Hi Dear Family & Friends,

Glad you got here. My name is Mr. Lu and I am blogging here from Taiwan. We have three inter-connected WP blogs.
This one ParadisePostBlog which is thoughts, spiritual, inspiration, apologetic, and metaphysical in nature.
Then We have “The Paradise Post” News Blog for alternative news, articles, and commentaries on the world situation.
And we also have “Ancient Patriarchs” which is our Ancient History blog dealing with our common forefathers, real history instead of dinosaur media supported Darwinian fabrications of cavemen and neanderthalers, but reasoning from the Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, Greek, Chinese legends and chronicles, documents, cuneiform tablets, inscriptions we stitch back together the facts that all these early civilisations believed in Creation, God, the Ten Early Kings of the Pre-Flood world on the unique single continent the world had(popularly known as Pangaea), the Flood, the Eight Flood survivors, and the demi gods of the post Flood world, the offspring of the Flood survivors Shem, Ham, Yapheth, and their grandchildren according to all surviving national, ethnic chronicles and even legends. We hope you will enoy reading those articles.

Love & Peace


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