From Tertullian’s Apology for the Christians. Chatpter XXXVII.


Tertullian was a native of Carthage, the son of a proconsulor centurion. he was educated in rome, apparently in law, which he practiced for a while, it appears, before he became a Christian in 185. he married soon after this. In 190 he became a presbyter. he was the first of the great Latin fathers and had a profound influence upon church leaders of his own and following generations. Cyrian did not let a day pass without reading a selection from his writings.

tertullian4Tertullian developed the ecclesiastical Latin later used by Jerome and the other Latin fathers. Ironically he left the Roman wing of the church and became a Montanist. (see below) He was a prolific writier, leaving a total of thirty-eight works, five books against Marcion alone. Tertullian’s lines in chapter XXXVII of his Apology constitute a classic of missionary apologetic: “We are but of yesterday, and we have filled every place among you — cities, islands, fortresses, towns, market places, the very camp, tribes, companies, palace, senate, forum, — we have left nothing to you but the temples of your gods. Continue reading “A CONTINUATION OF THE UNLIMITED LOVE OF CHRISTIANS”