UFO text on our 2001 site about anti gravity & ‘Alien’ invasion:

FIRST: THE SOLID FACTS!messageImage_1645435654391


UFOs have been seen by millions of people from all kinds of backgrounds; civilian, scientific, religious, military etc. UFOs have been photographed and filmed on many occasions and are true phenomena. UFOs look like wingless spacecraft without obvious engines and come in different shapes: discs, triangles, cigars and spheres.
UFOs fly “erratic” irregular patterns. The only explanation is that they are liberated from the law of gravity and thus have no momentum, which explains why its pilots can survive such abrupt courses! Although UFO’s fly at high speeds they are still material and could therefore not fly faster than the speed of light.
UFO sightings have only really boomed since World War II with the L.A. UFO sighting of 1942 (see left pic) and the so-called “foo fighters”, but especially since 1947 with the cover-up & murder of 2 Navy pilots who had collected some material of a “crashed disk”.
(See rense.com for increasing reports of recent UFO sightings, cropcircles, abductions and cattle mutilations. NOTE that Dear Jeff still seems to believe in Aliens, because he hasn’t read my page yet! I really love Jeff! Either he does have real guts to buck the U.S fascists, or is supported by the REAL NWO instead of the fake fascist U.S. Bush NWO that will soon come to travail when the Dollar-rug gets pulled out from under them, to make us all Ufologists to soon “welcome the gods!” Bear with us! We are building our case!)


No one on Earth knows whether there are other alien or humanoid races out there in the rest of the infinite Universe. Our rockets travel at about 10 miles per second. Just to reach the nearest other star-system Alpha Centauri, about 4.2 light-years’ away, would take our rockets 300,000 years. But Alpha Centauri is not considered suited to have planets or life. The closest star that may have planets suited for alien inhabitation, is so far away it would take aliens many multiples of a 300.000 years one way ticket, to get here by our rocket speed. Even though UFOs fly much faster, it would still take much longer than a several lifetimes, even an alien lifetime! As far as present indigenous alien life on our own solar system’s planets, that looks quite impossible without sustenance from Earth, except for Mars perhaps, but no life has been detected there so far. So that pretty much rules out “Aliens”, “Reptilians”, “Grey Men” & “Zeta’s”, unless you believe that they have longevity or are immortal, but especially patient enough to travel many lifetimes in very cramped disk- or triangle-quarters, just to get here! If they are… then they are gods for sure and worthy to take over the Earth!

So, the question comes down to: “If not the aliens, who does pilot these UFOs?” (Angels don’t need hissing/zooming anti-gravity powered aluminum/titanium disks to get around. Marco Polo saw a Tibetan monk levitate without one, and New Age friends of mine saw Saya Baba do it, without a saucer! And according to the Bible, Jesus, after his resurrection, also flew off alone, without a metal saucer! But that’s “a myth” of course! Ha! Also there have been several serious witnesses who saw human crews on UFO’s, notably the 1959 testimony of the Anglican missionary Father Gill [PDF], who according to his religion is not supposed to lie, and also the Italian photographer Monguzzi who was willing to lose his reputation, insisting that his photos on a mountain glacier of a flying saucer with its spacesuit clad human crew in 1952, were authentic. Also a Brazilian man about to be abducted & levitated aboard a UFO in 1978, saw 2 people through the door! (We are building our case! Continue reading.) CICK FOR MORE PICS!


Cropcircles only began to appear these last 25 years, (although there are claims there’ve been older anomalies) Cropcircle designs have only recently been getting more and more intricate and complicated. Authentic ones are definitely NOT formed by humans on the ground, (there have been human hoaxes!) but rather from the air as observed by some. They are formed within minutes by an unknown powerful energy source, either in the form of balls or beams of light shooting from the sky. Some intelligent beings flying in unidentified vehicles have developed telekinesis-technology to lay flat grain stalks and vegetables without breaking them either using computer guided tele-design capabilities. (probably not Photoshop!) Even though these latest designs, appealing to impressionable tattoo-bearing young people, mirror occult, Brahmin and Cabbalistic themes, or evil (naturally!) animals like scorpions (Why don’t they tele-draw a bunny rabbit or Marilyn Monroe for a change?) I’m not yet impressed enough to join UFO spiritualist meetings and chats, or to take part in séances with spirits that I don’t know from Adam and wouldn’t trust more than I could drag an elephant by the tail!
An added Interesting fact is that Rockefeller funds “crop circle research!” (We are building our case! Bear with us.)


