Analysis of Near Death Experiences as Phenomenon

An Analysis of Near Death Experiences as Phenomenon

hospiritThere are Near Death Experiences, and if that means anything to you, they have been medically and scientifically recorded, explained and justified. Hundreds of thousands of people–if not millions–died “clinically” for a short while, sometimes even for days, but had a “medically” impossible recovery without brain-damage or becoming comatose vegetables!
Most of these people had an experience of having gone out of their bodies, floating and speeding into a spiritual realm. Some to Heavenly places, others to “not so Heavenly” places!
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Most Near Death Experiences share some or all of a collection of 10 basic NDE characteristics, to wit:

  • Spirit emerging from the body, feeling cut off from the world, unable to communicate with the living paramedics or relatives.
  • Realisation of being dead with an initial feeling of loneliness or being lost.
  • Meeting departed loved ones or angels, or even Jesus Himself.
  • Entering and flying through a tunnel, vortex, pipe or starry universe at incredible speeds.
  • Encounter with and/or Embrace of a loving Being of light, often Jesus Himself.
  • Instant highspeed review of pertinent highlights of their life in full color and feeling, even feeling others’ feelings!
  • Seeing a city, meadow, heavenly resort or other place.
  • Meeting a barrier, hedge, wall, line or other demarcation, portraying a choice
  • The choice and decision to return to life, and subsequent reentering of the body!
  • As a result a change of heart for the better and an improved outlook on life,

It is understood, that all these experiences paint a mere fraction of a 1 % glimpse of the 100 % Heavenly Reality! By its very nature the Realm is limitless and infinite, and one barely scratches the surface of this amazing, wonderful dimension—or should we say dimensions, as there are multitudes of levels even within the Heavenly Realm of God, Paradise and other stations beyond it!

Some dogmatic Churchians seem to balk at Near Death Experiences. They find it hard to believe that these experiences are actually from God, and some even go so far as calling them “the works of the Devil!”, quoting scriptures against them that even the devil can disguise himself as an “angel of light!”
The main stumbling block for many church people, appears to be the fact that Jesus seems to makes salvation so easy, in that He bestows His mercy on unsaved people, even when these have lived sometimes very ungodly or even anti-God lives. Many seem unable to grasp why God would stoop so low as to let all these people into Heaven by giving them a post-mortem chance to be saved, whereas according to them and their doctrines, most of these so-called rejecters “should burn in Hell” for “rejecting Christ” or even for “not knowing” Christ before death! See the following example and excerpt:

…There was Jesus. I was stunned and said, “I don’t believe in You.” He smiled and said the etheric equivalent of ‘tough shit, here I am’. Looking at His eyes, I asked, “You mean, You’ve been with me the whole time and I didn’t know?” And His reply was: “Lo, I am with thee always, even beyond the end of the world.” Now, I wasn’t into “lo” so I said, “Hey, man, this is the seventies and we don’t say lo. Come on.” He kind of grinned, I guess I was amusing Him, and answered, “You want to be reincarnated?” “Hey, give me a break,” I yelled (only I made no sound). “I just died. Don’t I get a chance to rest?” “Take it easy, hold on, it’s all right. You can change your mind at any time.”
I gasped, “I don’t even believe in You and now You want me to reincarnate. [Editor: re-enter the flesh!] Help!” Our conversation continued. He even asked me to kiss His feet. No way. I gave Him a bear hug and kissed His cheek. I got the equivalent of a belly laugh.
I was so happy with Him that words were no longer necessary. We then communicated mind-to-mind. Suddenly I was aware God was coming. I came to know that I had needed a human-looking Christ to relate to so I wouldn’t be scared. The Light came and I was given a choice – I could remain trapped in earth, seeing and hearing everything, but unable to help anyone, not even my daughter (I was told this was limbo), or I could stay with God. I chose God. The White Light in front of me was sorta like a white light bulb only it was so strong. I remember thinking my eyes should be burning, but then I remembered that I didn’t have any eyes to burn. God was Love and Love was light, and it was warm and it permeated every molecule of me. This was so delicious, I was crying with torrents of tears that didn’t exist. It was so enormous. I was loved. I didn’t feel irrelevant. I felt humble, awed, and amazed.
For a long time after my near death experience, I ended my prayers with, “You are soooooo big!” It was my way of expressing appreciation.

