All You Need to Know About Cleansing With Cayenne Pepper

DR GROUP – Cayenne peppers have long been held in high regard for their powerful health-boosting properties. Popular cleanses, like the Master Cleanse, use cayenne because of naturally occurring compounds, like capsaicin, which help cleanse and detox the body at a cellular level. These cleansing effects can have a significant impact on your entire body, promoting a healthy heart, weight, and gut. Sustaining overall health is where the actual cleansing benefits of cayenne lie, helping you live healthy, longer! Here are the top benefits of cayenne.

Cayenne Pepper Cleanses the Body

Cayenne is well-known for its pain-relieving, weight loss, and metabolism-boosting properties, but it’s also a detoxifying spice that works on many different organs and tissues. It owes its detoxifying health benefits to the actions of capsaicin, the natural compound that gives chili peppers their stinging bite. Continue reading “All You Need to Know About Cleansing With Cayenne Pepper”



Pain is a touch of Hell, healing is a touch of Heaven! Healing is a sample of everlasting life, renewal of the body, cure of disease. It’s a touch of resurrection!

When we experience Salvation, we get a little sample of what eternal Salvation and Heaven are going to be like. We have “tasted of the Heavenly gift and the powers of the World to come,” as His Word says (Heb.6:4,5). Likewise, when we get healed we have a little sample of what God is going to do one of these days. We don’t have the full resurrection yet but we can have a little TOUCH once in awhile! We already have His healing power manifest in our bodies through the Lord’s healing, but it will not be really complete until we receive our eternal supernatural indestructible bodies on which death no longer has any power or claim whatsoever!

One of these days when Jesus finally heals us of our old bodies, we’ll get NEW bodies, better than the old! That’s the best healing of all! When we die, that’s the final healing! Then we don’t have any more diseases, or sickness, or pain! That’s permanent healing, final resurrection! Hallelujah!

David 268

Radical Muslim Girl Who Wanted To Kill Now Wants To Save Others in Jesus

Radical Muslim girl once full of hate and desire to kill others, receives Jesus and changes into a loving girl disciple of Jesus Christ!
The second video on the list documents hundreds of people being healed and baptised in South Africa! This is a video list of many videos. Enjoy! We do not condone hate for Muslims. Jesus said to love your enemies, and many Muslims are NOT enemies of Christians, but even beleive many of the same things. They believe in the soon return of Christ and that Jesus (Isa) was the son of the virgin Mary (Miriam) and that he was the healer and was generated and represented the Spirit of God (Ruh Allah)! The only thing they are stuck on is that they put God in a box. They have a hard time believeing that God can do ANYTHING, that God can even come down into His own Creation as a Man! And when He did part of Him was on Earth and most of Him still outside the Universe. So He called his Man being the Son of God and His eternal being outside of this universe, the Father! As Isaiah prophesied, “To whom is the ARM of the Lord revealed?” JESUS was the Arm of the LORD! See below for the entire chapter!

Isaiah chapter 53 Continue reading “Radical Muslim Girl Who Wanted To Kill Now Wants To Save Others in Jesus”

Former Bankster Ronald Bernard’s New Economy Plans to Change the World!

This is Ronald Bernard, the former bankster gangster who exposed the 8500 top blood suckers and psychopath control freaks! He made a lecture in Dutch with English undertitles, on how to change and make a new kind of economy based on work hours. This is an amazing presentation that could be used anywhere. The first part is to expose how the blood suckers screwed us in history and changed the laws to suck us more dry today, and how they did it. The last part is how we can change the world! Please watch all the details and learn how we are being screwed.

Citizens decide for themselves what is going to happen!

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LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with Sodium Chlorite (MMS) in Uganda

This video finally proves that the Red Cross did a field test showing malaria was cured using MMS (sodium chlorite+activating acid producing chlorine dioxide) with a 100% success rate in 154 cases within 24-48 hours. This formerly hidden video was kept from the public for over 5 months until recently discovered.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE OVERSTATED! WHY? Continue reading “LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with Sodium Chlorite (MMS) in Uganda”

《人生其實很簡單、很有趣,但人們都把它搞複雜了。》Jon Jandai這樣說著。Life is easy Why do we make it so hard

Jon Jandai TEDxDoiSuthep. Jon Jandai是一個泰北的農夫,他在清邁北方蓋了一座Pun Pun有機農場,他每天花2個小時,蓋屬於自己的房子,並致力推廣永續農業。他說:人生其實很簡單、很有趣,但人們都把它搞複雜了。