Young scientists in the U.S. discovered a new electronic lifter technology powering triangles that defy gravity. The crafts have to be anchored by the wires providing the electricity, to keep them from flying off. If this energy source is harnessed, flying saucers are a piece of cake to make. It is based on much older research where the triangles were not anchored but just flew off crashing through the garden house roofs, causing the researcher to give up.
There are many other scientists over the last hundred years who have extensively sought and partly discovered ways to “checkmate” gravity or plans to “ride” gravity and magnetic fields with another powerful magnetic field! If young scientists and other unsponsored older ones can get it together partly, what makes you think that heavily sponsored military or even higher research echelons could not have gotten the basics since WW II or even before?
Militaries of superpowers and other powerful rich nations have developed in the past and are developing now, new technologies which are only revealed much later to the public, after they have been upstaged, become outdated or de-secretised. We only learned about the nuclear bomb long after Hiroshima & Nagasaki were obliterated. Even the World’s obscure ruling gold-aristocracy, reportedly long before Marconi invented it, used radio-technology for long distance coordination of political and social events, like the murder of Emperor Franz Josef in Sarajevo by one of their Anarchist stooges, which triggered WW-I.
Also a new book came out from the reputable JANE defense magazine, that researched the facts surrounding very secret anti-gravitation powered Flying Disk research by the German S.S. during WWII. The classified documents were bought up by the U.S. after the war. Polish researchers of that time attested to the fact that the disks would glow when powered by electric anti-gravitation machinery. “Glowing” is a constantly observed characteristic of UFOs by people. Even as early as the 1942 LA-Times flying saucer for example, that turned beautiful bright orange. If the S.S. was already involved with such technology in the last World War, don’t you think other powers had similar research going, and just bought this research up to keep it from falling in other hands than their own? And who are these secret powers? (Keep reading! We are building our case!)


Area 51, an extremely secretive, well guarded U.S. government military complex in the Arizona desert, is off limits and classified, and hardly anyone really knows why. But precisely over that area many UFOs have been observed hovering and dancing in the sky!
But one man, Bob Lazar, well-known in UFOlogy, is the exception to the rule, who claims that a secret military top echelon of the U.S. government carefully recruited him to work there to check out anti-gravity propulsion, under an oath of secrecy and the threat of death! Lazar saw several metal disk type vehicles in different shapes, in mountain hangars with U.S. flags on them. He even claims that he saw them hover on test flights having a multi-speed propulsion system and that they “glowed!”
The thing I wonder about is this. I believe that he saw those things, and that his report is true. But it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that he may have been a patsy, set up to break that news to the World without the Government having to confess to it, all the while claiming that Bob is a crackpot, and that there ain’t no such research, and that UFOs are not real! Etc. They just may want the World to think that there are Aliens and flying saucers for some reason!
He was recruited to “research this Alien Anti Gravity technology!” Then Bob became “conscience-stricken” enough to want to warn the World of this cover-up that “the U.S. government is in cahoots with/or taken over by Aliens!” And so he defected! Then he was shot at once by some “men in black” but “survived!” Next he got on some dinky local TV channels, of all things, to tell the world that “the U.S. government has alien links and technology!”

