No reincarnation but a lost spirit helper opts a little boy as avatar?

jamesreincarnation1The following Fox news sensational documentary is just that, sensational, but without any spiritual validity. A little boy interested in WW2 airplanes who remembered names and other uncanny information only known to one personality of the past, they conclude that James is a reincarnation of WW2 pilot James.

Not so. The most logical conclusion is not reincarnation but that the first James the air pilot came to little James as a spirit helper and gave him all the personal information of other pilots names, the aircraft carrier he was working on, the airplane know how, and even family names of relatives. MUST WATCH.

The media in their plot to obfuscate real spiritual knowledge and information turns to Eastern religions in order to explain things so that Americans will not return to their former faith in Christ and the Bible which makes much more sense then that. Why? Because the controlled mainstream media’s task is to confuse Westerners and take away their faith in Christ!

I am sure that john the Baptist who came in the spirit of Elijah knew intimate details about Elijah and got knowledge and information from him about the things that John needed to know. It is a quite common phenomena.

Some people get so obsessed or even possessed by another spirit that it totally takes them over. Not so in little James case. He started losing the intimate details and link with James the pilot as he got older, as happened many times in little boys lives. Another well known example we wrote about on our old blog was the little Scottish boy who remembered an island and his “former” life there, his house and his family members. They took the boy to the island and he remembered many things there, but when he grew older the intimate knowledge slipped away and the memories began to fade.

There are oodles of examples from history of temporary infusion of knowledge and experience of foreign ghosts or spirits of deceased people who use children, and sometimes even adults, to come to terms with certain traumas or even solve crimes!

There is the famous example of an Italian woman who got taken over by the spirit of a murdered man who gave her information about the true killer and she confronted him and gave details and proofs of his murder guilt, and he was ultimately convicted. After the court case was over and done with, the lady lost the visitation and turned back to her normal self.

We also wrote an article about foreign language syndrome on our old blog that got wiped out by DOS (denial of service) attacks of Antichrist enemies who sunk it by over loading it with visits.

QUite a few people that had an accident or surgery woke up from their ordeal with a permanent change oin their accent. An American lady after a dental appointment and narcosis woike up with some kind of English accent that she couldn’t get rid of and her family had to just get used to it.

Another lady got a French accent in her English. This also is best explained by a fusion of a foreign spirit into the spirit of the individuals concerned, even though they keep their former personality. it seems to only affect a certain part of their brain. Perhaps trauma in the brain would have prevented them from speaking at all, were it not for the merciful intervention of an outside ghost or spirit who was allowed to take over another part of the brain to help the person to speak.

If you like to see that old article which i was able to salvage from the internet wreck we suffered go to this link


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