「小時候每件事情都很有趣很簡單,不過當電視出現,很多人來告訴你『你很窮,為了你的人生,你得追逐成功,你得去曼谷追求成功』,因此我感覺很糟,覺得自己很窮 … …


以前的生活因為簡單,所以多出了很多的時間,因此生活中處處都是美,我們會花時間把刀柄雕得很美,或是把竹籃編出美麗的花樣,但是現在人們都不這麼做了,他們把時間拿去工作,然後一切東西都用塑膠來代替… …」

How the system screws us because they can’t make money on their damn do-nothing drugs!

A Man With Severe Parkinson’s Before And After Using Medical Marijuana. WATCH! And wake the flock up!

After a 20 year battle with Parkinson’s, Larry Smith has exhausted every conventional method of treatment, every drug, and even brain surgery. Refusing to give up, he sought alternatives, and discovered medical marijuana. In this video, you will see him try cannabis for the first time with help from a fellow Parkinson’s patient. Larry can’t believe how quickly he regains control of his body.

It also cures cancer and many other diseases. And if you want to change the system let alone use it, you are going to have fight for it by bringing attention to the matter. It is corruption of high officials paid for by Big Pharma that stand in the way of health. Make this viral

Incredible Edible Todmorden Twitter Roundup

by Lu Paradise • December 18, 2011 •   270 views •   13th September 2010

todmorden Last night we all tuned in to Channel 4 to watch the River Cottage Autumn programme featuring brilliant Landsharers Incredible Edible Todmorden (IET) (see a clip from it here), scheduled twitter chat with the Todmorden growers. We watched as Hugh made wintery spicy beef, noticing that he showed no sign of heading north to the Yorkshire/Lancashire border. He spent some time foraging for mushrooms, grew some chillies…. and by the time he’d posed in a rabbit fur thong for the Womens Institute ladies we were really worried. It was the wrong programme. But the Todmorden team were not put off by a last minute change of the TV schedule, and turned out in force to answer your questions in our live tweet Q&A. @incredibledible, @Todsprout and @Herbytod answered a barrage of questions from Landsharers online. Here’s a roundup of their questions and answers in full. [Image by Incredible Edible Todmorden.]

Questions and Answers from the Todmorden Team

@Shyman33: what veg would you recommend for complete beginners?
@HerbyTod: Herbs are always a good beginner… they grow almost anywhere and enhance everything you cook. Potatoes are good too!

@landshare: When and where did you first start growing veg in the town
@HerbyTod: we started guerrilla gardening in 2004 with fruit trees from lidl planted all over. They fruited for the first time this year! 6:36 pm, Sept 12 from Web

@Kymbogs: what do you think is the most influential thing you have done, that has got the most people involved?
@HerbyTod: The community Orchard planting day..70 fruit trees to plant, 100 volunteers turned up and all planted in two hours! 6:39pm, Sept 12 from Web

@landshare: How does it feel to be influencing a nation?
@Todsprout: if we truly are, then humbling

@HatonHead: How many people live in Todmorden
HerbyTod: we have a population of around 15 000 people including the surrounding area

@Shyman: How did you get the whole town involved?
@Todsprout: a few public events, then folk volunteered

@ Whittlerus: What were Prince Charles thoughts on visiting Todmorden this week?
@Todsprout: read it here
@incredibledible: He really gets the need to give out a positive message not just scaremongering, switched on guy.

@Shyman: How did you get the whole town involved?
HerbyTod: we also made sure all the schools were involved…. also, in Tod..if you eat, you’re in!

@Spyman33: Do you have to display disclaimers by produce for help yourself?
@Todsprout: we don’t display disclaimers
@incredibledible: no disclaimers, but our insurers know what we are doing and are ok with it.

