The Coming Alien Savior Deception by Vatican & Mallachy’s Anti Pope

ukbelieveetgod2012 predictions from Maians, Incas, the Hebrew Zohar, and Irish St. Malachy’s Pope predictions about hybrid humans, “aliens” (or rather demons), Anti Pope, giants (nephilim) are apparently coming true! The Jesuits’ ‘Lucifer’ Observatory of the Vatican on Mount Graham — the local ‘Indians’ “star gate!” Secular atheist scientists are cooperating on an imminent arrival of an alien savior and/or extra-terrestrials from exo-planets outside of our solar system from outer space.

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The Catholic Curch Singing the Wrong Song!

If they sing this song in Headquarters would you want to follow them or their instructions? Well I wouldn’t and I don’t! MUST WATCH! And don’t you be a dumb dupe either. There is gonna be a test, you know? And NO cheating will be allowed! Have Christ Jesus? Have Eternal Life! No have JC? No have eternal life! So simple, but many will fail the answer. “Straight is the gate, and narrow the way that leads to Eternal Life! And few there be that find it.