UFO text on our 2001 site about anti gravity & ‘Alien’ invasion:

FIRST: THE SOLID FACTS!messageImage_1645435654391


UFOs have been seen by millions of people from all kinds of backgrounds; civilian, scientific, religious, military etc. UFOs have been photographed and filmed on many occasions and are true phenomena. UFOs look like wingless spacecraft without obvious engines and come in different shapes: discs, triangles, cigars and spheres.
UFOs fly “erratic” irregular patterns. The only explanation is that they are liberated from the law of gravity and thus have no momentum, which explains why its pilots can survive such abrupt courses! Although UFO’s fly at high speeds they are still material and could therefore not fly faster than the speed of light.
UFO sightings have only really boomed since World War II with the L.A. UFO sighting of 1942 (see left pic) and the so-called “foo fighters”, but especially since 1947 with the cover-up & murder of 2 Navy pilots who had collected some material of a “crashed disk”.
(See rense.com for increasing reports of recent UFO sightings, cropcircles, abductions and cattle mutilations. NOTE that Dear Jeff still seems to believe in Aliens, because he hasn’t read my page yet! I really love Jeff! Either he does have real guts to buck the U.S fascists, or is supported by the REAL NWO instead of the fake fascist U.S. Bush NWO that will soon come to travail when the Dollar-rug gets pulled out from under them, to make us all Ufologists to soon “welcome the gods!” Bear with us! We are building our case!)


No one on Earth knows whether there are other alien or humanoid races out there in the rest of the infinite Universe. Our rockets travel at about 10 miles per second. Just to reach the nearest other star-system Alpha Centauri, about 4.2 light-years’ away, would take our rockets 300,000 years. But Alpha Centauri is not considered suited to have planets or life. The closest star that may have planets suited for alien inhabitation, is so far away it would take aliens many multiples of a 300.000 years one way ticket, to get here by our rocket speed. Even though UFOs fly much faster, it would still take much longer than a several lifetimes, even an alien lifetime! As far as present indigenous alien life on our own solar system’s planets, that looks quite impossible without sustenance from Earth, except for Mars perhaps, but no life has been detected there so far. So that pretty much rules out “Aliens”, “Reptilians”, “Grey Men” & “Zeta’s”, unless you believe that they have longevity or are immortal, but especially patient enough to travel many lifetimes in very cramped disk- or triangle-quarters, just to get here! If they are… then they are gods for sure and worthy to take over the Earth!

So, the question comes down to: “If not the aliens, who does pilot these UFOs?” (Angels don’t need hissing/zooming anti-gravity powered aluminum/titanium disks to get around. Marco Polo saw a Tibetan monk levitate without one, and New Age friends of mine saw Saya Baba do it, without a saucer! And according to the Bible, Jesus, after his resurrection, also flew off alone, without a metal saucer! But that’s “a myth” of course! Ha! Also there have been several serious witnesses who saw human crews on UFO’s, notably the 1959 testimony of the Anglican missionary Father Gill [PDF], who according to his religion is not supposed to lie, and also the Italian photographer Monguzzi who was willing to lose his reputation, insisting that his photos on a mountain glacier of a flying saucer with its spacesuit clad human crew in 1952, were authentic. Also a Brazilian man about to be abducted & levitated aboard a UFO in 1978, saw 2 people through the door! (We are building our case! Continue reading.) CICK FOR MORE PICS! Continue reading “UFO text on our 2001 site about anti gravity & ‘Alien’ invasion:”


What Does Progressive Christianity Smell Like? Marxist Infiltration?

Christians are careful, afraid to call a spade a spade, often accused by present day progressive “cultural Marxist” ‘Critical Theory’ of “being judgmental”, so we often have to walk on eggs. So Alisa Childers unpacks very carefully this new trend in Western Christianity that took over the torch from the ‘Emergent Church’ which kind of petered out.

