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  1. To invite Satan is easy, to dismiss him is hard.


  1. There is no Devil in the first two chapters of the Bible & no Devil in the last two chapters. Thank God for a Book that disposes of the Devil!


  1. The Devil is usually good-looking.


  1. If you don’t believe in the Devil’s existence, just try resisting him for awhile.–Charles G. Finney


  1. If Satan dared to use Scripture for the temptation of our Lord, he will not hesitate to use it for the delusion of men.


  1. I believe Satan to exist for two reasons: First, the Bible says so; & second, I’ve done business with him.


  1. Even as great an Angel as Michael the Archangel did not take on Satan alone but called on the Lord to rebuke him. No Christian, then, should ever feel that he is wise enough or powerful enough to engage Satan apart from complete dependence on the Lord.


  1. The use of a counterfeit is Satan’s most natural method of resisting the purposes of God.


  1. The Devil is a better theologian than any of us & is a devil still.


  1. Satan produces mental & spiritual anesthetics more potent than any shot from a needle.


  1. It is only by posing as the champion of truth that the prince of darkness is able to persuade men to swallow his lies.


  1. The Devil’s best work is done by many who claim to love the Lord.


  1. The Devil is never too busy to rock the cradle of a sleeping backslider.


  1. He who will fight the Devil with his own weapons, must not wonder if he finds him an overmatch.


  1. An evil at its birth is easily crushed, but it grows & strengthens by endurance.–Cicero


  1. You can’t make peace with the Devil. You just have to fight him & curse him & get rid of him.


  1. You can’t do business with the Devil! The only kind of business you can do with him is against him! Fight him, curse him & his work & ask God to rebuke him & deliver you. Get rid of him!


  1. The Antichrist, the Devil’s son, is going to be the ultimate man with the ultimate government doing the ultimate that man can possibly do, which is finally going to wreck the World!–Or almost wreck it if the Lord didn’t come back & save it.


  1. Why does He allow the Devil? Well, even Satan is accomplishing God’s purpose. There had to be a Devil in order to show you the difference between good & evil.


  1. “All things were made by Him & there was not anything made that was made without the Lord.” (Jn.1:3) You mean God made the Devil? Do you mean to tell me God created Satan? Why did He ever create such a horrible creature? He created him to do what he did & to be, in a sense, a dandy bad example, & to test the World with evil. Otherwise they’d have never known what evil was like.


  1. If He hadn’t let them have a taste of evil they’d have never appreciated the good. So He had to create the Devil & let the Devil get lifted up in pride until he wasn’t satisfied with being God’s right hand & light man, but he wanted to be God Himself. So he lost his position, God cast him down, & he’s still been trying to be God ever since. And finally he is going to try to be God here on the Earth. If he can’t be god of the Universe, at least he is going to be the god of this World, & the Lord is going to let him, just to show both him & the Antichrist & the World & everybody, that man without God, or even the Devil without God, can’t do a thing & will make a mess of things!


  1. The Devil is a terrible liar & he even tries to convince people that the GOOD they’re doing is evil!


  1. That’s the way the Devil is, he loves to destroy, he loves to kill, he loves to devour, he loves to cause people to suffer & hurt! He loves to shed blood & he’s shed it by the hundreds of millions around the World for six millenniums!–And he was the first to make sure it was shed when Cain killed his own brother Abel!


  1. This Earth is enemy territory, I mean real enemy territory that we’re living in here! It may not look like it or sound like it & we may not be able to see it right now, but it is, & it’s not that easy to get in & out of safely, to penetrate or escape. The Devil has it pretty much under his control, more so all the time, & the Lord allows it that way because Jesus said “this is his hour & the power of darkness.” (Lk.22:53) And the Devil said, “This World is given unto me, & I can give it to whom I will.” (Lk.4:6)


  1. The Earth right now has already been invaded & it’s already been taken over by Satan & his demons & devils, but he’s still trying to get man to voluntarily serve him. He can destroy, which is one of his greatest powers, just to disrupt & destroy, but like God, he actually wants to be loved & he wants to be chosen by the people of this Earth to be worshipped.–Because he’s got nothing to brag about unless he persuades the people here to believe in him, love him, follow & obey him. Then he can brag that he’s king, he is god & that he has done the same thing God’s done. He hasn’t really, but that’s what he is trying to do.


  1. The Lord has more or less turned over this Earth to the Devil & his angels, & the forces of evil & the forces of God are really scrappin’ it out! Thank God we have them here to help & protect & defend us or we’d probably all be wiped out already!


