3 Year Ankle Pain GONE in 1 kick! Claiming the Kingdom over us

Lovely healing of needy black people humbly administered by two whites in godly harmony. It is possible to have a harmonious world and cooperation and love between different colors and races, but especially through Jesus’ magnificent love. God bless Tom and Hava who regularly reach out on the streets with their cardboard church? Are you reaching out on the streets? The World needs us to go out and reach the lost, the little people, the down and out, the needy, and share what you have. We do it here in Taiwan on the streets of Taipei. You can do it where YOU are living too! I always meet some fabulous brothers and sisters, even ones that ar enot yet born a second time. Family! Jesus needs us to reach out! You know that is what Jesus did every day? Hoofing it on the dusty streets of Galilee and Judah, and all the way into Sidon of Phoenicia (Lebanon). I tell you the Lord was not mucking around in some dead church singing praise songs to His Father with his arms stretched out to Heaven! None of that! His hands were stretched out to His children in the streets. You know I very very seldom see some brother or sister on the street witnessing, talking about the Lord, praying for people. Why! What is so important that we don’t have time to at least one time per week minimum, to go out and make forever friends? Tell me? Come on lets take the world while we still can, because the night is fast falling that it will be against the laws of the Antichrist world order. So do it now while we still can. and gather the lost children of God together into His fold. Love you all! Lu

Frank Jenner – George Street Evangelist – VDO – Brad Pitt

frankjennerbonesJesus said that the Kingdom of God is like a man who goes out and sows seed. This is the incredible story of Frank Jenner and how God used him in George Street, Sydney, to spread the good news of Jesus around the world. God bless you and empower you to be a bold and unembarrassed witness of Jesus Christ. This updated version of the story of Frank Jenner is based on the book “Jenner of George Street” by Dr Raymond Wilson.

Frank ArthurBonesJenner (surname often misspelled Genor; 2 November 1903 – 8 May 1977) was an Australian evangelist. His signature approach to evangelism was to ask people on George Street, Sydney, “If you died within 24 hours, where would you be in eternity? Heaven or hell?”

Born and raised in England, he contracted African trypanosomiasis at the age of twelve and suffered from narcolepsy for the rest of his life. After some time, he joined the Royal Navy, but deserted in New York and joined the United States Navy. When he was 24, he deserted again while in Australia. He subsequently worked for the Royal Australian Navy until he bought his way out in 1937.

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Do Preachers, Yearners, & Arm-Wavers Keep us From Doing Christianity?

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What did Jesus say to the potential and actual disciples he called? Go to church on Sunday? Come and listen to the preacher? Come and join the experience with the Evangelist coming to town? Come and join our arm waving praizzzzzzzzze meeting? No NEVER, did he say that.

What did he say to Peter when he was amazed at the fish he caught with Jesus’ help?

He said, “From henceforth thou shalt catch MEN!”

What was the last thing Jesus said before he left his church (body of believers)?

He said, “GO into all the world and preach the Gospel!”


And they always talk about “What would Jesus do?”
Well, what DID he do! He walked and traveled and hoofed the dusty roads to tell the people! He HIMSELF the SON of God, OUR VERY CREATOR, DID CHRISTIANITY! Every day he went at it, talked to the people, networked with others, taught his disciples to do what? Wave arms and praizzzze Him? No! He taught them to praise him with their works, with their deeds, their obedience! To do what he said. He said, “If you KNOW these things, HAPPY are ye if you do them!” “Here in is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit!”

Christians talk about how we graduated from animal sacrifices to giving our hearts instead, the circumcision of the heart! Well, perhaps you are not sacrificing the blood of bulls and rams anymore, you got that point at least, but perhaps you are still living in Old Testament style because you insist on going to the tabernacle and instead of sharing testimonies, you listen to THE PREACHER and THE EVANGELIST and THE PRIEST like all the Catholics do.