Churchians cannot fathom how deep Jesus’ Love will go in His patience, mercy and deep understanding, giving Salvation for free to all who desire it, looking on their very hearts, nature and motivations! Like He did when He manifested Himself to St. Paul–then called Saul–even when Paul was persecuting and killing His children. Neither Paul was looking for Jesus, on the contrary, he was “kicking against the pricks” of the voice of conviction that had tried to get through to him for so long. Yet salvation was given him “on a silver platter” almost! In fact Paul was very much like these churchians who reject this extra show of mercy of Jesus today for those who had gone so far astray. Yet God had patience and mercy on Paul despite his extreme self-righteousness that made him even murder Christians, “thinking he was doing God service!”
Jesus revealed himself to Saul, as he was on his way to Damascus to arrest these “dangerous cult and sect members!” Saul wasn’t even looking for the love of Jesus! But God knew his heart, and even gave mercy to the merciless Saul! But He also knew what Paul would do for His sheep as a result. He, the least of all the apostles became the greatest of them all, being a missionary to millions of “undeserving heathen” in 2 continents, winning hundreds of thousands of them to Jesus! How a little bit of love can go such a long long way! Thank God for His truly “amazing grace!” God help us all to extend the same!

millifeWith the support of Near Death Experiences, certain New Age Publishers sometimes promote a rather ephemeral “nirvana” type of picture of the Eternal Realm, eagerly propping up New Age beliefs, now so much promoted by the Powers-that-be, in their bid to create their ultimate “One World Church” to unite the world under them! Although this Publisher very much believes in the genuine bulk of Near Death Experiences, they paint to him a solid picture instead, of a “taste, touch, and handle” type of Heaven, even though the bodies of most participants might still be spiritual and rather “see-through” in form, during this dispensation. The following excerpt is about a coming Heaven on Earth from a former atheist’s Near Death Experience:

He was told by the light beings about the new world to come. According to them, God wished to usher in the Kingdom within the next two hundred years. In order to do so, God had rescinded some of the free will given to creatures, in favor of more divine control over human events. This new world, according to him, will resemble some near-death descriptions of heaven. People will live in such peace and harmony and love that communication will be telepathic, travel instantaneous and the need for clothing and shelter eliminated. The lion will indeed lie down with the lamb. Harmony will exist with the created order and people will control the weather and grow plants through loving communication.This picture very much coincides with the imminent Golden Age predicted by the prophets, “the Millennium”, when Heavenly dimensions will merge with Earthly ones, after the impending Grand Resurrection! Precisely this Resurrection is something that is NOT COVERED in Near Death Experiences, as this is something still in the future! But this imminent Resurrection is going to give flesh and bones (not blood but light) bodies to the now yet rather see-through spirit bodies of the departed! Like the following excerpt:

My grandmother held out her hand and said, “Come quickly.” I reached out to take it and stopped. “Wow,” I said. “Look at my hand.” My hand was clear, like transparent gel, but there was light coursing through it like clear blood. But, the light didn’t run in irregular patterns as it would in veins; rather, the light shot through my hands like rays or beams. My whole hand sparkled with light. I looked down and saw that my feet also sparkled with light. And I noticed again that they weren’t burned. My feet and hands were perfect and whole. They radiated this glistening, beaming light, and I looked at my grandmother and saw that her light was brighter than mine. Every part of her was more brilliant. Even her dress was glowing white.

Jesus and the resurrected Old Testament Saints already possess and ENJOY Heavenly Flesh and Bones! Whereas the Departed of the last 2000 years are still waiting for the Second Resurrection, which will come at the soon Return of Jesus to this world in the Endtime that we are already living in today!

I could feel the urgency in the spirits who were scurrying about to do the work of God. I was then told that we are in the final moments before the Savior will return to the earth. I was told that the war between darkness and light upon the earth has grown so intense that if we are not continually seeking light, the darkness will consume us and we will be lost. I was not told when it would happen, but I understood that the earth is being prepared for the second coming of Christ. I looked down at the pathetic souls and realized that I no longer felt as they did. I wanted to live.

Most genuine Near Death Experiences definitely confirm and support the Bible, as a formerly antagonistic non-Biblical Near Death Experiencer recounts:

“When the [life] review was finished they asked: “Do you want to ask any questions?” and I had a million questions. I asked, for example, “What about the Bible?” They responded: “What about it?” I asked if it was true, and they said it was. Asking them why it was that when I tried to read it, all I saw were contradictions, they took me back to my life’s review again – something that I had overlooked. They showed me, for the few times I had opened the Bible, that I had read it with the idea of finding contradictions and problems. I was trying to prove to myself that it wasn’t worth reading.
I observed to them that the Bible wasn’t clear to me. It didn’t make sense. They told me that it contained spiritual truth, and that I had to read it spiritually in order to understand it. It should be read prayerfully. My friends [shining beings] informed me that it was not like other books. They also told me, and I later found out this was true, that when you read it prayerfully, it talks to you. It reveals itself to you. And you don’t have to work at it anymore.”Near Death Experiences obviously favour a monotheistic, Jesus-centered presentation of Truth and the Realm Beyond!—Whether He manifests himself as Jesus, or as the Messiah, or even in His great loving understanding as some “no-name Enlightened One”, in order to win some uninitiated, unsaved “New Age” experiencer!—Yet, they are also, thankfully so, far removed from narrow-minded shibboleths and theological hairsplitting, divisive, churchy, Bible thumping fundamentalist, hypocritical “holier than thou”, temple-worshipping religionists.

I asked them, for example, which was the best religion. I was looking for an answer which was like: “Presbyterians.” I figured these guys were all Christians. The answer I got was: “The best religion is the religion that brings you closest to God.

Another example…

One of the questions which I did ask was, “What about the Jesus stuff?” Now that was not a singular question; it’s hard for me to describe so you can understand the way it is. “What about the Jesus stuff?” is like saying, “Okay, all kidding aside, was Jesus of Nazareth real, we He a live person? A historical truth? Was He the son of God? Is He divine? Is He at the right hand of the Father? What about the Jesus stuff?” I can break off here and tell you that was basically answered in the affirmative.
At one point I felt as if I were a speck of Light on Jesus’ shoulder, and I was able to experience full knowledge of all His incarnations from the beginning of time. At the time this happened to me I was an agnostic. As far as religious and spiritual aspects, I practically did not have any religion at all. I had a Catholic Christian background, but that was meaningless in my life. I was perfectly comfortable without any of that stuff. But I did have some theories, I did have a cultural and religious background. I had certain preconceived ideas and was thinking that, should they be verified or should they not be verified, whatever the truth is, that’s what I wish to know. So there was a desire for that type of knowledge. That’s one question.

We can see Near Death Experiences in their obvious functions. They come across as God’s nudgings and recruitments of the lost, or “advertisements of grace” to basically-loving-at-heart, truth-seeking unbelievers or His uninformed children, rather than some “haphazard natural medical phenomena, only to be discussed at the discretion of empirical scientists, phenomenologists or “neutral, broadminded” New Agers or other “higher SELF” worshippers!
They are obviously meant to show God’s loving mercy to those who are His children at heart —which basically is anyone who finds it in him or her, to merely acknowledge or call upon Him, but who seem to have strayed far from their original life assignments and thus were unable to do so in their lives so far! Therefore Near Death Experiences seem first and foremost gorgeous manifestations of a more-than-merciful supernatural God of Love, rather than vindications for philosophies of God-haters like Nietschze or Freud or for pagan legends of Wodin, Zeus or Hari Rabi or justifications for the desires of other self-worshippers to be “on a par” with God or even “God themselves!”
It seems enough to be embraced by Him, become part of Him, and to be able to join Him in glory, rather than to find proof in these revelations of being His EQUAL!–The nerve of Lucifer!
NDE-s also come across as carefully tailored “movies”, “feelies” or God’s “multi media virtual reality presentations”, to accommodate His premature dying children, as one angel or “luminous spirit” explained to one Near Death Experiencer:

Lawn“Knowing what’s inside of every person, the angels don’t have to prove anything by showing off. They know what each of us needs, so they provide that. In some cases it may be a heavenly meadow, and in another, something else. If a person needs to see a relative, the angels will bring that relative. If the person really likes jewels, they will show the person jewels. We see what is necessary for our introduction into the spirit world, and those things are real, in the heavenly, the divine sense.”

Angels or Heavenly guardians explained to one man who and what Jesus really is in the Heavenly Realm:

“He talked about Jesus too. He told me Jesus was a Master God sent to Earth to teach humans how to act toward each other and find their way back to the path of harmony with each other as well as with Gaia.[Earth] I was told that Jesus is the Being that is entrusted by God to ensure that souls evolve. He said that Jesus is of the highest in vibration than any other soul. He said that God holds Jesus in the highest of favor because He was the best example of what humans need to do. I then got to see Jesus. I saw His light. Jesus’ light was the purest I have ever seen. There was no need for words. There were only love feelings that I cannot even begin to describe. I was told that there is a hierarchy in the universe that is dedicated to preserving the harmony of the universe. I was told that humans are an integral part of this harmony and that the free will we have is a part of the soul that allows humans to provide service to the universe.”It is our hope that these few excerpts of Near Death Experiences broaden your perception of, and belief in the Amazing Heavenly Realm. Have a good time!

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