This MUST WATCH interview is well done. The interviewer asks the right questions, and
Alisa Childers answers them thoroughly, based on her own experiences in a “progressive church”. If you want to know if YOUR church is going down this subtle garden path, make sure to watch it, so you can get some discernment to recognise the little snakes in the grass.

“Progressive Christianity is Dangerous”

What is a “church” or the Church Anyway?

Did you ever realise that in the entire Bible it doesn’t say anywhere “to go to church on Sunday?” But Jesus DID give some other very direct commandments that are kind of ignored by those who stress church attendance, like “GO into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” The church in the WORD is not a building, nor an organisation or denomination, but “church’ comes from the Greek word “Ekklesia” which in those Greek old days meant something like a council of people selected out of the populace to serve the community.and that is the term the Gospel writers chose for the early groups of scattered & persecuted first Christians.

Others say the Church (Capital C) is the body of ALL born again saved believers in Christ, no matter where they are or what they belong to, and Jesus is the Head of the Church in Heaven. The Early Church was a collection of house or home churches that shared all things and were engaged in the spreading of the Gospel. And it seems that we are again going back to those difficult days with the increasing worldwide persecution. Many church buildings and church congregations are being attacked, burned, ransacked, and even members hurt and killed all over the world. Look at France for example.

SO The early churches were not places of worship to congregate once a week to listen to a preacher and a worship band to squint their eyes and wave their arms in the air for an hour. No, they lived and banded together to live active Christian lives to change the world and culture around them with Love and the Gospel from the Word of God. That is quite a different picture. They didn’t “forsake the assembling together” for they loved each other and lived and worked together in sowing and reaping the harvest together. As Jesus said, “Hereby shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another.”

Now that is a church that is not “progressive” but one that makes progress and spreads the Gospel everywhere and makes disciples of all nations. And mind you, then – in that first century – there was no other kind of church than that. In the consequent centuries they stopped living together and took over the pagan temples, threw out the idols and gathered once a week for services or mass.

In fact our service only begins when we leave the buildings when we go out and reach others with the Gospel, as Jesus Himself did hoofing it on the hot dusty Galilean roads preaching everywhere. As He said to His disciples who just returned from buying bread in town, “I have food to eat you don’t know about”. They said, “Has anyone given him bread to eat?”
Jesus answered, “My food is to do the will of my Father. Don’t say, there are yet 4 months and then comes harvest, for I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the field, for they are already white unto harvest”.

For at that very moment the woman that Jesus had witnessed to before at the well, was returning from town with all her men friends whom she had told about the Messiah! And Jesus saw the white clad crowd coming from afar, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to finish his bite of bread before they arrived and had to start talking with them. As a result they were invited to stay for 2 days in that town, Sychar, where they were wined and dined.

Jesus also said that they would enter into His labor of sowing the seed and that they would be reaping together and enjoying the harvest and wages for their work. Read it for your self in Gospel of John chapter 4. THAT is a picture of a real PROGRESSIVE church, one that makes progress in reaching and taking over the world for the Kingdom of God! Is that the kind of church you belong to? I hope so. Go ye into ALL the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. They that believe and are baptised will be saved,…” Mark 16:15,16.

If you like to be that kind of church member, you are welcome to download our tracts from our site and print them yourself and venture out into your town or city and share them with everyone you meet on your journey. And if they are interested they will ask you questions and ask for the reason of your faith, and then you can share your testimony with them and invite them to pray the Sinners’ prayer…

Dear Jesus, I believe in you, I am a sinner, please forgive me my sins, and please come into my heart and give me your free gift of Eternal Life. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.” And help them thus join the REAL progressive worldwide catholic (universal) Church and Body of Christ and His born again believers.

The Last Exodus – On Wings of Eagles!

