Otto King 2. Miracles in the Jungle in Papua New Guinea

Otto Koning’s messages of his experiences as a missionary, given at Camp Wilkerson, Memorial Day weekend retreat, sponsored by Mayger Downing Community Church. Otto Koning is famous for his book, The Pineapple Story, of which he also speaks on YouTube.

Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen


I normally don’t go much for TED talks (their secret agenda!)… BUT there are some exceptions where we can learn a lot from, like this one.
This one is very good for God’s children, as we are supposed to be the best communicators to the weary waiting world, but we are all learning to become better communicators. It takes time, maturing, patience, and practice! And this is great practice for communicators, especially of LOVE! Oh Lord help us to be smoother communicators. I liked the silence bit. Ha! Must watch! Continue reading “Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen”


Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly! by Jacky Pullinger

For ALL children of God, and for those who want “a ministry”, “annointing”, or do “great things for God!” Just be kind to those who need it and let Jesus preach the Gospel. Fantastic speech.

Who IS Jacky Pullinger. See her book “Chasing the Dragon.”

Facing the Canon with Jacky Pullinger

How to learn to speak in tongues simple lesson by Pete Cabrera

Many will say you can’t teach anyone this, Watch me! I love people and only want to bring people closer to God. This video is my hearts cry for the believer. You have the greatest teacher of all time, and so do I. Why not listen to Holy Ghost and teach others? I give my life to listening to Holy Ghost if you don’t think this is from God I’m ok with that honestly I’m not sad or hurt. Look at the fruit and and ask yourself this why am I not walking in this? Because its not real to you YET! This is a lifestyle… Jesus is a person not an event, walk in the person and watch what happens. School of Identity and Lifestyle info for the school go to Back to Basics workbook go to