Hi Dear Family & Friends,

So glad you got here! My name is Mr. Lu, blogging from Taipei Taiwan. Our old website was PowerPointParadise.com, but due to cyber attacks we were thrown off a shared server. To find most of the old articles and posts you can go to our THREE BLOGS AND LOOK for them there! These 3 inter-connected WordPress.com blogs are:

1.  This one, ParadisePostBlog.wordpress.com, which is spiritual, thoughts, inspiration, apologetic articles, and metaphysical in nature. There are Near Death Experiences, heavenly articles, spiritual counsel, Biblical truths, and much more!

2. Starry News” Blog for alternative news articles and commentaries on the worsening world situation that looks like this:

On Starry News you can find articles on Western & Corporate corruption and warmongering! Articles on the fields of war, health, politics, fake mainstream news, Hegelian tactics of ‘Divide and Conquer’ by the Elitarian control freaks, but also articles on Heaven, prophets, Near Death experiences, and other subjects.

3. Then we write on Ancient Patriarchs, which is our Ancient History blog dealing with our shared famous forefathers like Noah, Shem, Ham, & Yapeth, and their long-living, deified, early children & grandchildren, the “gods” who sired all tribes & races of Man all over the entire world! Super interesting info!

It is real history, instead of mainstream media-supported Darwinist Science Fiction about “Cavemen, Hunter Gatherers & Neanderthalers!” We write from true first-hand sources of Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Chinese civilisations! Books by ancient Chinese historians, the ancient chronicles of the Irish, Frisians, & Welsh British, Anglo-Saxon annals, Mayan legends, Babylonian cuneiform tablets, Egyptian hieroglyphs & inscriptions, and many more literary sources and ancinet historians like Flavius Josephus, Philo of Byblos and quoted by Eusebius of Caesarea, Berosus, Diodorus Siculus, Plato, Herodotus, Si Ma Qian, Strabo, Moses, Sanchoniaton, and many others!

We try to stitch back together the facts which all early civilisations believed in and wrote about. To wit: Creation, One God, the Ten Early Kings of the Pre-Flood world on that single continent, (now popularly known as Pangaea), the Flood, the Eight Flood survivors, the long living demi-gods of the Post-Flood world, the offspring of the Flood survivors Shem, Ham, Yapheth, and their grandchildren according to all surviving national, ethnic chronicles and even legends.

We hope you will enjoy reading our articles.

Love & Peace,



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Lu!
    Thanks for the wonderful site! I’ve read and used a lot of things here! –Extremely useful! Lu, I downloaded some of the Angel Mags but found that the first one, which I believe is the salvation issue, is not in my possession. I need it for some Chinese folks that I met then can used the remaining Angel mags as a short course for them. Would you please send me a copy of the first one-letter A or the August 2010 mag which I believe is the one? If not, would you be able to please direct me to where I can find it? Thank you so much!
    Love and prayers, matt


      1. Yes, I was directed here by a friend. I was told Lu could be located through this blog. Not sure if this site is still attended by an administrator, or not? If so, I will be happy for your reply. Sure would like to reconnect with an old and dear friend from yesteryear. Thank you.


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