In Exodus 19:4, God says to Moses, “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.”…  God has a place of refuge for His worldwide children when the “Last Exodus” begins. It will be a repeat performance of the Israelites coming out of Egypt, which was a fore-shadowing of the Last Exodus when the International Body of Christ, the Church, the born again believers in Jesus of all nations, will actually leave the system, when the 666 smart chip will be accepted by the majority of the ‘normies’ & implanted into their right hands or foreheads as foretold by the Bible book of Revelation chapter 13:17.

Already before that time it will become more and more difficult for the Body of Christ to function in this present day Matrix of “the Smart Cities” as we will be increasingly persecuted as we will refuse the digital vaccinations and thus lose privileges from the system. Revelation predicts that we will leave the “Smart Cities” as we will all refuse the 666 digital buy & sell Mark of the Beast, and thus won’t be able to survive in the ‘Matrix’ anymore.
Revelation 12:6 says, “The Woman (the Church!) fled into the Wilderness where she had a place prepared of God that they should feed her there for 1260 days.” Continue reading “The Last Exodus – On Wings of Eagles!”

改变世界!Change the World! (Tr. Chinese)

‘Change the World’ is a Traditional Chinese Gospel Tract about a French shepherd who planted single-handedly an entire forest in the Provence in Southern France. How ONE man can change the world is an inspiring comic that will make you want to do something for God and for others. You can not change the world? Oh yes you can. You can change YOUR part of he world! 《改变世界》是一本传统的中国福音书,讲述一位法国牧羊人在法国南部普罗旺斯一手栽种整片森林。 如何一个人可以改变世界是一个鼓舞人心的漫画,这将使你想为上帝和他人做一些事情。 你不能改变世界? 哦,是的,你可以。 你可以改变你的一部分,他的世界!


  汤米残疾人窗口传教士 Tommy the Handicapped Window Missionary (tr. Chin)

‘Tommy’ is the true story from days gone by, about a handicapped boy who couldn’t even leave his home. His little friend brought him a Bible and Tommy got saved. Then he got a plan to reach others. he wrote Bible verses on little pieces of paper and threw them out of his third story window. People who found them got saved through these verses, and evena rich man who wanted Tommy to come live with him in the country side. But Tommy asked him if people would pass under his window. The rich man said they would not. So Tommy stayed in his poor little room where he had a window on the world to reach others. How many of us would make a decision like that, you wonder. This is great for Chinese Christians who need more motivation to get out of themselves to reach others. Or you? Ha! Download and spread this needed message.


The World To Come – Heavenly City English Gospel Tract Download – Rev. 21 & 22

‘The World To Come’- is a hope giving Heavenly City English Gospel Tract for Download about Revelation 21 & 22. The dimensions and character of New Jerusalem that our departed loved ones are already enjoying.  This gives us hope and faith to continue our calling, tasks for Jesus in this life, as we still have an apportunity to “lay up treasures in Heaven”. What does that mean? It is our privilege in this life to build God’s Kingdom and win as many souls to Him as we can. THEY will be our treasures in Heaven, those precious eternal friends that we made and met down here in this dismal existence of this present day croaking wold. Are you living Matthew 6:33? “33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things (your needs) shall be added unto you.” It is true! He takes care of you, if you take care of his people, his sheep! As Jesus said to Peter, “Lovest thou me Peter?” Then FEED MY SHEEP!”

代祷者 The Intercessor – Trad. Chinese Gospel Tract Download about Prayer

代祷者 Based on a true story about James Rutz. Some unknown Christian prayed for a Christian wife for him and years later they met again and compared notes; Prayer was answered! Download A5 4 pager.

基于一个关于James姆斯*鲁茨的真实故事。 一些不知名的基督徒为他祈祷一个基督徒的妻子,多年后,他们再次相遇并比较笔记;祈祷得到了回答!

Die Rückkehr des Königs (German Endtime Tract)

This Endtime tract is inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” visions of the Last Days by Tolkien.
Dieser Endzeit-Trakt ist inspiriert von “der Herr der Ringe” Visionen der Letzten Tage von Tolkien.

Her is the same one in found in English….

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