close to “heresy” in my view and very sad to saddle people up with it, as they will be fully unprepared for what is coming upon them!” When in truth, it’s the poor deceived Christians who are waiting for a fictional seven-year antichrist peace agreement with all the trappings of a rebuilt Jewish temple as a precursor to the second coming, they’re like little children who haven’t yet been told, “there is no Santa Clause”. What’s coming will come as “a snare” without any of the so-called “signs” they’ve been deceitfully led to believe and take them all by surprise and unawares. Very trying times are coming for the world but not via a seven-year peace agreement and a Jewish temple they’ve been saddled to believe. Which is why the Lord said, “Be ye therefore ready for in such an hour AS YE THINK NOT, the son of man cometh. Lord help us all to be ready, always ready.

    Adios my friend, Lord bless and keep you and yours. Godspeed on your journey.


    1. The blog was just an idea.
      BTW, You got your message in one more time. Are you a Capricorn? Ha! I didn’t have the heart to delete it this time. I will the next though.
      See you in the fall up whenever it will come. For you it may be.. tomorrow! Well, I am sure you are ready.
      The pre-Trib Zionists may get disappointed, true, but not because of Daniel 9:27. Mainly because of the Scofield Bible. But lets just end the sparring now.
      GBY brother Luke! Fare well to you too and success in your witness and emails.


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