The Israel Deception

Author and Blogger Ken Schortgen, founder of joins me to discuss the Rothschild’s plan for Israel and his book on the subject, ‘The Israel Deception’. MUST WATCH! Especially for most church Christians who “love Israel”!

Are you new to the Bible? Just read & swallow it! DON’t try to analyse every jot and tittle.

I was just talking to a dear friend online, and thought that it might be good advice for others as well. PTL!
2017.02.21 Tuesday

E I checked Hebrew version verse 1 and 8. Heaven is 8064 in both verse BUT in verse 1 there is an additional word “eth” 853 placed in front of both heaven 8064 and earth 776, “eth” 853 is not translated in the Bible. One more “detail” the original Hebrew masoretic bible has no punctuation, the punctuation came later on.
Dear Babette!
When you eat an apple pie, you don’t try to analyse the ingredients while you are tasting every bite. After you have concinced yourself the apple pie is good food and not GMO, you just eat, swallow and ENJOY the taste, and devour it.
THAT’s the way to read the Bibble
You just read it first AT FACE VALUE because you already trust the author.
THEN yyou read at face value again and again, until it starts taking root in your mind and then the HOLY SPIRIT will tie the verse together and explain it the way GOD intended.
With our own puny analytical powes we will never understand it
The Bibble explains ITSELF! By its OWN cross references.
SO, FORGET THE hEBREW right now. Sit back and read the story AS IS. Enjoy the story AS IS. And let GOD explain it to you in HIS GOOD TIME!
The Bibble is a history book TRUE! But is MORE than a history book! It is a magic book, like Maxense the magician!
It is a deep book with many deeper levels that only become apparent after MANY MANY readings AT FACE VALUE!
As long as you have a pretty good translation, like in English the King James Version, you are off to a good start, and you should just read it without preconceived ideas, without prejudices, without reservations, without presuppositions!
Like a baby drinks the mothers milk. The baby does not try to analyse the mothers milk and pick it apart into its many ingredients. It just trusts and drinks! If JESUS trusted the Bibble when he was on earth, quoting it and referring to it (and of course explaining it BEST!) then you can trust it to eb the inspired word of God as well!
We hope for you to get PAST – not only chapter ONE of Genesis! — but past the entire BOOK of Genesis, THIS WEEK!
Or you are just making hard world of what should be a JOY!
It’s like reading a novel! INTERESTING!

E I get It!

ANALYSIS, picking apart the details of the original texts, is for scholars with a PHD, with a thorough knowledge of Greek, Hebrew, and ARAMAIC! I am not saying that you are not a very intellectual person, but you and I have NO PHD-S.

E I have King James version! No worry! And Segond 21

I dont consider myself a real scholar, even though I have read the Bibble for almost 45 years daily!

E But no need PHD to study Greek and Hebrew! Don’t underestimate yourself! 🙂 Many people did it without PHD!

THAT is also true.

E I will try to go further than chap 1 of Genesis! I promise! 🙂

But you know the best way to REALLY understand the WORD, is …. drumroll …. to LIVE it every day, as Jesus lived it, not as the Pharisees.