@hatonhead: How much of Tod’s food is local as a result of Incredible Edible?
@Todsprout: quite a lot, but we aren’t there yet, work in progress

@landshare: are you all volunteers at Incredible Edible or do you have paid staff?
@HerbyTod: we have two paid staff now, thanks to a lottery grant for a food hub at the high school
@HerbyTod: we also use people funded by the future job fund scheme, but we rely heavily on volunteers
@incredibledible: until just recently all unpaid

@hatonhead: How much of Tod’s food is local as a result of Incredible Edible?
@incredibledible: lets be realistic, we have a very long way to go, but weve started,and have big plans

@Shyman: How did you get the whole town involved?
@incredibledible: giving produce away really does catch attention!

@IERossendale: We think you’re INCREDIBLE!! Hope to meet in the middle sometime!!
@Todsprout: work toward each other and join up in the middle


@landshare: What would be your advice to other people wanting to use Landshare and grow their own veg?
@incredibledible: often people start with great enthusiasm, try and do too much and get disheartened

@landshare: What would be your advice to other people wanting to use Landshare and grow their own veg?
@incredibledible: Breaking new ground is massively hard work, about 5×5 metres square per year is enough.

@isleofeigg: is there an incredible edible shop?
@Todsprout: No we don’t have a shop, but never say never
@incredibledible: its important we don’t undermine local biz so we sell through them rather than compete

@landshare: does Incredible Edible have any events that folk who don’t live there can attend?
@HerbyTod: we have this year’s conference in Peckham, London on Oct 9th, details on our website
@HerbyTod:other events where incredible edible are giving presentations are advertised on our website

@landshare: What kind of places do you grow veg
@HerbyTod: Lots! With permission from the Council, veg mixed in with their flowers, water cress in the park’s stream, old lawns & dev land

@landshare: What are you planning next for Incredible Edible in Todmorden?
@Todsprout: graveyards, railway station, police station, Fire station, anywhere we can
@incredibledible: Conference on Oct 9th, training in veg production, meat, chickens, community cows, aquaponics, apprentices, & harvest festival!

@landshare: how does IET avoid having gluts of too many tomatoes, courgettes etc?
@incredibledible: there ain’t no such beast as too much tomatoes, Ketchup em!
@HerbyTod: is there such a thing as too much? a number of community ventures use what we produce

@Kymbogs: do you think there’s any hope of Halifax following in Tod’s footsteps?
@incredibledible: No, Halifax couldn’t possibly! but you could, in your street!

@landshare: On the allotment waiting list and want to follow @incredibledible footsteps? Try LetsGrow
@incredibledible: Don’t wait for an allotment, find a disused corner and plant a sprout!

@Rebecca_teee: how are you funded?
@incredibledible: lots of small, mostly non public grants, total of around £30k spent so far, so not lots, a little goes far!
@HerbyTod: we raise funds by applying for a variety of grants for specific projects

@ a_whittle: we have surplus eggs in backup, would you consider extending the egg map?
@Todsprout: Will pass the egg map suggestion on the the every egg matters guys
@incredibledible: I don’t see why not, e-mail Pauline on contacts page of IET website

@landshare: Coming to the end of our @incredibledible time with the team in Todmorden…. any last questions out there in twitter land?
@Todsprout: keep following Landshare and all of us on twitter Peas and love to all
@HerbyTod: our contact details are on the Incredible edible Todmorden website if folk want to share what they do with us
@HerbyTod: Thank you..and folk can keep in touch with what we do or let us know what they are doing, here on twitter. Feel free to add us all

Massive thanks to the guys from IET, who did a great job answering questions. Find out more about Incredible Edible Todmorden by visiting their website and following their blog on Landshare. Want more live twitter chats? Get in touch to tell us which inspiring landsharers you’d like to chat with online.


Quote from HRH’s Wednesday speech in Manchester, food for thought ….

“You really don’t need to know anything about the biology of bees or ‘ecosystem services’ to know that having a whole lot more beehives in Newcastle has to be a good idea, nor do you need a degree in either nutrition or soil science to know that having fresh vegetables growing along the streets of Todmorden is good for everyone.”

and a quote from earlier in the speech, posted because it shows if we can… you can….
“During my tour I have seen some truly remarkable examples of what can be achieved when people really start to look at things differently. Who would have thought that Newcastle City Council would start to install beehives across the city, or that almost every green space (and some that weren’t originally very green at all) in Todmorden would be turned over to start growing vegetables, maintained by volunteers and picked by all?”

You don’t read speeches?
Well neither do I as a rule, but this one is a must if you are looking for a simpler life, a different way.

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