  1. Certainly the Devil can’t raise the dead! He’s not a creator of anything but trouble! He’s the destroyer! The only power he has is to destroy, he cannot create. You say, “Well, lots of people in false cults get healed, so surely he must create!” But they get healed of what?–The Devil’s own afflictions, his own demons, his own illnesses, his own destruction, his own sicknesses! He simply removes the thorn from their side, so to speak, & it heals.


  1. All the Devil can do is destroy, all he can do is kill. He can’t really do anything good. But the Lord uses him for that, for judgement, for destruction! He uses him to destroy people, cities, whole nations, whole empires when they get away from God & disobey God, even a whole World in the days of the Flood, because of the iniquity of the World, the wickedness of the people. He lets the Devil just pour it on! All He has to do is say “sic’m” to that dog, & that dog can bite! He goes after’m & he rends & he tears!


  1. “Satan goeth about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour!”–Seeking whom he may destroy! (1Pet.5:8) All the Devil wants to do is destroy you & destroy mankind & destroy this Earth & destroy God’s Creation! That’s all he wants to do! He’s the Destroyer, & he’s behind a lot of this destruction, some of these awful wind storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lava coming out of the bowels of the Earth & spoutin’ up into the air! Don’t blame it all on God! God may allow it to happen to the people for their sins, but the Devil is His little chore boy, His executioner.


  1. God’s Word speaks of the Devil as the hinderer, & he’s the tester & the accuser also. Against us he uses doubt & fear almost more than anything else! “He feared a fear & it came upon him.” (Job 3:25) But if we “fear not”, then he’s not able to touch us. If we have faith & confidence & are strong in His Word & we have faith in God’s protection, we cannot be overcome by fear!


  1. Don’t forget, the Devil is working for the Lord too! He’s God’s little imp & chore boy to whack us around with God’s permission when we get out of line! But otherwise he doesn’t have a right to put a finger on us!


  1. God is all-powerful in the spiritual domain! The Devil cannot do a damned thing or let one of his least little imps lift a finger against us without the permission of God!


  1. Don’t be always saying, “Oh, the Devil did this to me, look what Satan’s done, blah blah!” That’s a worship & glorification of Satan. I believe God is responsible for everything, even the Devil! He created him, He let him fall, & He lets him operate! Why? Why does God allow sin & Satan & this Hell of a World & wicked men?–So we’ll appreciate the good & have a choice to make!


  1. The Devil hates little children. He tries to kill them right & left, he’s in the murdering business because they’re close to God & straight from Heaven.


  1. We need enemies & we need the Devil!–They’re good for us! If they weren’t, God would have eliminated them a long time ago! “All things work together for good to them that love the Lord!”–Even the Devil!


  1. To Hell with the lies of the Devil!–He cannot win! He’s already beaten by a Christ Who died on the Cross & rose, risen from the tomb!


  1. One of the Devil’s main projects is to try to destroy Man in any way he can, usually by getting Man to destroy himself or each other by the most horrible demonic means imaginable, such as war, while at the same time persuading Man that such destruction is justifiable, humane & necessary to protect one’s country or one’s wealth or to seize another’s for the betterment of one’s own estate.


  1. The Devil has always wanted to rule the World & he’s going to get his final chance in the Antichrist when he will really rule the whole World with tremendous power!


  1. The Devil has been the king of all the great World empires & their capitols, possessing their kings & running their governments, & always every single one of them persecuted God’s people!


  1. He’s the Accuser of the Saints, the Tester, the Tormentor, & the minute you start talking or teaching healing, or any other lesson, for that matter, he apparently has the right to ask God to test you & then you have to take the test to see if you really mean it & believe it!


  1. The Devil even heals people! He often gives them sicknesses so he can heal’m through false cults & isms & religions & witchcraft, in order to heal’m from the diseases he gave’m! The Devil is a healer of his own diseases so that he can get the glory & the credit & the worship! (Rev.13:3,4)


  1. It’s amazing, the horrible, demonic demon-possession that can get into crowds of people. That’s what they call the mob spirit!


  1. When a mob gets together for a lynching or a stoning or a beating, they literally all get demon-possessed. They’re all the Devil’s people, so he just floods in his demons & they all get demon-possessed & do crazy things! Respectable citizens of the community that never would’ve thought of doing such things by themselves have often joined a mob, & done horrible crimes that they were amazed afterwards that they’d even participated in! They get possessed!–Not just one, but a mob of them, & pounce on somebody, beat’m to death, hang’m, shoot’m!–Without the help of the police or the government!


