UFO text on our 2001 site about anti gravity & ‘Alien’ invasion:

FIRST: THE SOLID FACTS!messageImage_1645435654391


UFOs have been seen by millions of people from all kinds of backgrounds; civilian, scientific, religious, military etc. UFOs have been photographed and filmed on many occasions and are true phenomena. UFOs look like wingless spacecraft without obvious engines and come in different shapes: discs, triangles, cigars and spheres.
UFOs fly “erratic” irregular patterns. The only explanation is that they are liberated from the law of gravity and thus have no momentum, which explains why its pilots can survive such abrupt courses! Although UFO’s fly at high speeds they are still material and could therefore not fly faster than the speed of light.
UFO sightings have only really boomed since World War II with the L.A. UFO sighting of 1942 (see left pic) and the so-called “foo fighters”, but especially since 1947 with the cover-up & murder of 2 Navy pilots who had collected some material of a “crashed disk”.
(See rense.com for increasing reports of recent UFO sightings, cropcircles, abductions and cattle mutilations. NOTE that Dear Jeff still seems to believe in Aliens, because he hasn’t read my page yet! I really love Jeff! Either he does have real guts to buck the U.S fascists, or is supported by the REAL NWO instead of the fake fascist U.S. Bush NWO that will soon come to travail when the Dollar-rug gets pulled out from under them, to make us all Ufologists to soon “welcome the gods!” Bear with us! We are building our case!)


No one on Earth knows whether there are other alien or humanoid races out there in the rest of the infinite Universe. Our rockets travel at about 10 miles per second. Just to reach the nearest other star-system Alpha Centauri, about 4.2 light-years’ away, would take our rockets 300,000 years. But Alpha Centauri is not considered suited to have planets or life. The closest star that may have planets suited for alien inhabitation, is so far away it would take aliens many multiples of a 300.000 years one way ticket, to get here by our rocket speed. Even though UFOs fly much faster, it would still take much longer than a several lifetimes, even an alien lifetime! As far as present indigenous alien life on our own solar system’s planets, that looks quite impossible without sustenance from Earth, except for Mars perhaps, but no life has been detected there so far. So that pretty much rules out “Aliens”, “Reptilians”, “Grey Men” & “Zeta’s”, unless you believe that they have longevity or are immortal, but especially patient enough to travel many lifetimes in very cramped disk- or triangle-quarters, just to get here! If they are… then they are gods for sure and worthy to take over the Earth!

So, the question comes down to: “If not the aliens, who does pilot these UFOs?” (Angels don’t need hissing/zooming anti-gravity powered aluminum/titanium disks to get around. Marco Polo saw a Tibetan monk levitate without one, and New Age friends of mine saw Saya Baba do it, without a saucer! And according to the Bible, Jesus, after his resurrection, also flew off alone, without a metal saucer! But that’s “a myth” of course! Ha! Also there have been several serious witnesses who saw human crews on UFO’s, notably the 1959 testimony of the Anglican missionary Father Gill [PDF], who according to his religion is not supposed to lie, and also the Italian photographer Monguzzi who was willing to lose his reputation, insisting that his photos on a mountain glacier of a flying saucer with its spacesuit clad human crew in 1952, were authentic. Also a Brazilian man about to be abducted & levitated aboard a UFO in 1978, saw 2 people through the door! (We are building our case! Continue reading.) CICK FOR MORE PICS! Continue reading “UFO text on our 2001 site about anti gravity & ‘Alien’ invasion:”