If you have any sort of natural ability at anything, you can set your own rules.

In the last hundred years we have witnessed the greatest top-down control of art since Medieval times.
And since the definition of fascism is top-down control, this period has been fascist. Modernism is Fascism. The hired writers have tried to flip that, selling it as progressive, but Modernism has never been the least bit progressive.
The mainstream now admits art has been under the control of the CIA since the 1940s, and I have proved it was controlled by the same entities long before that. And who was the CIA controlled by: the wealthiest families, who were controlling society for their own profit. Again, fascism, by definition.
These people weren’t controlling art to combat decadence, as we are told the Nazis were. No, just the opposite. They were controlling art to promote decadence, and they were promoting decadence and confusion in order to spread chaos and misery. Chaos, like war, is wildly profitable. This, too, is now admitted. See Project Chaos and Project Cointelpro, which have been partially declassified. These were, and are, heavily funded premier projects of CIA and FBI, explicitly created to foment and spread chaos. Modernism has been a central stone in that architecture from the beginning. Art has been used as a frontline tool in Project Chaos back to the 19th century. Articles like these at New York magazine are simply a continuation and acceleration of that project, and everyone involved are witting agents. They may or may not have actual cubicles at Langley, but they are on the payroll one way or the other.

New York magazine, Elle, and all the others are now just fronts for Intel. All important content is channeled from there, and as we have seen in previous papers, most content is created by Intel committees and writing teams, with these young writers like Slenske and Langmuir just used a fronts. We have no way of knowing whether they are actually writing anything or not, but I would guess not.
All the magazine writing looks pretty much the same, and this is why. It is all written by the same committees.
So you can see how fascism has progressed in the last 150 years. Yes, the Victorians were also controlled by Intel and inundated with propaganda, but nothing like now. The mass media was in its infancy then, and the controllers didn’t have the means for a 24-7 blitz like they have now. Today you are swimming in a high tide of propaganda and lies from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, and it continues non-stop until you collapse from exhaustion at the end of the day. No, it continues even after that, since your very dreams are infected with this blue-pill world of illusion. Your brain isn’t even allowed to create its own dreams, since the governors have pre-set those for you as well.
However, the news isn’t all bad. The solution is easy and is what it always was: refusal. Tell the governors and their hired minions to fuck off. Don’t believe what they tell you, don’t buy what they sell you. Just say no to all the be-ribboned neuroses and psychoses. Pass on the chaos and confusion.
Order your own world on simple principles of some sort and find a lover. Treat her well. Seek normalcy and truth and calm and subtlety and warmth and health. Shield your children from the vipers and monsters in the media. And get on with your life. Do not work for these people. Do something that needs to be done, even if it is just sweeping the streets. Make food, make clothing, repair things.
And spread the truth. It is the most powerful weapon on earth, and the rulers rightly fear it. If you do this, the gods—whoever they may be—will be on your side. The ruling class believes it inhabits the apex of the pyramid, but it doesn’t. This is just more hubris, and the ultimate example of it. There is more in Heaven and Earth than is dreamed of in their sad schemes…..
Most people assume I was a grinder, and many assume I still am. No, dearies, just the
opposite. I tested out of about a year and half of coursework, and then kept my eye open for philosophy classes where the entire grade was determined by papers, not tests. I could then write something like three papers, never coming to class, and still get an A. In that way I could take 21 hours a semester without breaking a sweat. And my life is the same now. I am the opposite of a grinder. I take it quite easy. Yes, I produce a lot of these papers, but I don’t see that as work. I write very fast and my first draft is my final draft. I just type and publish. The bomb being defused here: you don’t have to live by their rules .
If you have any sort of natural ability at anything, you can set your own rules.
Yes, you have to go along to a certain extent when you are younger, as I did. You look for ways to bend the rules or walk around them, rather than break them in plain sight. But as you get older you can pretty much ignore the rules. I knew what I wanted to do and I just did it, no matter how many people told me it couldn’t be done or shouldn’t be done. You don’t need a blinding intellect or a world-class talent to proceed. What you need most is . . . yep, courage.
I has been my refusal to listen to those who tried to frighten me or shame me that has been my greatest asset. You have to be able to do what you know is right and turn off everything else. That’s why I am a bit late getting to some of this stuff that other people already know. When I was younger I was following my Muse, on my path, blinkered and blindered. I had things to do and I knew how to do them. What anyone else was doing or thinking didn’t concern me.
Only once it was done did I begin to look around. I had to find a place in the world for these things I had created, so I had to actually study that world. Which has been quite a learning experience, as you know. The world isn’t what anyone would want it to be, and is upside down in so many ways. But what are you going to do? Back down and let it roll over you? Not me. If these people want a fight, I’ll give them a fight they’ll never forget. I already have. You can, too.Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs. Why has this painting been suppressed. See Miles’ views in the link and the full article.

Click to access nonude.pdf

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