So many people today say, “I’ll believe it when I see it!–Seeing is believing!” But that’s not the way faith works! To the Christian, believing is seeing! God wants us to trust Him and believe first of all and then we’ll see the answer. He puts us through that period of faith and believing and trusting to see if we really love Him and are willing to trust Him. He wants to see if we really have faith! He appreciates our faith to believe what we cannot see.

We can’t expect faith from God for our situation when we’re looking at the waves, looking at ourselves, looking at conditions instead of looking at God! Man says, “Tie up in port. Don’t attempt the impossible; you’ll sink!” God says, “Launch out into the deep! Cast forth your nets and I’ll give you such a draft there will not be room enough to hold it!” Man says, “Look at the condition of your vessel! You can’t do it!” God says, “Look at Me!” “With man it is impossible; with God, nothing shall be impossible, and all things are possible to him that believeth!”

“Keep your eyes on Jesus!
His promises avail!
Keep your eyes on Jesus!
His Word can never fail!”

David 280