South African Family Gave their All For Jesus in Afghanistan

A South African Missionary woman gave her husband and two children to Heaven in order to serve the Lord trying to reach the Afghani people in Afghanistan.

WATCH VIDEOS ABOUT HOW JESUS MANIFESTS HIMSELF TO MUSLIMS Continue reading “South African Family Gave their All For Jesus in Afghanistan”


Are you “Dying Daily”?

By David, September, 1972.

Do you really feel we’re right without a shadow of a doubt about all of these things? Do you really think our message is the right message? Do you really think our method is the right method? Do you really feel it’s God’s will–both our message and our method? And if so, what do you have a vision for? What do you have faith for? What do you really yourself expect God to do this year, not next year, through us? What can you see happening right now and from now on? What do you personally plan to do about it? What do you personally hope to do about it and want to do about it?

STOP right now and think out your answers carefully and prayerfully! Now discuss them with the rest of the body.

We are at a turning point in our ministry. We cannot go on “business as usual”! I have a feeling that we’ve reached a crisis–a turning point where you’re going to go either one way or the other. You have just two choices. If you recall “Dropouts”, I traced the history of denominationalism. If we don’t obey God, the same could happen to us, and the spirit I feel creeping in, is the feeling that we have arrived–that we’ve made it!–And we’re satisfied with what we’ve accomplished. Because the minute you get that feeling, that’s as far as you get! You never get any further. Continue reading “Are you “Dying Daily”?”