奇怪的船在山上 (Trad. Chinese Mandarin) True Comic for download.

This is the discovery of Noah’s Ark in Turkey in Traditional Chinese for A5 4 page witnessing tract in apologetic style.


The YOUTH have got the POWER! Alas so FEW use it for the Kingdom of God, too ashamed of Jesus Christ!

Young people have much more power than they realise. In the next video it shows how nice young people personally canvas to their peers and to their older generation – ON THE STREETS! – for ‘Le Front Nationale’ of Marine Le Pen for Patriotism and Nationalism.  I think it is great to be a patriot -to love your own people- , but “nationalism” has been the curse of centuries, heavily exploited by the Intl Bankers to foster wars and international wars like WW1, WW2, and imminent WW3! [SEE video & article, and then our post!]

France: Youth Backing Le Pen – “Nearly 40% of French 18-24 year olds support Le Pen and FN”. This is far higher than young voters polled for Brexit or Trump. Landslide incoming?

The YOUTH have got the POWER! Alas so FEW use it for the Kingdom of God, too ashamed of Jesus Christ!

Paradise Post Blog: Here young people humbly go on the streets to accost and befriend other young and even older people to move and motivate them to vote for their party. Result? It WORKS! It causes great numbers to follow in their footsteps. I just wish – and so does the disappointed Lord of the Harvest! – that they would do it for His Love, His Kingdom, His lost souls still out there, His young people deceived by the Matrix, His children of God that are pining in corners, in soul poverty, in misery and discontent, deceived by Cultural Marxist wolves, and Media usurpers and other soul-gobbling m0nsters of the 21st century! Probably the last Century of man!

It is so strikingly sad that so few young people are willing to go on the streets in teams like that, supported by their own camaraderie to do the impossible, to forego their own pleasures, to crucify their own desires, to despise the shame of the Cross, to crucify their flesh by making themselves of NO reputation, to reach their peers where they are at! At universities, popular locations, famous shopping streets, schools, anywhere where they can reach out to their own generation and even their older people. So sad. [Thank God, I know two who do!]

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Daniel Chapter Two Gospel Tract in English for Street Ministry

Feel free to dowload these four JPG files and take them to your local copy shop to copy them onto a folded A5 four page tract that you can distribute to interested people. Even a black & white copy will be attractive for the seekers. Enjoy.

Below these four pics at the bottom you can download the Daniel II powerpoint.daniel-1

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This Could Save America! Or the WORLD! But Will It? CoCS Believes so!

From our correspondent…

A new coalition of Christians called “Christians of Common Sense” have called for a Christian Revolution in America.
No! It is not your typical revival in church context, it is an entire change of direction and paradigm”, John Rastafiori, the leader, said in an interview.

“We have to treat the rest of America as a non-evangelized Marxist country, and an intolerant judging attitude against so-called “lib-tards and gays” is not going to cut the mustard and reach them”, Rastafiori said.

It appears that many un-churched Christians who are somewhat tired of that ‘same ol same ol’ churchian Sunday worshippers climate, are taking drastic steps to militarise the real believers. No more church services! “If you want service, get baptized in the Love of God,  grab your tracts, and go out to the streets buddy!” ‘Onto the streets!’ seems to be their motto!

“If we want to save America & the West, we are going to have to reach the estranged, foul-mouthed, media enslaved Millennials and young people on drugs, MTV, Sponge Bob, and the Simpsons, by saying FUCK! We will not reach them if we don’t get rid of the self-righteous judging spirit that has characterized so many US Evangelicals, lo these last hundred years! We have turned into Pharisees, and are losing the young, the core of Christianity’s survival.”

So what does CoCS do? They have organised themselves in home churches, and by that they mean Christian families, not communes, and they have activated the printing presses churning out alternative style Gospel cartoons with spiffy messages that really answer the questions that still plague the young in spite of the mass media’s pacifiers.

“Where do we go when we die!” being the main question and all the resulting ones. The cartoons are not the condemning hypocritical God-damn-you style Jack Chick publications that have saved a few but have damned generations to Hell, but more the kind of discourses and parables that Jesus utilized to reach his audience!

Jesus said, “I didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save it!”
Paul said “Jesus is a FRIEND of sinners!” and most Christians do not really come up to that level, Rastafiori said.

CoCS has decided to cancel churches and attendances, as well as high faluting preachers n matter the kind. Be they Nephilim alien preachers or Southern Baptist Hell fire and damnation they are sent packing. TV evangelists can continue broadcasting and calling for donations and funds, but we wont be watching them.

When asked what actions CCoS will be undertaking, R. said, “Street Christians instead of Church Christians!” Humble paper boys or tract passers with a big smile encouraging the young and not preaching at them, humble sweet Holy Spirits instead of self made spirituality arm and flag waving evangelical “worshipers” and “warmongers’ against Muslims, supporting Israel because they call themselves that.

No! OUT TO THE STREETS, HIGHWAYS, HEDGES, DESERTS, malls, coffeehouses, wherever we can find them. The mass design and printing of cool tracts has already begun with a donation from Gill Bates, a former “corporate idiot”, as he describes himself, that was peddling death products before but now believes the Gospel as “Gospel truth!” and he wants to help!

I don’t like to go to a church where everybody sits with a holier than thou attitude, I feel more comfortable with the Sinner type of Christians that I am myself! I may be a sinner, but that doesn’t stop me from loving Jesus and loving my fellow sinners, Gill said.

He has poured millions in a printing effort that is putting the Watch Tower to shame! “No! No preachy attitudes and repent or perish messages! We have lots of loving testimonies of other sinners that had a personal revolution after experiencing Hell in NDE-s like Steward Horm who was personally saved by Jesus from Hell!

