The job of the prophet is to do the Will of God, whatever and whenever it may be! And the best talent that a prophet can have is to obey instantly and do what God tells him to do no matter what!–Whatever the circumstances are over which he has no control.

God has a message for every people for every hour and it’s the prophet’s job to simply be the messenger who carries His messages. When God speaks, we have to deliver the message whether people like it or not, whether it sounds good or not, whether they’re going to obey or not. That’s a prophet’s duty as God’s mouthpiece.–And it’s not his business to question God as to what the effect of His message may be. We cannot be merely men-pleasers and simply tickle their ears with only what they want to hear and agree with. We must give the Message of God as it is, to whom He wants to hear it, and let the chips fall where they may, even if it sometimes hurts.

We’ve got to have the faith of God and be willing to do whatever God tells us to do and sometimes even suffer persecution if we’re going to be the prophets of God and obedient children of God.–But, praise God, if we do, we get the rewards of God!

David 277

Only THREE in Lake of Fire at End of Millennium! Marzulli needs to read his Bible!

I can’t stand these American windbags, these preachers and “prophets” of Doom, those Armageddon lovers, those judgement worshippers instead of MERCY worshippers. They love the God of Doom! But I love the God of mercy! I think we must have different gods.

I was listening to this American Doom preacher Marzulli for a while and he was saying that ALL the people who receive the Mark of the Beast WILL be thrown into the lake of Fire because they took the Mark of the Beast or worshipped his name.

It doesn’t say that anywhere in the Bible. They will “only” go through the Wrath of God! Continue reading “Only THREE in Lake of Fire at End of Millennium! Marzulli needs to read his Bible!”