Or you are listening to that yearning Gospel singer, ever yearning with his yearning begging voice for closer intimacy with HIM, and you are forced to join the PRAIZZZE meeting and close your eyes, wave your arms, and prattle words of praise, etc. …. For an hour or more… and FEEEEEEELLLLLL so close to the Lord!


Now don’t get me wrong; It is nice to feel close to the Lord, if you can. And I love praise songs, as long as they don’t yearn in lack of faith, but spread confidence that the Lord is nigh already and we are already sitting with him in Heavenly places! Like the next guys. They make me confident in Him, and I don’t feel like cringing away under the altar! 🙂

OR this one is great too. Now it is not because they are black OK? Jesus is the winner man! Positive! Confident!

Now if we want to really weep, lets weep for lost souls!

And it is great to praise the Lord continuously, all day long, even without your arms outstretched. Praise is an attitude of faith and appreciation of Him who carried our sins on the cross and paid for them with his blood and his death. That sure is praise worthy. But that is not what he mainly asked us to do!

I met a native Taiwanese lady yesterday, what we call a Yen Zhi Ming lady, a Christian aborigine. In answer to her question I told her that I serve the Lord just by being a humble paper boy passing out tracts and witnessing if people ask any questions. I said, how about you?

She said, “Oh yes, I pass out tracts too!”

I said, well, God bless you! Did you know that we are part of a segment of perhaps a mere ten percent of Christianity? IF that much!”

She said, “Yes I realise that.”

Then she said, “I think 80 % of British people are not Christians!”

I said oh yes! Christ has moved East! He works more in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia even…Well you get the point.

HeavenlyMeetingThat Preacher Phenomenon

So this whole Preacher phenomena to me is a trip off, and a take away from our real calling, as He said, “Here in is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit, SO shall ye be my disciples…” Now I am not saying this to knock people. I say this to inspire them to find the right way to follow in his literal footsteps! FOOT STEPS! Hoofing it, walking around, going somewhere to witness. I heard enough preachers! Sorry!

All these Christians are searching for the latest and rightest preacher! Miss Baker, Mr. Bill, Mr. Lazulli, Mr. Quest, Mr. Kingdom of God, Mr. Revelation, Mr. Endtime Prophet, Rev. Nephilim, Mr. Higher Praise than you, Mr. Intimate with Christ, Mrs. Praise Forever, etc.

Or they are searching for the mostest Christian musician, who praises the most, and “yearns” the best “heartfelt”, and bla bla bla..

Nobody asks the question, how many people did he personally reach this week, how many tracts did I give out, how many souls did we pray with to receive Jesus. No! We have to describe some greatness to some personality without even the obviousness of all such qualifications, or for all the wrong qualifications.

How do I know what the right qualifications are? Well listen to what Jesus asked us ALL to do!

“Peter do you love me?

“Yes Lord, you know I do.

“Well then Peter feed my sheep!

He had to repeat it three times to get it through his thick skull!

What set St. Paul apart in the beginning of Christianity, He was doing it more than the others. He said so himself. “2 Corinthians 11:23 “Are they servants of Christ? (I am out of my mind talking like this.) I am more. I have worked much harder, been in prison more frequently, been flogged more severely, and been exposed to death again and again.”

He did more for the Lord. I never heard of Paul leading praise meetings with an hour of Greek harp music. He taught and taught and taught, for hours, so much that people fell asleep and fell to their death from a top window! And did he teach funny doctrines? No! He taught basics to newcomers. Because that is what he wrote and wanted people to stick to. He was the one who said, “I’m afraid, lest by any means, as the Serpent (Satan) beguiled (deceived) Eve through his subtlety, that similarly your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ!” 2 Cor. 11-3.

Here is the first search page results in Startpage. Significant, enlightening, I’d say!

SimplicityofChristMan Worship

Another pitfall of popular Christinality (that’s what many Taiwanese call it!) is this damned man worship!