I used to buy Lazar’s sincerity, but two things I didn’t understand. Why did these powerful “men in black” bungle the would-be assassination of this nobody, whereas they murdered Kennedy right under the public eye in broad daylight and got away with it? Couldn’t they have just poisoned Lazar or shot him in the dark instead of broad daylight, if they really wanted to get rid of him? It’s just a bit too dramatic and seems rather staged!
Secondly: How did Bob ever get on TV, knowing how controlled the Media are by these same higher echelons? They must have wanted him to! Why? To break some real news the wrong way? To get us all thinking that Aliens have taken or are taking over the U.S. government? And the World? Jeff Rense is buying it and millions of UFO-logists as well! Are they being staged & set up for some great deception?
Bob Lazar comes across as an uncomplicated, no-holds-barred technical wiz and a potential rebel against society, inventing jet-powered racing cars. If Bob was profiled and chosen for the leaking job, like he said he was carefully selected and recruited, they chose the best whistleblower they could have ever found! Frankly I think they needed a whistleblower!
Some added facts: Lazar’s belief that the disks were from Alien origin stemmed from the fact that the only saucer shaped disk he got to investigate had “child”-size chairs and that his superiors “alluded” to alien origins, but never really came out saying it, as if “they weren’t supposed to tell!” How easy to get a rumor going! “I’m a rumor weed!” Why didn’t they take out the little chairs? It was the only thing left in the entire disk’s interior!
[NEWSBREAK: We just discovered that Lazar is a fraud and willing patsy!] Nah! You can believe in little green men if you want to. Go ahead! I pass! (We are building our case! Bear with us.)
THESE ARE HARD FACTS! With some of our allusions! But visits from “green little aliens” from outside our solar system can be ruled out. But then still: Where do UFOs come from? WHO pilots them, WHO owns them & for what coming event do they want to use ’em?


Astronauts, jet pilots, military personnel, police, radar monitors, civilians, entire cities in all kinds of countries, saw Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO’s! They glow, are impervious to bullets & grenades, hover silently, and their strong magnetic fields cause radios, instruments & car engines to stop! They make startling flight patterns impossible for matter to make, according to the laws of physics discovered until now. But a lot of mis-information is going around about UFOs and little green men especially on the internet!–The information channel for the World’s intellectuals, the so-called “risky class!”
There is just too much evidence for us to doubt these space vehicles anymore. Just see even the pics below from some of the many actual UFO camcorder recordings. It has become more and more obvious to millions of internet-savvy, informed middle-class intelligentsia, that this world is severely led by the nose, media wise, economically and politically, by a very powerful mercantile elite, financed, set up and managed from behind the scenes by the cabal of a globalist international banker dynasty who managed to bring every nation and government on the face of the Earth in debt, and thus holds them all “by the balls” of their assets of gold, real estate, infrastructure, businesses and natural resources! Even national elections are no problem, politicians who don’t follow the Western “Public opinion” politically correct “party line”, lose media support, credit and their credibility in the public’s eyes, and thus the elections. And so they stage-manage the entire world’s system through gold and the media!


People didn’t know science developed a nuclear bomb during WW-II until it had long been exploded and slowly its deadly scourge trickled out. Are we kept in the dark about other things as well? I dare say, much more so than ever before! LSD and other drugs tried out on unaware test groups and their own military by the American government! The Kennedy & Olof Palme murders, the crash of certain airplanes, the gross invasion of privacy, stealth bombers!
Now what if some secret research from very high up, specially selected scientists, sworn to secrecy under threat of death, funded by the International European Banking dynasty, way over the heads of normal government and military, discovered before World War II, a new form of propulsion energy?
It has been said, that this elite of elites’ scientists invented and used radio long before Marconi did! Inventions that do not suit their oil companies’ World energy policy, (the notorious “7 sisters”) were suppressed. Time and again, engines running on water or other fuels than oil, have been invented, but patents were bought up, inventors bought out, or in some cases even liquidated, or plans and prototypes were stolen. What if these highly secretive super scientists created some gyroscopic, electronic, nuclear powered anti-gravitational device, somehow harnessing energies of magnetic fields (Philadelphia experiment?) with which they actually free matter from gravitational or magnetic attractions and fields, and more so, to use these fields against each other to navigate vehicles, riding the magnetic fields of Earth, Moon and planets or “aether”, as ships ride the seas?

