Sinead O,Connor a Singing Rebel For God Against Evil Churchianity

God bless Sinead O,Connor for having the courage to speak out against her and others’ child abuse and its causes in the crimes of the British Empire in starving the Irish and of the Roman Catholic Empire that condoned what the English did to the Irish and how it has affected them in their development. Watch all the videos but especially the last interview with Sinead especially the end where she explains her action of ripping up the pope Benedict’s picture as a symbolic gesture and condemnation of the Catholic Church’s brainwashing and conditioning of the impoverished starved Irish people, in other words their cover up of the truth. She loves God and professes Jesus as her Saviour. Sinead is a born again child of God, inspite of her abusive childhood and the traumatic past that have handicapped her life ever since. Sad to say she has now fallen for the legalistic religion of LAW of Mahomet, but perhaps a little strict law can help her heal her undisciplined style? It seemed Cat Steven also needed a heart headed woman discipline as well. I guess each of us gets what we deserve, until we call on grace.

Here follows Sinead’s version of Bob Marley’s song WAR a Capella, at the end of which she rips up the picture of Pope Benedict.

Interview following day after her ripping the pope’s picture.

This is her haunting version of Molly Mallone the traditional Irish song about a fish monger of the past.

It is amazing how inspite of her spiritual battles she is a warrior for the truth of God, how God is using her. It gives us all hope that God takes us from where we are at, and can use us anyway.

Please pray for her and her continued service to mankind.

St Patrick’s Confession, a Sinner, and Patron Saint of Ireland

Did you know that St. Patrick was not a Roman Catholic? Sure! He has been adopted by the Roman Catholic church, but he was what Pope Bergoglio would call, “A do-it-yourself-Christian!” The kind of Christian that ascribed to fundamentalism, which Pope Bergoglio calls a disease! Why! Because St. Patrick believed the Scripture! He would say with Luther, Sola Scriptura! ONLY The Scripture!

You see, Patrick was called by God without any ties to the Roman church, for in the days that Partick was called and began to preach, the church was still a church of DIY-ers that were called by God. There was some eccelsiastical structure, but very simple and very pure still in those days, mostly consisting of real missionaries and people with a shepherd’s heart, the real meaning of the word pastor.

Patrick, a native of Britian, was born in 389 and died around 461 AD. he was the son of a deacon and grandson of a presbyter. He was carried away as a slave when he was 16 into ireland, but later when back in Britain he had a vision and a call to return to ireland

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