God’s Children Are Everywhere, but the World Does Not Appreciate Them

Money Stolen From My Car! You Won’t Believe What This Homeless Veteran Does!

The humble, the meek, the loving, the down and out, the needy, the little people no one expects to be or do anything are what keeps this world somehow going. Homeless war veteran does the right thing. Would you? Sure hope so. God needs us everywhere to protect and save others and stand up for what is right, no matter what the stinking rich and powerful are doing to them. God bless that guy.


Happy Chinese New Year In A DESIGNED Universe! VDO

FineTuning Universe Ring in the Chinese New Year of the Monkey with this fabulous video on the fine-tuning from William Lane Craig by Casey Luskin. Make sure to watch this spectacular apologetic video produced by William Lane Craig. We live in a geo-centric universe after all, no matter what the Darwinians may sputter. A very fine tuned special place in the Universe with no doubt a central position. Share with your skeptic friends and make them doubt their programming. Ha!

Even Wicked Pedia has to confess:

“The fine-tuned Universe is the proposition that our Universe is remarkably well suited for life, to a degree that is unlikely to happen by mere chance. A number of scientists have noted that if some of the fundamental physical constants were to vary slightly, the establishment and development of matter, astronomical structures, elemental diversity, or life, as we know it would not have happened. The possible explanations for fine-tuning are discussed among philosophers, scientists, theologians, and proponents and detractors of creationism.”

HA HA HA! Such dead heads! It is not discussed by detractors, it is criticised! Of course.
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Tweet Heard Round The Universe; Earth in Special Place; Top Scientists Freak Out


Scientific American recently announced: Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth is Special After All. Many other outlets carried this story, including RT, whose author tweeted:

The mainstream media is finally recognizing what the documentary THE PRINCIPLE has been saying since its release in 2014. When THE PRINCIPLE tried saying it in 2014, many top scientists freaked out, including some of the scientists who were featured in the documentary! Lawrence Krauss, followed by Kate Mulgrew (the documentary’s narrator) both came out against the film in April 2014 before the film was even complete, followed by some of the other participants. As the previous linked story shows the mass media outlets came down hard on THE PRINCIPLE for questioning the Copernican Principle.

Now that THE PRINCIPLE is going viral, the scientific establishment and mass media know they can no longer hide the truth, so are joining THE PRINCIPLE (without mentionming it) in startng to spread the news: THE EARTH IS IN A SPECIAL PLACE! And the truth of this goes well beyond this exoplanet census; though this just adds a new dimension to the mounting evidence that mainstream science would prefer not to share, but has lost control of thanks to THE PRINCIPLE and the frank admissions by the scientists captured on camera. Continue reading “Tweet Heard Round The Universe; Earth in Special Place; Top Scientists Freak Out”

Homeschooling in the Final Days-Guest Post – EndtimeMama

This is a guest post from Elaine, a radical sister in Christ after my own heart who is a mother, homeschooler, author and blogger over at RadicalChristianWoman.com. I asked her to write on home education in the final days as she is an experienced homeschooler of six, and she has given us some amazing and practical advice for preparing our children for the Kingdom and the final days from the home classroom. 

Men in white outfits stood menacingly outside a playground full of happy children. At first, no one noticed. They stepped closer. No one cared. They stepped again. Nothing. It was only when they were already upon the direct border that people started to panic.

This was a prophetic dream of a listener that Rick Wiles shared on TruNews.com. (Source: Northen Light)

We know that Satan has an agenda against our children. Especially in our school systems. We can see it outlined in the Common Core curriculum and the teaching of evolution. Our teachers feel it as they are constantly stripped of their ability to control the children in their own classroom for fear of offended parents, essentially making them weaponless warriors. Parents are overworked and too tired to spend an extra three hours on the homework required each night of elementary students.

Thus homeschooling in the final days becomes a viable resource to parents wanting to fight the constant pull on their children’s souls.

While homeschooling gives us fabulous opportunity, we should not teach without recognizing that even our homeschooled children may grow to face predicaments we never had to experience.

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Read This And Never Throw An Avocado Seed Again

Avocado is one of the most complete and beneficial fruit for our health, plus the avocado seed is very powerful and useful. Today, we’ll show you why.
Over 65% of the amino acids can be found in the avocado seed. It also contains more fiber than many other foods.


