How Trees were designed to put water high into the atmosphere. “Survival of the sacrificial-est!”

by Lu Paradise • 2014-02-16 • 35 views
Lose trees and you get a desert. Why? This video explains. More impressively it explains how trees accomplish creating moisture for the world which is the most astonishing thing. Maybe we’d be better of if we spent less time destroying trees and more time understanding them.

A tree is a miracle! The mechanism to pull up water into a tree was mostly not made for the tree, but 98 % of the water evaporates at the top to irrigate the forests and the ground and the plants and the rivers and the people. That is why I didn’t say: for the “environment”, because that is a hijacked word by politically correct Cultural Marxist destroyers of Man, gender, Family, Nations, and Faith! Trees are smartly designed to prove sacrificiality and love instead of selfish survival of the fittest. WATCH!

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