“Oooh! That preacher lady is so close to God, crystals and diamonds and jewels fall out of the sky when she preaches!”

Where is that in the Book of Acts? Where did Jesus tell us to wait for that?

He needs us daily to share HIM with others. That is the highest service, the highest calling, the highest activity, the highest doctrine, the highest fellowship with Him and with others!

WHEN does the Scripture say the HOLY SPIRIT comes and manifest itself most to us? And isn’t that the One (Holy Spirit) they try to get and feeeeeeeeeellllllll when they come together to have a praizzzzzzzzze meeting to wave arms? Is that when the Holy Spirit comes and manifest itself? Perhaps for some young inexperienced seeking Christians that got lost and strayed into such a meeting looking for God? And because nobody around him witnessed to him with simple salvation, God Himself had to manifest himself to personally witness to that soul! I can believe that! God is more concerned about souls than we are!

SO when does the Scripture says, we can expect the manifestation of the Holy Spirit?

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. Acts 1:8

Of course this verse put the receiving of the Holy Ghost FIRST, because it hadn’t been given yet, but ever since after that, the Holy Ghost POWER would only really come and manifest and be felt, when YOU make the first step and GO OUT and start witnessing for Him to all countries and cities and neighbourhoods in the entire world. THEN He or She (Do I care what gender the H.S. is?) does manifest itself! How? You will start smiling at them, you will feel love for people you never met, you will tell them the words of God when they are hungry, otherwise if they are not yet, you will encourage them with words, so they will know HE loved them that day!

So do you want the Truth? Go out witnessing and the Truth will come to YOU, because it will be coming THROUGH you, as ye pour out to others, HE will pour into you!

Another very pertinent key verse on this very matter is this one:

“And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him.” Acts 5:32

So we want to feel Jesus and His Power? We want to FEEL GOD? Then GO and obey Him, by feeding, by preaching (not in church to other Christians), by tracting, by talking to someone, by fishing men, by bearing fruit, by witnessing, by hoofing the streets like Jesus himself did, by “loving the ones you’re with!”

Now, isn’t that simplicity in Christ? It is so simple! It is liberating. And it is tremendously inspiring, and it will send you like nothing else. Of course, it will crucify your pride a little in the beginning, but once you’re inspired, you will be flying down the street in the Spirit, like you are living in the Book of Acts! Ha!

“For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.” Isaiah 57:15

You may say, well Lu, it sounds as you are being a preacher. Well, I am not trying to be a preacher. I am trying to get ’em to stop preaching to the preachers, so the preachers can get out of church onto the streets to start preaching the Gospel! That’s why. 🙂

This is Spurgeon’s Take on it

“The love of Christ constraineth us.”

2 Corinthians 5:14

How much owest thou unto my Lord? Has he ever done anything for thee? Has he forgiven thy sins? Has he covered thee with a robe of righteousness? Has he set thy feet upon a rock? Has he established thy goings? Has he prepared heaven for thee? Has he prepared thee for heaven? Has he written thy name in his book of life? Has he given thee countless blessings? Has he laid up for thee a store of mercies, which eye hath not seen nor ear heard?

Then do something for Jesus worthy of his love. Give not a mere wordy offering to a dying Redeemer. How will you feel when your Master comes, if you have to confess that you did nothing for him, but kept your love shut up, like a stagnant pool, neither flowing forth to his poor or to his work. Out on such love as that! What do men think of a love which never shows itself in action?

Why, they say, “Open rebuke is better than secret love.”
Who will accept a love so weak that it does not actuate you to a single deed of self-denial, of generosity, of heroism, or zeal! Think how he has loved you, and given himself for you! Do you know the power of that love? Then let it be like a rushing mighty wind to your soul to sweep out the clouds of your worldliness, and clear away the mists of sin.

“For Christ’s sake” be this the tongue of fire that shall sit upon you: “for Christ’s sake” be this the divine rapture, the heavenly afflatus to bear you aloft from earth, the divine spirit that shall make you bold as lions and swift as eagles in your Lord’s service.

