True Comics To Download and Print Either B&W or Colour

We have found these positive True Comic tracts to be a great way to reach many people by mass distribution, as well as to break the ice in personal witnessing.

 在犯罪的聖徒們! (Tr. Chin) Color  Sinning Saints – Color (Engl)
 街上的一個小天使!  (Tr. Chinese) Color  Little Angel of the Street (Engl)
 Sundar Singh (Trad Chinese)  Sundar Singh (Engl)
 汤米Tommy Window Missionary (tr. Chin)
美梦成真 Wish List Color (Trad Chinese)  Wish List B&W (English)
 死后还有生命? Is Life After Death? (Trad Chin)  Is There Life After Death? (NDE Engl)
 代祷者 The Intercessor Color (Trad Chinese)  The Intercessor (Engl)
 有人爱你  Somebody Loves You (Trad Chinese)  Somebody Loves You (Engl)
The Story of Tommy Color (Trad Chinese)  Alguien te Ama! (Spanish Somebody loves you)
किसी ने तुम्हें प्यार करता है  SLY (Hindi)
Quelqu’Un T’Aime SLY (French)
 The Return of the King (Simpl. Chinese)  The Return of the King  (Engl)
 Die Rückkehr des Königs (German Gospeltrakt)
 傳福音 – 乍見証 tr. Chinese witnessing)  Witnessing (for Christians!)
  未来的世界 World to Come (Tr. Chinese)  The World to Come  (Engl)
 What Everybody Needs is Love (Engl.)
 A Tale of Two Eggs Engl. (Radical! For liberals)
 奇怪的船在山上 (Tr. Chinese)  Strange Ship on the Mountain  Engl.
  改变世界!Change the World! (Tr. Chinese)  Change The World (Engl)
 The Image of Daniel  Daniel chapter 2 (Engl)
天国ってどんなところ? (Japanese) heaven.
 Hi It’s me GOD! (Engl)
 Do You Think There’s a Heaven? Engl.
 You Want More? Tell me about it. Ha.