What if they kept the real UFO origins secret in order to use this UFO technology to stage an “Alien Invasion” from Outer Space, to drive freaked out humanity into the arms of a One World global government, like a helicopter drives a herd of wildebeests to a new reservation?
What if they regularly stage flying saucer showings, “alien” kidnaps of drugged victims and these corny cattle mutilations, to condition the terrorized, mesmerized Earthlings, like the Argentinians at this very moment, to make them believe in “Aliens” and that an invasion of superior E.T-s is at hand?”
What if, since the seventies, they’ve been hovering over European corn and wheat fields, making “crop circles” with EM generated energy spheres, to mystify us even more? What if some of these UFO crews even disguise themselves as aliens, using drugs to abduct a few odd people, even abusing them sexually?
You say: “Well wouldn’t we have known about these things from some defectors of such projects?” As a matter of fact, we have! Like this Lazar fellow who claims to have worked in area 51, who states this very Alien theory as an established fact, asking in a recent BBC interview, “why would I lie about something like that, to completely discredit myself? What would I possibly gain? I only lose!” [Unless he was highly paid of course!]

Such a theory would make so much more sense! It would explain the actual facts so much better, as puzzle pieces falling into place! It would explain why area 51 is off limits, that even some presidents didn’t know what’s going on there. Why governments pooh-pooh the whole UFO idea, and classify info about it, making the public intentionally wonder if there is a cover up. Why soooo many people regularly see UFO’s! Why they can fly such “impossible” trajectories and courses! Why there are so many different models as well! Why there were reports of “E.T.” giant vehicles on the moon, as they could use the magnetic field of our moon as well.


“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if
they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented
with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

— Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderberg meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

Why would the higher powers keep such new technology a secret to the world, other than that they plan to use this technological edge to their own advantage in some way, in some future time, that they even refrained from actively using it in World War II!
If you were in such an unchallenged position with such technology and had perfected such surveillance of mankind, as NSA, CIA, MI5, MI6, Mos-sad with secret computerised programs like Echelon and Ukusa, have achieved today, for more than 50 years already!.. What would you do? How would you exploit such advanced technology?
I’ll tell you what I would do, if I had such a superiority-complex elitist mindset! I would save it for later use, to consolidate my grip on the world. To intimidate & manipulate mankind with such a show of technology and irresistible force, with such a fleet of the most powerful vehicles the world has ever seen, equipped with the most advanced magnetic or laser beam weaponry as well, that it can write pictures in corn fields from the sky!
I would stage an “Alien humanoid race” invasion, as “gods from outer space”, deceiving the entire world that we were morally superior ET humans from planet X in this solar system, and thus bring violent and sinful mankind to its humble knees, where they would have to worship, and be forced to admit that they were outsmarted, outnumbered and outwitted, and of course far less righteous than these superior “E.T’s”, who “never even would interfere in our affairs”, but warn us that “if we don’t change our ways, we shall destroy ourselves by a full scale nuclear war!” Which is true! Look at India and Pakistan!

Do you think such a thing could be pulled off? Would it work? If David Copperfield can bamboozle us with his tricks, don’t you think these people can also? Of course they would! With this elite having a substantial enough grip on and control over the world’s media, gold, economies, global institutions, sources of energies, and most global companies, such a scenario would work very well! And any resistance or counter groups, economically, politically or religiously, would be totally upstaged and overwhelmed by just the sheer public support of the bamboozled masses, who would hail their “superior masters”, as the Germans hailed Hitler! You say you wouldn’t? Ha! Let’s wait and see! History has proven time and again how simple it is to deceive the masses with just a couple of big lies!

Is this what Nostradamus foresaw, when he said “the terrible king would come from the sky!” There are even new prophecies in certain circles that predict such a scenario, in which the coming Antichrist will take over the World from “outer space!” –With UFO’s? Is this what we are prepared for these last 60 years? Test flights in the 50-ies and 60-ies? One crashing in Roswell and therefore covered up? Complete fleets put on regular display in fleeting glimpses of show in the nightskies of the world, to condition the masses’ faith in ET civilisations?-And then reinforcement of such beliefs through their Hollywood opinion industry! “Close Encounters”, “E.T.”, “Deep Impact” and many other ET movies! Get ready!


