Did you know you can even be tempted sometimes to do good things? Not all doors of opportunity are of the Lord! Some of them can be tricks of the Devil, decoys, blind alleys, red herrings, side tracks and downright disasters put there by the Enemy to try to distract you because you are a potential threat to his kingdom! If he can’t stop you, he tries to keep you from doing the best thing, he tries to sidetrack you into wasting your time on something that he makes you think is good! The Enemy tries to distract your attention from the things you should be concerned about, so that you become busy with a little here and a little there until the most important thing is gone!

How are you going to know the difference between the voice of God and the voice of the Devil? Well, if the voice tells you to do something bad you now it’s the Devil! If it tells you to do something good, you know it is God! This is true also if the Devil tells you to do something good but God has told you to do something better!

So don’t let the Enemy persuade you from doing the best thing!–God’s best!

David 284