Don’t Give Up the Fight.. Whatever You Do! The Enemy is Trying to Break Your Will!

I watch “Amazing Polly” quite regularly because she Is one heaven of a sleuth and exposes evil, even though I do not like that she believes in Trump -who is making Israel great again -, and she believes in psy-op Q I think. (Is she a Zionist Christian?) But she does expose a lot of evil.

I must confess I had kind of given up a certain part of my cyber fight – I have been 21 years on the Internet! My ‘Fighting the System”s Injustice Blog ‘Starry News’ was arbitrarily deleted by WordPress a year ago. Before that, my ‘Paradise Post’ blog was dismissed by my so-called benefactor who junked it – God has his number! – because it was on a shared server and it was attacked by DDOS attacks by Satanic Globalists, and so I gave up writing against the SYSTEM because I got demoralised.

The only way I still do some cyber Kong Fu is with my Ancient History Blog, but I am sure sooner or later they’re gonna junk that too. BUT WATCH THIS video from dear Polly, who is still my sister in Jesus regardless of her trusting Chump.

‘BREAKING OUR WILL!  It kind of inspired me to try to start writing more again. If Youtube deletes her, watch the same thing on Bitchute here:

It is so true what she explains. It was of course already thoroughly explained by Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB defector who told the World how Russia was demoralising the West with psychological warfare, and they are STILL doing it today, via their Marxist henchmen, stooges, and useful idiots in “Social Democratic” parties! The Soviet Union also would fake its own demise and then rise again “from the dead” stronger than before. And it happened, just as Golytsin – another KGB defector – promised it would!

Somehow “Poor” Russia got rid of all its debts and bought a huge gold reserve. How did “poor Russia” pay for it? Somehow ‘devastated” Russia got the best weapon delivery systems like the S400 & S500, Supersonic flying bombs, revamped their air force with SU 35 and new Migs, best in the world, the Pantzyr system picks any drone deftly out of the skies. They got new navy ships and submarines, new Armata tanks better than any American shit. How did they re-organise their arms industry so fast? Who the Hell gave them all the money for it. They were bankrupt! Your guess, that it was some nefarious bankers, is a good as mine. Right!

Meanwhile the West is being more and more destroyed physically and morally and psychologically, at the same time while the East is being stocked, revamped, re-armed. Russia is still under the same management as before the collapse, only with better P.R. and similar murderers are still in charge as those killed 60 million of their “own” people. Putin is an old Marxist Communist and can a leopard change its spots? Nah. There is no religious freedom in Russia (to spread an evangelic Gospel) – only for the Orthodox Church steeped in traditionalism and forms.

The West is being demoralised by all the infiltrated Marxist stooges they have been putting into power as judges and ministers and Kafka-like bureaucrats, all over the US & Europe, over the last 70 years, in Media, Bankia, Academia, & governments. Killary Klinton’s gang, Merkel, the Swedish dystopians, the UK elite pedos, the “social democrats“, Macaroni in France, etc. They do have all the laws to punish evil, but the Marxists exonerate the child groomers, the law-breakers, the terrorists, the rapers, the knifers, the bombers, the kidnappers, the child abusers, while attacking and shutting up normal, often God-fearing indigenous citizens, replacing their numbers with poor Third Worlders, while their Media lie to them about it, all the time.

Why! To demoralise the West, to destroy Western – Christian! – Civilisation, so these countries will fit better into their global totalitarian Technocracy.  The majority of Germans is struck silent as the useful socialist idiots are scorning the LAW or misusing it to put the indigenous people down as far as possible. Now I don’t have that much sympathy for their plight, because many of them drank in all this anti-Christian propaganda for decades becoming atheists and hedonists. They kicked Jesus out of the front door, so Satan came in through the back, and is now taking over their house.  It is their own fault in a way. They were gypped out of their saving faith by swallowing the Cultural Marxist bait with hook, line, and sinker. And now they are paying the price in their societies; their teens are hijacked by godless schools, their teen girls are groomed as sex slaves, their children abused and even murdered by pedos behind closed Pizza doors, Fathers emasculated, Mothers raped, and their students are being trained in fruitless, useless gender theories, and so forth, and so forth.

So, dear Family of God, learn the lesson: Never ever give up the fight! And don’t let the Enemy of our souls have the field. Resist him to the last drop of blood, sweat and tears. Don’t compromise your convictions with their “Learned Helplessness” and don’t give up the battle for LOVE. There still are alternative and Christian media to be found, of people who haven’t given up yet and are still resisting the zombie dupes of the Marxist henchmen led by financial demons. They are still somehow up doing something with their strong faith, an intact conscience, some fighting via the law, like that American father who saved his little James from trans-ing into a girl because of his godless mother. FINALLY he did get justice from a good judge among them! Thank the Lord! So, never ever give up!

Even though I had given up writing a lot, I had not given up on my other more local fight of single-handedly spreading tens of thousands of animated coloured Gospel tracts in my own city in many languages, touching many lives, many of whom found renewed hope and faith in these simple tracts, and some even found Jesus Himself through it. Praise Jesus.

So God bless Polly for fighting the good fight of faith. Are you still fighting? Or have you given up? Don’t! Get active again. The truth is getting its boots on, are you? There is always something that we can do. Maybe you can’t write, maybe you can’t distribute tracts, maybe you don’t know ho to make blogs or vlogs with video, but you can always spread some truth, some love, some justice, some righteousness, some fairness, some protection for others, some encouraging words, give away a Gospel to someone, make a supportive phone call, visit a shut-in, talk faith into a discouraged teen, pray for someone, pray against evil, pray for the persecuted, the oppressed. God waits on our prayers. They can do mighty things!

By the way, are you praying against this evil Corona Virus machination of the evil rulers? Our prayers can turn the tide, even before they force vax on us. It took a brave Christian doctor to blow the whistle on those lying Communists, even though he paid with his life. Maybe they even murdered him with that virus? Who knows? Maybe not. But anyhow, he died fighting. He is enjoying Eternal Life in Heaven right now. Pray for his pregnant lonely wife and child though. Left behind in that so-called “Marxist paradise”. How oppressive, what travesty of truth.

There is always SOMETHING that we can do. Don’t let them break your will, demoralise you, intimidate you! Stand out and stand up for what is true, right, just, beautiful, kind, lovely, godly, and you will hear one day Jesus telling you, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!” That’s what I want to hear too, and that is why I am still fighting after 50 years in this long war of the worlds in this dismal world. I am in no way retired yet. I hope & pray to DIE fighting! How about you?


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