Guy Shares Personal Story About How Danny DeVito Saved His Life

A suicidal 13-year-old had a life changing conversation on a ski lift with “a strangely familiar sounding man with a scarf over his face” who turned out to be Danny DeVito.


He shared the story on a Reddit post about Danny Devito and mentioned that he never got to thank him for saving his life.

User MisterSeeDee wrote:

“Danny Devito is a good man.

So as a boy I went to a boarding school where horrible abuse was taking place. Although nothing was exposed while I attended (unfortunately), the school was broken up just a few years later and faculty members were arrested. The experiences there seriously affected me and I was asking for help the entire time but I was never believed, which made me feel exceptionally isolated and alone. I was being abused but my own family wouldn’t take my word on it.

I was allowed to go home for Christmas and my family went on a ski vacation to Utah. This would be around 1992. I tried to explain what was happening and how miserable I was but again, nobody would believe me or understand my situation. I was suicidal and planning how I could end my life without anybody discovering me or having to deal with the shame of a failed attempt.

… until one day I was riding a ski lift to the top of the mountain, and I met a strangely familiar sounding man with a scarf over his face. He saw that I was miserable and asked me what was wrong.

I didn’t have any trouble opening up about my problems at thirteen. I would blab on and on about them (the problem is that nobody really cared). So I unloaded on this poor guy.

He was the first person who had really noticed the pain I was feeling. My family all thought it was an act to ‘manipulate’ them into letting me come home, but this stranger saw that what I was experiencing was real. He had true genuine compassion for me, and as he explained further, I began to understand why.

He told me that he had a very similar experience when he was younger, that he had gone to a very strict Catholic boarding school. He shared some experiences with me. He understood what I was going through completely. He told me that it would pass; that one day I would be an adult and all of these things would seem very far away. I cried, he told me everything would be alright. I talked to him the entire way up the mountain.

This is the moment I decided to not be suicidal anymore. I lived my entire existence after that point trying to get to that safe adult vantage point that the stranger described to me. I wanted to be like him; alive, whole, and on the other side. Free.

Anyway, as we got to the top of the hill, I saw the stranger’s wife come up to him and recognized her. It was the girl from Cheers (Rhea Pearlman)! And then I placed the voice – Danny Devito, who I had seen in several movies even by the then, but just couldn’t identify on the ski lift.

Everything he said was true. I went on to great things. And all of those horrors seem small in comparison even if they do trouble me sometimes.

Reddit, Danny Devito saved my life. This is not a Bill Murrey ‘nobody will ever believe you’ story – this really happened and changed the course of my history. Danny Devito saw my misery, talked to me like a real human being, and helped me see that I would survive these horrible events. I will always remember what he did for me.

I want to thank him personally. If anybody can help me get a hand-written note to mister Devito, or a phone call, please contact me. I don’t want to pitch Hollywood scripts or gush over his work. I just want to thank him for being a human being, and being there. Unfortunately he’s famous as hell and has no idea who I am so it’s proven very, very hard.

Anybody who can help me, please contact my inbox. I’m not a Reddit Guru so if you know a better subreddit or something to get attention on this, please let me know as well.

Thanks for listening.”

Who better to deliver the message to Danny? How about his “Twins” co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger?

arnold replies to story about devito

Yes, THE Arnold Schwarzenegger read the man’s story while browsing Reddit and offered to show Devito the story.

arnold replies to story about devito

The internet can be a wonderful place sometimes.


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