Some people have allergic reactions to avocado. There are two main forms of allergy: those with a tree-pollen allergy develop local symptoms in the mouth and throat shortly after eating avocado; the second, known as latex-fruit syndrome,[58] is related to latex allergy[59] and symptoms include generalised urticaria, abdominal pain, and vomiting and can sometimes be life-threatening.[60]

The Vatican Exposed: It’s Dark Dark Dark Secret Warning Very Graphic !!!

Don’t let children listen to this? Very graphic account of a former nun who got saved and became a child of God. A damning account of Roman Catholic unholy practices. Not aimed at normal sincere Christian Catholics. Two years after Charlotte’s testimony she disappeared and is probably dead killed by the Vatican mob.

Joseph Skinner Published on Apr 6, 2015 Hear the testimony of an Ex-Roman Catholic Nun, Sister Charletta and the atrocities and ritual abuse that she experienced at the hands of the wicked and barbaric priests of the Roman Catholic Whore of Babylon. I warn you this is graphic material… Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/overcom…

Christians Should Consider Interesting World Map of the REAL One World Govt Related to Palestine & the BRICS?


Here are the world’s countries that recognise Palestine as a state in green, and countries that don’t recognise Palestine in grey.

It is interesting because the grey Palestine deniers are largely synonymous with the American New World order & the EU, while the green are mostly the socialist countries of the world led by the BRICS that will form the coming REAL One World Government, as predicted by the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament and St. John in the apocalypse or Book of Revelation!

We as God’s children think it is the loving thing to do for Christians to recognise the rights of Palestinians to have their own state as they are entitled to have their own territory anyway in Gaza and the West bank, presumably.

Alas their unloving enemies who drove them from their lands out of their houses and villages and massacred many of them, in the beginning of the 20th century, are building many townships on their mountains on the West bank, built huge walls around their cities and villages making it impossible to visit their relatives. Plus their most unloving members burn and root up their olive trees, give them sewer water for drink water, or spray their houses with sewer water, etc. Continue reading “Christians Should Consider Interesting World Map of the REAL One World Govt Related to Palestine & the BRICS?”

Jane Roe of ‘Roe vs Wade’ is ‘Roe No More!’

By Richard Evans

I’ve got some dynamite news on Roe v Wade that I know will knock people out of their chairs to hear about. Norma McCorvey’s pregnancy and subsequent lawsuit — the infamous Roe v. Wade — resulted in the 1973 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion. 
The plaintiff ‘Jane Roe’ was given a pseudonym by the court to conceal her identity.  Her real name is Norma McCorvey, and in 1994 she came clean with an autobiography titled I Am Roe.

Today, McCorvey, who gave birth to the baby in question before her case reached the Supreme Court, opposes abortion. She heads her own pro-life ministry called Roe No More. Continue reading “Jane Roe of ‘Roe vs Wade’ is ‘Roe No More!’”

PPS: “Cracked Pot” For those of us who feel so flawed!

“There is none righteous. No not one. Because all of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:10,23)

I have a new friend from Korea, and she mentioned to me how she knows some Christians that are so very righteous and good. One is always so perfect and gets up at 5 AM in the morning to read her Bible.

My friend, who is a new Christian, feels she falls short miserably, for she is often tired, and has arguments with her husband, and she doesn’t feel like a very good Christian. This powerpoint is for her, and for all of us who feel like we can’t make it very well. Continue reading “PPS: “Cracked Pot” For those of us who feel so flawed!”

Christianity & Sex


–Are Sex and Spirituality Compatible in Christianity?

by Paul Williams

With special thanks to Ivan Himmelhoch for his help in researching this topic. A historical and contemporary overview of diverse opinions expressed by various theologians and writers concerning Christian sexual conduct and attitudes.

(Bible references, unless otherwise indicated, are from the King James Version.)

Table of Contents:

Preface 2
God and Sex 3
The Bible Is Not Bashful 3
The X-Rated Bible 4
Is Sex of God or of the Devil? 4
The Great Cover-Up Begins 5
Monastic Mindset: Sex Equals Sin! 6
Hermits and Heresies 7
Marriage, Misogamy and Saint Augustine 8
Desexualizing and Censoring the Bible 9
The Repression of Eros 10
Celibates Seize Control of Christendom 12
Tightening the Chastity Belt 12
Non-Marital Sex 13
Smoldering Sexual Suppression 15
Getting Christian Sexuality Back on Track 16
Martin Luther–the Reformer! 16
Are We Now Entering the Dawning of a Christian Sexual
Reformation? 17 Continue reading “Christianity & Sex”