“Rome is on fire!”
Rome was on fire, and Nero accused the Christians of starting it. History subsequently exposed Nero himself as the instigator of the fire, who wanted to build a better city, and needed a pretext to persecute Christians.
“The Reichstag is burning”
Hitler and Goebbels “discovered” that the Reichstag was on fire, and arrested an incoherent Dutch Communist (drugged?) wondering around the building. They had him charged and executed. It was their justification to the German people, to “crack down on dangerous elements”, to “increase security” and “suspend human rights and freedoms for the good of the nation.” (Where did I hear that before?)
“Pearl Harbor is under attack!”
The attack on Pearl Harbour was not only known to the U.S. Government long before the Japanese took off in their Zeros from Japanese aircraft carriers to bomb the U.S. Navy, but Roosevelt actually caused the attack by angering the Japanese by trading restrictions America imposed on them, that were very bad for their economy! Do you see a blueprint? Is it a coincidence that a hardly revealing new Pearl Harbour movie just came out, around the time of the World Trade Center bombing? Are you being conditioned?
“The Twin Tower Terrorist Attack” of September 11
It has begun to leak out that the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center was at least allowed by the Powers behind the American scenes, if not orchestrated, so that the American masses would approve a 24 billion “defense contract” or rather war budget, money flowing straight into the pockets of “defense contractors” or rather war weapons merchants of death, like the Carlisle group, AND in order to create World War III, which is going to make them even richer and might pull America long enough out of the Stock market, bank and Dollar Bust!
More and more voices and proofs emerge, that the September 11 attack was at least KNOWN to the U.S. Government, warned by Israeli, German, Indian and other Intelligence Services that the attack was underway. America did not act upon it. If it wasn’t purposely staged, then at least the U.S. indirectly caused the attack by allowing and funding the brutal way Israel has colonised the Palestinian people with apartheid worse than S. Africa, disenfranchising them by stealing their lands and houses, bulldozing their homes, massacring them in their refugee camps where they had fled to, plowing under their orchards and olive groves, polarising them with totally unnecessary offensive hilltop settlements, segmenting their country with highways, severely limiting their water resources, and their state terrorism resulting in 1000 more dead Palestinians than Israelis, since Sharon began his provocation of the Palestinians that has created so much hate and resentment, setting the stage for an attack of alienated embittered Arabs, who “happened” to even be trained and financed by the CIA! What a mess, America! That’s not very Christian, if you ask me! It wouldn’t surprise me one bit, that the real powers behind the scene, expected and allowed this attack to happen, by turning up a soft belly of low inland airline security, virtually inviting attack, in order to
–create World War 3, already coines as “the clash of civilisations!”
–subdue Islam,
–wear out the Arabs,
–vilify Christianity by the cruel behavior of the whorish American Fundamentalist im-“moral majority”
–Demonise religion in general in the eyes of public opinion,
–Severely limit human freedoms and human rights, in the name of security!
And all that, to eventually erect a godless Global One World New Order! Are you ready?


