What’s normal? Psychiatrists have set the standard by the average modern behavior pattern. The center they have established is based on man and his behavior, which is awful! If they don’t even know who the Center is, Jesus Christ, how can they know what’s eccentric or off center? He is the Center! He is what should be normal and right, and anything that is outside of that charmed circle of the Spirit of God, that’s what is eccentric!

Without the sun’s gravitational pull on the Earth, instead of staying in its well-planned orbit, the Earth would go wandering off lost in space. So without God’s guidance, His gravitational pull on us in the spiritual world, we too would get out of the well-planned orbit of His Will–our proper spiritual orbit–and we’d go wandering off into spiritual darkness, having no direction, no guidance, no center, no central focal point to keep us in orbit!

The reality is God and His Word and His Will and His Plan. So Christians who love Jesus and believe in God and His Power and His Word and His Kingdom are really the only ones who are sane because they’re on center, concentrated on Jesus Christ, the Center of all things!

David 278

Black Toads – [How to get rid of demons]

By Jerry A. Marzinsky, M.Ed. C.P.C.

The following story is one of many stories that will be included in the book Jerry Marzinsky is writing.  This story is a stand-alone piece for a taste of Jerry’s work on the front lines as a licensed mental health practitioner, specializing in psychiatric care.  The patient’s name in this story has been changed to Lilly.
There is something I do not know, the knowing of which could change everything.”  — Werner Erhard.
Prelude:  The story you are about to read is a true accounting that took place while working as a psychiatric crisis evaluator in the emergency room of the Tucson Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona.  This story provides a rare insight into the psychotic mind and what drives schizophrenia as well as a unique perspective into the human condition and the unseen forces that affect us all.


As I entered the psych ward, its heavy steel door slammed shut behind me with a metallic bang.  I headed for the psychiatric evaluators’ office to begin my shift.  Within the cramped work space, surrounded by thick sheets of clear shatter proof Plexiglas, two of my colleagues stared at computers.  To my right, a sudden movement in the annex snagged my attention.  Any quick movement in this place signaled trouble.  In the middle of the annex floor surrounded by other psych patients who watched from their beds, an attractive Caucasian female, like a drunken Kung Fu artist, flailed at the air.  Was she burning off nervous energy or fighting some invisible demon?  Sue, the psych nurse tapped my shoulder.

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