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heavncitHeaven seems to be a “place!” Many people who had a “Near Death Experience” either had a glimpse of Heaven, or went on an actual visit to Heaven! Many who saw it from the outside, said that it looked like a gigantic gorgeous shining Crystal Golden City! Most of them either shot through some kind of tunnel or vortex, or at incredible speeds through the Universe, the stars and galaxies whizzing by. Following are some excerpts of some of these people’s experiences!
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Heart Patient Didn’t Quite Make It To A Silver Golden City!
(Article by Zandra Sharpe in Sidney Australia, Australia Newspaper)

Mr. Doug Harris believes he has made the journey from life to death, yet lived to tell the tale. For 4 1/2 hours he was pivoting on that fine live-or-die line. But as doctors battled on to save him, he watched proceedings from above, in what must be one of the most remarkable outer body experiences on record. Now he’s writing a book with the working title of “The Timeless Future” on his experience.

“There is obviously some place for us beyond this earth, and it is so peaceful there’s nothing to fear!”–that’s Mr. Harris’ message. He was in Manly Hospital for follow-up treatment for cancer when the drama began. Without warning he had cardiac arrest.
“I just became dizzy, couldn’t get my breath,then passed out, had a complete blackout.”
A team of 5 doctors began what was to be an epic fight to save him. “The strange thing is that usually they give up trying after 30 minutes,” he said. “Afterwards, none of them could tell me why they kept on going all that time.” But as doctors worked, Mr. Harris’ outer body experience began.
“I recall being in the top left corner of the intensive care room looking down at myself and the team of doctors. I kept thinking what are these people doing to me? I remember being quite surprised, but I was completely disembodied and had no tactile sense and no sense of smell.”
“I was just a thought form, an idea, a spirit form, if you like–watching what they were doing to my physical body.”
His next recollection is still vivid. “I felt three things simultaneously–a sudden sense of speed, a sense of cold and a sense of traveling,” he said.
“I was in some kind of dun-colored ditch, like a stormwater drain, traveling at high speed a few inches above the ground. I felt no fear, only a great loneliness. I was thinking of my family and was worried for their welfare. But I wanted somehow to let them know not to worry on my account, not to be unhappy about my going.
“Then miles away appeared to be a city. It was like looking at Sidney from the wrong end of a telescope. It was bathed in a silver gold light. It was very bright and the buildings were spherical, triangular and conical, but without windows or doors. When I saw it, I was eager to be in it. I was anticipating something beautiful.” “I felt I was part of that and just had to get there.”
But at that point his headlong flight was stopped. “I felt a pull on my ankles, I stopped, then began going back the way I had come–backwards–again at high speed away from the City. I remember thinking, ‘I didn’t quite make it’.”

When he felt the pressure on his ankles, Mr. Harris said he sensed it was his wife. “She was calling me back–she wouldn’t let me die. Then I was back in the intensive care unit.”
His main impression was one of silence.
“I have never heard a silence so loud. It is hard to imagine a stillness, a silence like it,–and the stillness was most impressive.”

The Crystal City

skylakeAfter Dannion Brinkley died, he went at high speed up through different levels, surrounded by glowing mists. He saw energy fields, flowing like rivers or looking like lakes and streams. Through the mists he could see deep blue velvet mountains, that were not jagged but round and lovely. On the mountainslopes he could see lights, that looked like dwellings that turn on their lights at dusk. He said that he and his angelic companion were flying in a way that he had assumed that angels fly. He says:

“As wingless birds we shot into a city of cathedrals. These cathedrals were entirely made of a crystal-like substance that glowed with a bright light from within. We stood before such a cathedral and I felt small and unimportant through this architectonic wonder. This thing was clearly constructed by angels to show the greatness of God, I thought. The building had peaks that were as high as those of the great cathedrals in France and walls as massive and strong as those of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. These buildings had NO RELATIONSHIP with any specific RELIGION*–they were monuments for the glory of God. I was filled with awe. This place had a power that seemed to vibrate through the air…”

*Some may quote Revelation 21:22 here, where John describes the Heavenly City during HIS Near Death Experience: “And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.”
Temples are religious places of worship! That means: There are NO religions in Heaven anymore! The Angels and spirits worship God without temples, as Jesus taught us already we should do here too! “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24. So no temples, yes! But there certainly ARE buildings and constructions to the glory of God! And so what if some look like cathedrals?


A City with a Crystal Boulevard…bathing in brilliant lightcindrela

“The angel and I walked on up a hill. He opened a beautiful gate and I went inside, where I stood in a very bright yellow light. There were no labels. No one asked me to which church I belonged, they only invited me to come in at once. I looked into a room that was absolutely bathing in light and I saw what I considered as the light of the Father. It was so bright that I had to turn my eyes away. As I did that, I could see that the light reflected a crystal boulevard that ran through the center of a city. I saw many other things, but one of the most interesting was that prayers flowed through this heavenly world as beams of light. It was a beautiful sight to see what became of our prayers.”

12 Pearly Gates and Streets of Gold

“At a certain instant I went through a dark place and found myself in the presence of the Lord. I was there! Believe it or not, but I stood before the gates that led straight into Heaven! The gates were made of twelve gigantic pearls that seemed to glow. The streets within these gates were gold colored and the walls of the buildings sparkled so bright that I could hardly look at it. I saw a being of light whom I think was Jesus. I couldn’t see His face, but he glowed gloriously and bright. Even though I couldn’t look at him, I could feel the glow, so strong was it. I went to a garden full of green grass, flowers and fruit trees. If someone plucked an apple for example, the apple grew right back again..”