What if the “One Worlders”, Globalist financial powers of this world, have built, without our knowledge, fleets upon fleets of thousands of A-Gravity powered disks, triangular crafts, cigar shaped craft, small and large spacecraft, during the last 60 years? What if they parked them on the moon perhaps, where they could easily fly them back and forth over the gravitation fields between Earth and Moon, waiting for the great D-Day or I-day? Or what if they parked them all on planet X, or on Phobos and Deimos, the missing moons of Mars, which some critical astronomers who don’t trust the NASA anymore, believe now to be in orbit around the earth? Anyhow, the moon is close enough!
What would your reaction be, if suddenly the skies over the Western World, the great Western Capitals of the World would be filled with superior spacecraft showing off their “crop circle” powerbeams, telling the Governments of the World, that if they “don’t get their act together to form a One World Government, that they will take us over, because they are in fact just like us; Human, only born on another planet, and quite a bit more intelligent and philosophically advanced.”
What if they would even suggest a certain man to be “the Savior of the World.” What if they actually bring him themselves. Some physical new Christ, Messiah or Neo? Not imposing, but making “a strong suggestion?”
What if this would all happen just when a New World War, “A Clash of Civilizations” breaks out in the Middle East over the Israel/Palestine conflict, JUST when it is about to get out of hand, and Israel, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan are about to start shooting nuclear missiles at each other, threatening us all with extinction. What an auspicious moment for them to suddenly arrive. What would you think of the reaction of the bamboozled earthlings, so long conditioned, these last 50 years by UFO-logists and Alien spotters, and alternating denials and exposes from U.S. Intelligence, CIA, FBI?
I tell you what would happen. It would be like Nero setting Rome on fire, saying that we should get rid of the Christians, “who started it” so-called.
It would be like Goebbels, setting fire to the Reichstag, and blaming the Communists, to rile up the Germans enough to vote the Nazis into power.
It would be like Roosevelt, allowing the Japanese to bomb Hawaii, in order to blacklist them and the German led Nazi powers, to get America into the World War, that would make the World “free and safe for democracy” or rather, divided into powerful Communism and Capitalism, ready for the Cold War, to divide the World to make it ready to be conquered by One World, New World Order dogmas!”


Do you still believe everything you read in the mainstream Media newspapers & see on TV? Most people do. Then there are other dupes, who when they smell the lies, become reactionary and overly paranoid, and turn hyper patriotic as the Germans did in the late thirties, Nazi, Aryan, or Fundamentalist Conservatives, Patriots and Vigilantes, swallowing every conspiracy theory published on the internet, not realizing how much planned disinformation there is out there, to confuse the ranks & demonize any and all conspiracy believers as paranoid crackpots, nazis or religious nuts.
There is a third group, much smaller, who decides first of all that “none of these things move” them, as their “kingdom is not of this world, else they would fight” who stay in control of their faculties, most of all in spiritual balance, who pray over all the material out there, choose the good and eschew the evil, led by the God’s Spirit of Truth!
These projections are not just projections, but based on several bona fide publications, documents, proofs, eye witness reports, technological progress reports, insider claims, people from high up in society who smelled rats. You can find some of these things for yourself on the net under such keywords, as I really don’t want to provide the links for them here. Pray yourself, ask God for wisdom as you surf through the dangerous jungle of the Internet. He will show you what is really behind what is about to take place, if you ask him!


You think September 11 was an earthshaking event? What will you think when CNN during a near-nuclear conflict in the Middle East, suddenly breaks the latest news, that “thousands upon thousands of UFOS have entered the Earth’s atmosphere! It seems that unknown Alien powers are invading our World! Don’t go away! We’ll keep you posted!
Wolf Blitzer here from Jerusalem! There are flying saucers all over Jerusalem, buzzed by Israeli airforce. One is already shot down with some kind of energy beam! The rest is chilling out!
Christiana Amanpour from Cairo! Hundreds of UFOs hovering over the presidential palace and government agencies.
Andrea Koppel from the State Department standing by, the U.S military has mobilized! Defcon 5 is in effect! Navy and airforce jets are scrambled & buzzing the invaders, watching them from a safe distance!
Richard Roth here from the U.N. at New York reporting mayhem in the streets, a mass exodus from the Big Apple, as Americans are trying to get away in droves! This seems to be Deep Impact revisited! The Martians seem to have really come this time! Nobody has any clue!”