Love should give wings to the feet of service, and strength to the arms of labour. Fixed on God with a constancy that is not to be shaken, resolute to honour him with a determination that is not to be turned aside, and pressing on with an ardour never to be wearied, let us manifest the constraints of love to Jesus. May the divine loadstone draw us heavenward towards itself.

‘Change The World’ True Comics A5 Colour Gospel Tract

You can freely reprint this comic in colour or in Black & White with your own email address, and get it out to the children of God waiting in this hungry world for answers! Happy Witnessing!
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Catching Pokemons or Scoring Indian Souls That Live Forever?

Had a great time yesterday tracting in Taipei. I was at a local park in the afternoon when families and children came out to play Pokemon together. Yes. Pokemon is not forbidden in Taiwan. Taiwan is not worried about Google, the US State Department, and the CIA filming and video-ing everything and everybody in the name of the game! A SPY game! What Google failed to accomplish via Google Glass – filming & video-ing the entire world and all its inhabitants! – it achieved through a stupid game: Catching imaginary digital little monsters!

And you know how they do it here? They sit in the cool airconditioning of a bus, and instead of in the heat catching 300 Meters worth of Pokemons in 1 minute, they catch 1 KM worth of Pokemons in less than a minute. But thank God they don’t turn on their cameras in the bus. That seems to hinder the catching. Poor poor bamboozled people. They are serving the Powers-That-Be, by playing spy- games for them.

It seems that humanity has begun to split in two, as in the days of Moses, when the Israelites seperated from the Egyptians for to be persecuted and enslaved, until Moses set them free from the greedy clutches of the Pharaohs, and somehow got them out of the country for a worship session in the Desert bringing the Egyptians gold with them. The simple slaves of the Egyptian system & establishment and God’s free-thinking Israelites! Continue reading “Catching Pokemons or Scoring Indian Souls That Live Forever?”

Witnessing Tract to Give to Church People! True Comics Colour Gospel Tract

TrueComicsWhen we go out witnessing & tracting, we often meet church people. Almost every time they will ask, “What church do you belong to?” or “Where is your church!”, while they scan the tract for some address.
We answer, “Right here! You and I are the Church of Jesus! All the saved, born again believers in Jesus are ALL the Church! We all are the body of Christ, the temple of God.”But then we try to explain that our job is not to go into a church building, but to go out witnessing to the people who have never heard, and then this tract comes in very handy. for the Chinese one see next post. We hope that you can use this when going out tracting to inspire and train the church people to learn how to do it. Maybe we can reach the entire world before Jesus comes?

Can you just imagine if EVERY Child of God in this world would go out regularly – like at least once a week – to reach others with the Gospel? Man! We would turn the world right-side up! Of course Taiwan being a Buddhist country, here in Taipei one sees very few active Christians that are doing street or university or wherever outreach. That’s why it is so inspiring to meet another Taiwanese passing out tracts! We met one a few months ago at Yuan Shan station who did. We had a great time together. May more of them come out and reach the unreached!! How about you! Would you like to even leave your own country and become a missionary to another Asian land? They sure need you. Cheers! Lu.

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My First Instant Healing for Someone Else from Jesus. Hallelujah

I was out today as usual witnessing and tracting at some school, and I ran into many interesting people. Two people received the Lord and one of them was a German man who came to faith in Jesus. I just showed him two passages, John 1:12-13 and John 3:3-10 about being born again. It grew his faith instantly. he was so ready. Nice guy too. A new brother!

Then I ran into a Local man and his son, and I told him that God loved him after I had given him a tract, but he said that he didn’t think so.
I asked him why. He said, because the last 20 years he’s had nothing but problems. I asked him what his problems were, he said that for example his back had been hurting in his spine for 20 years.

I asked him if I could “bless” his back. (euphemism for praying for it)

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