As Evil as Judas’ State & Media Make Muslims NOW, They Will Paint Us Christians TOMORROW!

We have to be prepared for GREAT tribulation which is GREAT persecution, as we come closer to Jesus return. It has already started, as the article below indicates. As they vilified Islam by infiltration and subsequent corruption, so they do, and will do increasingly, to us Children of God!The best attack is an inside attack, and it is already happening. We are not just our own greatest enemies, but many ‘Christians’ are really enemies and Judases wittingly or unwittingly to the cause of Christ.

Look at the article below, about a computer game created by the Satanists to put Christians in a bad light, as Hollywood has done for decades! And how? By taking the weakest Christians of all, those who want to “live by the sword will die by the sword” type of heavily armed U-S-of-A reactionary right-wing, proud, self-righteous rednecks, who are more of a detriment to God’s kingdom than poor little sinners and broken people like drug-ridden, confused, even transgender, little oppressed Children of God!!

Sins of the spirit like utter self-righteousness and spiritual adultery, screwing the Merchants, is a far worse sin than the sins of the flesh! THAT spiritual adultery was and is after all, the very downfall of most American Christians! So much so, that Jesus named them “A Whore” in Revelation 17 & 18. And the whole world is going and already beginning to HATE the Whore? Why? “Because the MERCHANTS were thy great men!”, God tells American Christians, supposed to be his sanctified Wife, but are screwing and getting screwed by the merchants like Donald trump and Jared Kushner and their ilk!

As Jesus said, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” Matt. 10-34-37  WHY!
We the Children of God are peacemakers, but our enemies are warmakers, and we are as far away from them as the East is from the West. THEREFORE Jesus cannot bring peace on Earth until His return, because of the damned warmakers who will not ALLOW His Peace, and therefore increasingly attack and vilify His children! It is their guilt, not Jesus’ fault.

We need to learn from what they have done to the Muslims. The Capitalists with their intelligence agencies infiltrated them long ago, promoting Khomeini and the Muslim Brotherhood, organising the Mujahedin and Al Qaeda before 9-11, using them as patsies, causing the Taliban, creating ISIL or Daesh, and by attacking Muslims with drones like in Pakistani Waziristan just in order to radicalise them. Why!?

Because the warmongering merchants want war, need wars, to sell weapons (Trump 350 billion to Saudis) and to organise their One World Government! And this last World War III is supposed to be a religious war between Islam, Zionism, and…. dum di di dum… Christians! American or Western Christians, or what is left of them. Formal Christians, nominal Christians, in name only, the foolish virgins without oil and with empty vessels, who will run to the 666 merchants , to artificially buy their needed oil to “meet their Bridegroom” and… miss His arrival and rapture! Get it?

Those are the kind of ‘Christians’ that want to fight and destroy Islam, whereas Jesus wants us to love our enemies. But instead these type of “goodie goodie” self-righteous church going, gays hating Christians sign up to go to Iraq to kill one and a half million Iraqis for a lie of “WMD-s” and obey warmongers Hillary Clinton, Kerry, and Obama to bomb Libya “back to the stone age”, killing their hero Gadaffi! “We came, we saw, and he died!” Look at Syria as it is today below, because of what America-Israel & the Saudis sowed and created ISIL Daesh for, and just begin to realise what Amerika is going to reap shortly ten fold.

We need to be awfully on our guard that we will not fall into that hateful, warmongering, weaponising trap that the Enemies of Christ try to trick us with. “Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS! For THEY shall be called the Children of God!” Not CHRISTIANS!!! We are not ‘Christians’ anymore, as we – the disciples – were first called in Antioch. That is a dirty word now, used by the Enemies of God to slander and vilify us. We are the CHILDREN of GOD!!! And don’t you forget it. Stop using that by the Devil contaminated term “Christians” Paul never used it! Regardless, that term sounds like ‘water in the wine’, compromiser, traitor, disobedient, unloving, self-righteous, merciless, merchant lovers, and spiritual adulterers! You wouldn’t want to equate with such a word?

We need to stay away from weapons, as Jesus said, “resist not evil”, and “they that live by the sword shall die by the sword”, “If my Kingdom was of this world THEN would my servants fight that I should NOT be delivered to the Jews. But now is my kingdom not from hence.” NOT from this God-forsaking world. But the Enemy of our souls, of His Kingdom, Satan, the Devil, will try his darnedest to infiltrate our ranks with compromise in that direction, tempting us to sin with violence, hate, division, warfare, fighting back, carnal warfare, argument, vicious debate, backbiting, and worse. Just look at for example the comments those “Christians”put under other Christians’ videos!!! It is an atrocious sample of vicious hate, spiritual goring, deliberate attacks, disparaging remarks, character assassinations, and worse!! Where did all the Christian Love go?

And then the unwise, immature, just barely born again Amerikan churchie law-seeking legalists throw around condemnations by the strength of the Law of works, judging one another as if they are GOD Himself. Like for example when Kent Hovind was disowned by his wife and was marrying Mary Tocco, how all these Christian hyenas ripped him to pieces, because he divorced his wife, who in fact had long left him, whereby – according to the LAW (if you insist on it) he is free to do when she left him! But No! These not yet dry behind the ears Christians took it upon themselves to assassinate his character, as if Jesus did not teach MERCY and GRACE! What have we come to!?

