Howard Storm NDE Interview With New Age Believer in Jesus.

I am not into New Age, and neither is Howard Storm, although the lady appears to be, she seems to still believe in Jesus, although probably not as the WORD become flesh. Nevertheless there is hope for anyone that sincerely loves Jesus, as Howard Storm’s NDE proved. Many New Agers will join the Children of God int Great Tribulation when the chip becomes mandatory, and the Bride of Christ drops out of the Matrix. The other New Agers and so-called Christians will -like the foolish virgins – take the 666 Mark and join the One World church of the False Prophet.

Artist and atheist Howard Storm died in 1985, he had an Amazing near death experience, NDE, which literally changed his life. When he left his body he experience many negative thought forms, who reflected his indifference state of mind. Then his inner voice asked him to call out to a god he didn’t believe in. When he started to pray, Jesus pulled him out of that dark place and showed him who he really is and took him on a journey around the cosmos, where he remembered and learned many many things. Howard was asked to share what he was shown and looked for people he could share his message with, but most people thought he was crazy. Jesus had become his closest friend and now he wanted to tell people about who we are and what lies before humanity. This is when he joined the church. We didn’t have time to discuss all of it, but we managed to get through some of the amazing things he saw and experienced in the higher dimensions, or heaven, as some people call it. Enjoy this beautiful man and his story.

Meet the Angels from Howard Storm’s Near Death Experience

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