1973 The End Times Vision of David Wilkerson FULL

This speech of Wilkerson about his Endtime vision was recorded in 1973 and is so accurate that it describes the worsening process from 1973 until today, almost to a perfect degree. MUST WATCH! Much of it fulfilled.

  • The rise of the fake One World (apostate) Church
  • The Cultural Marxist revolution
  • The Economic Crash, famines, political and social confusion millions of deaths
  • The persecution of the Jesus movement by the revulsion movement
  • US Hollywood, Government, RIS persecution
  • Rise of the underground spiritual Body of Christ unified across race, nation, and language.
  • Short revival behind iron and bamboo curtains of the East after a temporal lifting & sudden closing
  • Korean missionaries in China
  • The destruction of Christian morality
  • Expulsion & persecution of charismatic Catholics by the Roman church
  • Malicious gossip and criticism of all Christian workers. (Just look at Youtube)

When you see these things begin to happen lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh.


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