A City Of Light

“Last in the trinity was a city of light, like unto John’s holy city in the Book of Revelation. I saw the same skyline as before, but this time it was pure gold – with colors like precious gems, transparent glass, crystal clear. All who walked through the city brought glory and honor into it. Harmony and order prevailed, and the residents lived joyfully, creating that which brought forth beauty and fulfillment – a place of perfect peace, the “peace that passeth understanding.”

Another City Sighting

m16extra“As I left the atmosphere, I looked back and could see the earth! Such a beautiful site! It was so brilliantly lit! As I looked ahead I could see the planets! I thought to myself this cannot be! Where is Jesus? I was never told anything like this could or would happen when I died! Faster, and faster the speed was increasing! I saw other star systems and galaxies as I raced onward! I entered what seemed to be a hole of some sort! It was long and dark. However around me I saw streaks of light made up of every color in the spectrum! I saw a faint light growing brighter and brighter in the distance up ahead. As I entered the light I felt it all through my being. I was not afraid anymore!
Then all of a sudden I was standing before a massive set of steps! They led up to what seemed to be a bridge or walk of some kind. In the distance I saw a sight so magnificent and astounding – A CITY made up of what seemed to be glass or crystal! The lights were of many colors that radiated from it. Never have I ever seen such a sight! I began walking toward the city in a daze of unbelief! So many questions raced through my mind. I had to know where I was. What was happening to me? I reached the front of the city and saw a double door that looked to be about thirty feet (> 10 meters) or so in height and width! It shined as if it was polished! As I stood there wandering, the doors began to open. I took a step back and looked inside. I could see what appeared to be people walking about on the inside, much like they do in a mall here on earth. These people though were dressed very different! For one thing, they all seemed to be dressed in some sort of robes with hoods! I entered through the doors in amazement at what I was seeing! The inside was massive! It seemed to be square in shape, with a balcony all around that led down to different levels! I walked up and looked downward over the balcony. It seemed to go on forever! As I looked up I saw many passing by me, yet no one seemed to notice me! Then as one was approaching me he suddenly stopped! He slowly raised his head and I could see his face! He appeared to be human in every respect but one! His eyes! No pupils! Yet they seemed to change colors in colors of blue! His hair was snow white! I wanted to speak but before I could he turned and pointed to a long hallway! Though we never spoke I knew I was to go down this hallway. Then as if nothing had ever happened, he continued on. I knew I had to as well. Something was beckoning me forward. I walked a long walk down to the end of this hallway. I did not turn to the right or the left. I knew somehow that my questions were about to be answered! Again I saw before me a massive double door. It seemed to be of some type of metal – whether gold or not I could not tell. Suddenly the doors opened! I heard a voice, though not as we speak, but from inside of me it seemed, to say, “Enter!” I did as I was told and the doors shut suddenly behind me! I was afraid for the first time! Total darkness! Total silence! Then after a space of time the length of which I could not determine, a bright light began to glow in the room! Brighter and brighter it became! It was some what above me and in front of me. I tried to look but was almost blinded from it! I held my hands up in front of me and could make out the appearance of a figure setting on some type of seat! Then without warning it happened! “What have you done with your life?” The voice penetrated my very being! I had no answer!”

A Great City in the Sky
ART Below © courtesy Maxfield Parrish

dinkeybirdWe started to head back toward Gaia.(–Earth) We went to a place in the shadow of Gaia. It was a great city in the clouds. The city had these beautiful white buildings as far as I could see. I saw spirits living there all of which had vibration but no real physical body. These inhabitants went to and from the buildings – going to work and play too. I saw a place where spirits went to get what I thought was water. There were no vehicles there. Spirits seemed to get around the same way my being and I got around, by flying.
The city had no boundaries that I could see. This was a place full of life of all kinds. There was nature there, many pure plants, trees, and water just like on Gaia but more pure. Nature there was absolutely perfect. It was untainted by human manipulation. This place was just like Gaia only without the problems and negativity. I felt that this was what is called heaven in Earth terms.
I saw spirits going to and from the Gaia and the City. I could tell the development of the spirits going to and from by the energy they emanated. I could see that animals came to and from Earth just like humans do. I could see many spirits leave Gaia with guides and could see spirits returning to Gaia without guides. The being told me that some of the spirits passing were the ones that were doing the work with humans on Gaia. I could make out the type of spirits that were doing the work and the spirits that were coming to the great City to become replenished to eventually go back to Gaia to experience and further evolve. I could feel the emotions of the ones coming back for replenishment. I could feel that some of them were sad, beaten and scared, much like I felt before my being came to me.
earthMy being took me into one of the larger buildings. Inside I saw many spirits working. They were doing things similar to jobs on Earth. When we walked by the spirits, they looked at me. I think they were checking me out because of the being I was with. We went upstairs and I saw spirits that knew me. They greeted me and asked me how I was doing. They gave me advice of which I do not remember. I thought I was going to be given a job there, but the being knew I thought that and told me that there was something I needed to do first. I was ecstatic.
I was in heaven despite everything I had done during my life on Gaia. I was experiencing what most people only dream about. The love I felt there was the same love I felt when I saw Jesus. I had been searching on Gaia for what was really the same place I was in then. I was searching on Gaia for the feeling I was feeling that very moment. I had found what I spent my whole life searching for. I was truly happy. I was home and I knew it. I was ready to stay and do whatever work I was given to do.
My being took me to another building that was special. It was bigger than the rest and had the greenest foliage I had ever seen growing on it, decorating it like a shrine. We went inside a set of double doors that glowed with life. The inside was decorated with a wood paneling that the being told me was “living” wood from the trees that grew at this wonderful place.

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