The alternative cartoons are even somewhat sexy, girls with sexy bottoms gliding through space with flimsy heavenly dresses, and cute smiles a la Manga style, seem to be reaching the young.

Says Bates, “The churchians – a term that the CoCS uses a lot – have been so afraid of everything that they ain’t got nothing! Especially sex! There is plenty wrong with sex when it leads to violence and perversion, but this is an extremely sexy generation, and no one is going to gather up all the results of Cultural Marxism to cram it back in to Pandora’s box”, he said.

God will view this generation with lots more mercy and understanding than Jesus did the Jews of 2000 years ago, when morality was not just a word but a practice, when people were still morally bound by their verbal promises and contracts were not finalized on paper or stone even. In those days people were a whole lot better than today as a result of much more influence of the religion.

But do you for a moment think that Paul was preaching against ubiquitous Greek gay men? Forget it! He talked about it very little and if he did.. very veiled indeed without getting into too much detail, but that letter of the Romans was mainly aimed at the Church Militant that Paul was leading. He said it was even a shame to talk about the things that “were done in private.” And so he didn’t say a word about it.

St. Paul even used contemporary philosophy and tolerance to get the message to the Greeks and they began to follow him in droves! If he had had a printing press he would have reached the entire world in no time flat! WHAT is OUR excuse?

No, especially in this world where the evil corporations are putting stuff in our food like Bisphenol, Soy flavenoids, and GMOs etc that are chemically feminizing our poor sons, do you think for a moment that God is going to judge them for what the Corporations have done to them? Of course not!

“And how about all that corporate porn which has influenced, not just our children but influenced us ourselves as well? We didn’t have much choice in the matter? We had to accept and swallow all that – mostly Israeli – porn, whether we wanted it or not, so give us all a break.” God has a different attitude toward people and a different tolerance than in St Paul’s days. He has got to!” Bates said.

“Anyhow we are not majoring on Sex, but Heaven is a place where no one gets married, and if you think that means that the people there are all eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven sake, you don’t know your Bible very well! And why do we pray, “Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven?” Ha!

God is revolutionary. He is not some old reactionary geezer or American flag-waver supporting Israel in spite of all its crimes against humanity? Yes that is in our tracts too! tsk tsk.

CoCS has now armies of tract passers in almost every big city in the US and there presence on the street is palpable, so much so, that some have already been approached and persecuted by local strong armed police and even the FBI, which has maligned CoCS as just another cult!

Says Bates, “well that was to be expected, even the Early Church was called a cult and a sect that “turned the world upside down” with “ringleaders” and was “everywhere spoken against!” But we try to cooperate with authorities and move when we are told or forced to move, and actually our persecution makes us have more clout with the young as they see we are willing to suffer to reach them with a smile and an encouraging word!”

When asked what that meant, Bates said, “Well we have a few pertinent rules for our militant tracters. No judging! No preaching! No talking down to anyone about anything or anybody! No self righteous attitudes! Nothing else but encouragement!”

“Our people are asked to encourage only! How? By saying kind words, as the research of Japanese professor Tanata Sumikomo has proven; even plants, water and snow flakes react to kind words! So they are to say simple loving things like, ‘I really like your hat! I think you are very pretty! I like your style! Your glasses look cool! Is that your sister? Oh!! Your mother?? WOW! Well it certainly doesn’t show!’, ‘You guys seem to really be in love! Keep up the good work!’, etc.”

We asked Bates, if that was not very worldly. He retorted Jesus must have been very worldly too then, because he encouraged people for their good qualities. He said of Nathaniel “Behold an Israelite in whom is no guile!” Was he stuffing his ego? NO! He was telling the truth! And real Children of God should be known for telling the truth. If she is pretty? Well tell her so! And not just as flattery, but to show appreciation of every souls we come in contact with!

Yes! If every Christian would act like CoCS we believe that even America may have a chance to turn around and become a godly nation again! At least some of them. After all many of our people are involved in very shady practices, and most of us don’t say anything against it. We have millions of people here working for Bleakwater, the CYA, Hutter, BlakRock, the Fed, Lockhead, Booing, C&N, ABCD Media, Demoncrats, Nasah, NSAY, and other paramilitary organizations sending out mercenaries, snipers, contract murdering goons, and foulmouthed soldiers, –definitely not Christian soldiers– and then we tell each other to “support the troops? Is that what would Jesus do?”

And then there are millions of Americans working for oppressing corporations and banks and oil companies, and what not, and then we tell ourselves that we are custodians of freedom and promoters of democracy? Besides we don’t even have democracy at home anymore, caught between the Devil of the Corporations and the deep blue sea of Government Marxism! And then we tell ourselves we are great capitalists! Ha! And believe me, I used to be just like that”, said Gill Bates!

But it seems that CoCS has found the right policy to reach the young and the un-churched and unbelievers who already were sick and tired of Christian America, but are increasingly listening to the peacemakers tracts, and the love, peace, service to others, NDE, ghost stories, and stories of kindness and equity from the CoCS. Many young people who were as destitute with discouragement as the next guy have joined up with CoCS and become sweet, loving, humble, non judgmental, little paper boys and girls!

Even some Christians who used to go to church twice a week, have turned their backs on the useless practice and are now part of the street forces of the Street Christians! As one said, “Yes Jesus never actually told us to go to church and he never did, but He DID tell us to go into all the world the streets, the highways and the hedges to compel them to come in… and not into the church, but into the Kingdom! So we stopped going to these preachers who just tell us what we can read at home in our Bibles anyway, and for the rest our free time and our private time is spent on street corners and coffee shops and secretly in malls and around schools (dangerous territory) and we are changing America.

Will it succeed? We will have to see, the evangelical rot has gone very deep and we are not sure if the sinners among his children will forgive them enough to start loving Jesus again!

From Our Correspondent.