  1. The Devil really can never do anything new, there’s nothing new under the sun. Most of the time he just copies God & the Lord’s Own tactics, believe it or not, or stays in the same rut he’s been in for centuries. And that rut is usually this: If he can’t get the wrath of the System down on you, the government or the police, then first of all he gets one person to stir up one religion & their friends, & if they can’t get the government stirred up, they will go to the press, to the people, & stir up the whole country & all the people against you!–And against even the government for not doing anything, so that the government is forced to do something even when they don’t want to!


  1. The Devil is the Hinderer & always tries to delay, to cause trouble, to annoy & to harass.


  1. No wonder the Devil is behind war & loves it! He’s trying to destroy mankind & trying to destroy the Earth! That’s why the Lord says He’s eventually going to have to come & “destroy them who destroy the Earth!” (Rev.11:18) Because that’s the Devil’s business, he is the Destroyer, & he’s trying to destroy you & destroy the Earth you live on. And if the Lord let him go on very much longer he’d succeed! He’s inspiring Man to build worse & more destructive weapons all the time until now Man could wipe himself off the face of the Earth & probably even destroy the Ball if he keeps at it!


  1. Mt. Vesuvius blew up! Who do you suppose allowed it?–The Lord! So you might as well say it was from the Lord even if the Devil did bring it! I’m convinced that God has put Satan in charge of a lot of His judgements, especially those of natural catastrophes & disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, big storms & things like that. All God has to do is just withdraw His protection from some people. The Devil is bent on destroying Man & destroying the Earth, & will destroy Man & the Earth at every opportunity he can possibly have, but the only opportunities he has are the opportunities God gives him! When a wicked, sinful people have been so bad that God can’t even stand for them to live any more, He just decides to let the Devil wipe’m out! So these horrible catastrophes are something the Devil loves to do, but GOD’S the Boss & the Devil can’t do a thing unless God allows him to.


  1. Satan wants to destroy people, so he makes them desire destruction. Think of it! “Them that love death!” They love to watch it, they tempt it themselves, & if a sport isn’t a real death sport they don’t like it! But nearly every sport is a death sport!–Death-defying leaps, death-defying trapeze artists, death-defying motorcyclists, death-defying car races, death-defying football, death-defying pugilistic boxing bouts! It’s all death-defying. They can be thankful they don’t get killed! But then they go back for more, gluttons for punishment!


  1. The Devil always has a counterpart, a parallel, & while the Devil puts certain human kings on the throne, he has his actual, real, much more powerful demonic king who is ruling over that king, guiding him in his thoughts, & perhaps, as I’ve often said, even possessing him, as Satan himself will possess the Antichrist.


  1. God has to let Man experience evil, & somebody had to direct the evil, so God created Satan. He’s a creation of God! I don’t believe in Taoism, I don’t believe in two gods, that God is one God, the good God, & the Devil is the other god & there is a separation of powers. But God created the Devil & God made sin & sickness. God said, “Have I not created the deaf, the dumb, the blind, the crippled?” (Exo.4:11)


  1. Satan was God’s own Archangel, Lucifer, the Lightbearer! He was an Archangel of God, & Satan rebelled against God! He wasn’t satisfied with being God’s righthand man, he wasn’t satisfied with being next to God, he wanted to be God! So God had to demote him. And ever since then he’s still been trying to be God & run the World & rule Man. If he can’t rule Man, he’s trying to ruin Man & the World! This is the difference between God & the Devil! God is omniscient–that means He knows all–He is omnipresent–He is every where–& He is omnipotent–He is all-powerful, & not one of those words is true of the Devil! He is not everywhere, he doesn’t know everything, & he is not all-powerful! Satan can only be in one place at a time, because he is only a fallen archangel, like the Angels. They can only be in one place at a time.


  1. The Devil can’t do anything new, he doesn’t know anything new, he just copies God’s methods.


  1. In the earlier days of the U.S. vast numbers of wild horses grazed on the prairies in the West. Sometimes, as they grazed, wolves would gather in the distance. Detecting the presence of the wolves by their keen sense of smell, the wild horses would become instantly alerted & alarmed. As long as they continued so, they were safe. Their swiftness of movement could put a safe distance between them & their enemies. The wolves, however, had a clever way of attacking their victims. Leisurely, & seemingly unconcernedly, they came closer & closer to the horses. Two or three of the older wolves would stroll about listlessly, & then retreat in like manner. While doing so, they would frolic & caper about. Observing the seeming friendliness of the wolf pack, the horses would become disalerted. Then the fatal moment would come. With unerring accuracy the wolves would pounce upon an unwary victim! A peaceful scene changed instantly into a scene of carnage & death! Let us take seriously the warning: “Be … vigilant; because your adversary the Devil … walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” (1Pe.5:8.)