America is becoming more and more a detriment to this Earth. Violent physically, and violent assassins spiritually. If they are not deluded Democrat Marxist liberals, then they are Republican Capitalist legalists, as if the Bible teaches Capitalism! Lord deliver us from Amerikah! And the Scripture indicates that He will! And it seems he is going to use the Antichrist himself and his ten Kings to do the dirty job of destroying disobedient unloving Neo Israel, the United States of disobedient Israel is going to get judged again, when the Antichrist turns against them both, in the middle of the week of the last 7 years, and invades them both and burns the Whore with fire, as she has burned with her ungodly fire many countries and nations around the globe. We all reap what we have sown.

So dear Children of God, don’t be like these awful US Christians please? Lets be like meek & lowly, loving, graceful, merciful, kind, non violent Jesus, shall we? And don’t give the Devil an excuse to label us as reactionary right-wing violent rednecks! We are not right wing Capitalists, we are not Left Wing Marxists, we are the Children of God! And this world is not our home, we are just passing through, expecting -if need be- to be slaughtered as sheep on the altar of sacrifice of persecution with a smile on our face, singing as we join our brethren in Heaven, freely giving our lives for the salvation of our fellow creatures, in hopes that our sacrifices will inspire them to believe and be saved, as the early martyrs inspired the Romans to faith in their lovely Lord. The Roman martyrs didn’t die blaming their persecutors. they died singing with praise and thanksgiving for being counted worthy to suffer for His Name, without reproaching their enemies.

Of course, you and I know and realise that we don’t yet know how to die like that, but it will be given to us by grace in that minute or hour IF or WHEN it comes our way, because He promised that grace. Amazing grace how sweet the sound is a lot better than “reprehensible reproach who horrible the sound” like Jim Carry acted out Jesus on the cross, cursing his crucifiers saying, “wait until my Father hears about this!

Lord, help us to die daily by laying down our lives now, by going out in the highways and hedges, as you did on foot 2000 years ago, seeking out and searching for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, passing out tracts today, witnessing to our still unsaved lost brethren and sisters out there in the system, who are waiting for someone to loveingly tell them about Jesus and His free gift of salvation and eternal life. Of Lord have mercy! Give US mercy! Help us to have mercy and forsake all to follow you out onto the streets and towns and villages to spread your message of love, while we still have the freedom to do so, because we need to work while it is still day, for the night comes when no man can work, and there will only be fear, scatteration, and persecution in those last few years during the darkest days of the World’s history. Help us Jesus to stay faithful and true to you, no matter what, your Children of GOD!

PS: Are you like that kind of Christian in this devilish game below? Then look how you gave the Devil an excuse to portray and demonise all of us Children of God with this lying trash! Oh don’t worry, those game makers and coders will get their just reward for their sowing death and destruction in Hell, but Lord help us not to give them the excuse they need by being like that. I know… the Enemy impersonates Christians sometimes to then vilify them, like those CIA Westboro devils do. But regardless, God help us all.

And by the way Americans…  Amerika is not the kingdom of God, and you don’t have to physically fight for it! No nation on this globe is, as His Kingdom is NOT of this world! Fight for HIS Nation! He has no other Kingdom on Earth except His international, multi-cultural, loving, kind, graceful, forgiving, merciful, meek and lowly, Children of God!


[ADAN SALAZAR]  A graphic for the latest installment of the video game series Far Cry indicates white Christian Americans from Montana will be the antagonists.

“Far Cry 5 will tell the story of a militant Christian cult, if a piece of artwork released today by publisher Ubisoft is any indication,” reports video game website Polygon.

A shocking promotional illustration features a group of flannel-wearing bearded rednecks sat around a table in poses similar to that of “Jesus’ Last Supper.” (see below)

The characters are armed and a slew of guns are strewn across the table with apple pie, a bible and red meat nearby. A bound and beaten man with the word “SINNER” carved into his back sits in front.

“The image calls to mind the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Range, in which armed militants in cowboy hats and rugged button-downs seized the headquarters of the park located in Harney County, Oregon,” writes The Verge. “Though it’s likely work began on Far Cry 5 before the incident, as video games takes years to conceptualize, greenlight, and develop.”

Far Cry 5 stands out as it’s the first in the series to let gamers mow down Americans (albeit fictitious), not mutants or foreigners.

“Previous Far Cry games have been set in remote locales crawling with fictional villains (and even mutants at one point—how far it’s all come) and were easy to dismiss as pleasantly distant and fully fictional,” PC Gamer notes.

The latest Far Cry follows a growing trend in video games to cast Americans as the enemy, according to The Verge:

“Resident Evil 7 sets its hero against a pseudo-zombified white family in the American bayou, while Outlast 2 draws horror from an American religious cult. Mafia 3 follows Lincoln Clay, a mixed-raced Vietnam vet, who takes revenge on the Italian mob in 1970s Louisiana after the assassination of his father figure, the leader of the black mob. And an episode of Hitman, called “Freedom Fighters,” has the titular killer assassinating targets on a Colorado compound that seemed to take at least some inspiration from the real-world incident in Harney County.”


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