The war in the Middle East grinds to a halt, as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Americans, Arabs, Russians, Europeans are glued to the tube watching this astounding footage of such overwhelming superior Space Force presenting itself over the White House, the Kremlin, the Elisee, Downing street, and over every Capital of the powerful countries. Jerusalem, Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, Lahore, Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo, Djakarta. The World freezes before their TVs, watching this literal unearthly scene with peak experience emotions.
The United Nations (Of course who else!) is chosen to deal with the situation, and delegates frm different top countries send out radio signals to these unknown forces, that so far have mostly shown constraint, except in a couple of cases where “stupid military warmongers” ordered their jets to shoot at the alien craft, but these were immobilized with energy beams’, making them tumble out of the skies like paper airplanes.
Subdued Man “humbles himself” and seeks peace negotiations. Meanwhile we are all watching this on our news channels, stupefied by this incredible piece of “Hollywood come true”, all of us long profiled for this day, by Hollywood’s E.T., Star wars, Star man, Deep Impact, etc,
We’re unable to speak even, to put into words, such a spectacle as we had never even dreamed or imagined to come true one day. But at the same time, a “hope is born” in us, that this is actually “a wonderful significant moment’, as these “aliens” seem to be “peaceful” and mean us no harm, but are here to help us “save ourselves from ourselves” It It is a dramatic moment, where we “realise we are part of a “much wider, cosmic brotherhood of not just interracial but an inter-spacial community!”
Some disks deign to land in New York in front of the U.N. and a delegation from all the world’s leaders step up to the lowered door of the alighted craft, just like “Close Encounters”, and we’re spellbound, awaiting what’s going to come out of this impressive spacecraft, almost a block long, hovering without obvious explosive energy, except for a soft hum of some electric generator onboard that powers a-gravity lifters.
To our amazement a human looking representative comes out and subdues the leaders just by his magnificent attire and superior attitude, and invites them into the craft for negotiations.
After half an hour or so, they come out, happily smiling, relieved, like giddy little boys, under our watching media eyes, only to confer the results of this “highest level unilateral contact” with their colleagues.
All “Alien” spacecraft lift off and take up position in the sky, while World leaders secretly confer with each other in the U.N Building. Slowly word emerges, and speeches are made by the presidents of the U.S and Russia, the 2 superpowers. The Press is not allowed to ask questions. We are told:

“The superior Alien forces expect us, the World ,to get our act together. If this war is pursued any further, they will interfere. If we make peace between ourselves and all nations, and create a world parliament and world government by empowering the U.N. with actual military and governmental powers, they will desist to let us sort out our own fate. A peace treaty is to be signed immediately in the next few days and all hostilities are to be stopped right away. If not, these extra terrestrial humans, who are temporarily stationed on the Moon, will interfere and punish the trucebreakers, whether Israeli or Palestinian, American or Chinese, with instant retaliation of their superior technology and firepower, already demonstrated on the poor pilots who were sent in by some of our hawks and died in the process.”


If this happens, will you also fall for this immense hoax, this big lie, and take to the streets in spontaneous euphoria, a thousand times stronger than when the Berlin Wall was broken down? Israeli settlers hugging Palestinian Freedom fighters! Ja wohl! Americans Toasting Russians? Young people running wild, partying in the streets, singing, “We are the world”, “we can make a better place for you and me,” or something else like that? Just like in the movie “Deep Impact”?
Will you also be a dumb bunny like the Romans in 70 AD, the Americans in 1943, the Germans in 1936, and the Americans and most of the World on September 11? Or will you be able to weather such a public opinion storm and hold on to your faith that Jesus warned us. “SO GREAT will be the deception, that if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived also!” Are you the very elect, or a dumb bunny? The answer is up to you!

whose writer was killed in December 2001.

You can find oodles of websites that thoroughly document such plots that are working on us in some devious ways from behind the scenes! Well, however he will arrive or take over the World, it is an established fact of eschatology, the science of Biblical Prophecies, that one very evil man will take over this World and cause such euphoria, that the Bible predicts in the Book of Revelation; “And the whole world wondered after the beast!”, “saying, Who is able to make war with him?”

If you like to know more about these & other dire predictions click on this link:
Famous Last WordsAre Dragons still alive?What Truman tells about the surveillance societyThe seventh MillenniumSeers and prophets tell our futureApocalypse of the World


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