1973 The End Times Vision of David Wilkerson FULL – updated VDO

This speech of Wilkerson about his Endtime vision was recorded in 1973 and is so accurate that it describes the worsening process from 1973 until today, almost to a perfect degree. MUST WATCH! Much of it fulfilled.

  • The rise of the fake One World (apostate) Church
  • The Cultural Marxist revolution
  • The Economic Crash, famines, political and social confusion millions of deaths
  • The persecution of the Jesus movement by the revulsion movement
  • US Hollywood, Government, RIS persecution
  • Rise of the underground spiritual Body of Christ unified across race, nation, and language.
  • Short revival behind iron and bamboo curtains of the East after a temporal lifting & sudden closing
  • Korean missionaries in China
  • The destruction of Christian morality
  • Expulsion & persecution of charismatic Catholics by the Roman church
  • Malicious gossip and criticism of all Christian workers. (Just look at Youtube)

When you see these things begin to happen lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh.

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